Sunday, July 14, 2013

Soul Mate


One lazy Sunday morning, my Preety Sistah of My White Window chanced upon me in FB (today)! I clicked LIKE on a post of her which goes this way and I quote: "You write so beautifully....the inside of your mind must be a terrible place." Then we had some few exchanges encouraging me to give life again to a dormant blog (this blog of mine) which had been sleeping for quite sometime now...and out of this pitter-patter feelings I have at the moment when she nudged me, I promised, yes, I promised to write something today! 

So, dear pretty, I am penning some few lines here and hopefully you will like it!It's a topic I am wishing to write about ever since...or I guess I may have touched this topic a bit from my past posts...:-)


I wish I would have found him
And I can start believing in miracles and magic
In a world that's full of strangers

I wish to wake up each day with him
And hear his voice softly whispering in my ears
That he loves me more than anything else

I wish to watch beautiful sunsets with him
And walk hand in hand, feeling the warmth 
As we chase tiny ripples along the seashores

I wish to spend simple dinner with him
And share the good and the bad times
We have had in this chaotic world

I wish to dance the night away with him
And get mesmerized in the romantic music
That accompanies our nervous steps on the dance floor

I wish to share and tell him all
The pains, the tears, the disappointments
The triumphs, the joys and the laughter..

And I wish I will have the courage to let him know
That he is the best thing that ever happened to me
And I will love him with my whole heart, body and soul!

x x x 

Terrible thoughts dear Pretty, from a beautiful mind... :D Errrrr...the silent, romantic side of me huh!