Sunday, July 14, 2013

Soul Mate


One lazy Sunday morning, my Preety Sistah of My White Window chanced upon me in FB (today)! I clicked LIKE on a post of her which goes this way and I quote: "You write so beautifully....the inside of your mind must be a terrible place." Then we had some few exchanges encouraging me to give life again to a dormant blog (this blog of mine) which had been sleeping for quite sometime now...and out of this pitter-patter feelings I have at the moment when she nudged me, I promised, yes, I promised to write something today! 

So, dear pretty, I am penning some few lines here and hopefully you will like it!It's a topic I am wishing to write about ever since...or I guess I may have touched this topic a bit from my past posts...:-)


I wish I would have found him
And I can start believing in miracles and magic
In a world that's full of strangers

I wish to wake up each day with him
And hear his voice softly whispering in my ears
That he loves me more than anything else

I wish to watch beautiful sunsets with him
And walk hand in hand, feeling the warmth 
As we chase tiny ripples along the seashores

I wish to spend simple dinner with him
And share the good and the bad times
We have had in this chaotic world

I wish to dance the night away with him
And get mesmerized in the romantic music
That accompanies our nervous steps on the dance floor

I wish to share and tell him all
The pains, the tears, the disappointments
The triumphs, the joys and the laughter..

And I wish I will have the courage to let him know
That he is the best thing that ever happened to me
And I will love him with my whole heart, body and soul!

x x x 

Terrible thoughts dear Pretty, from a beautiful mind... :D Errrrr...the silent, romantic side of me huh!


  1. Oh! My dear Sistah! Seriously, I mean seriously what have you done here! Wow! I am simple floored.

    Truly what a beautiful Sunday it is today. Chit-chats of two sisters can do wonders, no?

    The poem is priceless. It spoke to me as I too dream of all such li'l li'l things with my The Soulmate.

    I am so very proud and happy that a sudden early morning chit-chat with me encouraged you to not only write but to write on such a sensitive yet strong and beautiful topic about your dreams and aspirations with your Soulmate.

    This is simply incredible. <3

    May your each and every dream come true.

    i <3 u.

  2. I am so very proud and happy that a sudden early morning chit-chat with me encouraged you to not only write but to write on such a sensitive yet strong and beautiful topic about your dreams and aspirations with your Soulmate, which you were wishing to write ever since. <3

  3. Nothing wrong with being a little romantic.
    And very good to hear from you, Amity! It's been a long time. Missed your writing.

  4. Welcome back , and this cant be co-incidence , That I too resumed writing after at least 1 year from today we both penned down in a poetic way ..thats amazing co-incidence.

    Someone asked me about the blogging and ask to write and it just happen .

    You have penned down really well , great.

    nice flow as well.

  5. Heyy..coming here after a long time really...missed the space all together and truly the read made my day..lovely ya..seems it read my heart out..such a lovely poem, beautiful words, a wish i wish to come very you for this..:) keep writing..tke care!!!

  6. Hi Venelyn, I've really enjoyed perusing your blog, espeially the poetry. I'd like to post this poem on a site giving you full credit and a link to your blog. Please contact me.

  7. Sure sergeantchampion...why not! so long as it will be used in a positive way and not to debase me...:-) good morning!

  8. Are you a fellow blogger? You wouldn't mind if I ask your real name? Thanks

  9. Venelyn, good morning to you! It's actually evening here in the United States - ha! My name is Adam Champion. I've really enjoyed perusing your blog, especially the poetry. To let you know this isn't spam, I have some published poems - one of which you can see here:

    I'm contacting you because I started a Facebook page (Independent Poetry Society: last night - literally. My point in starting the group is to encourage aspiring poets, display poems as inspiration, give links to poetry blogs, hold periodic contests, etc. My ultimate goal is to publish other poets (poetry contest winners) in an annual poetry journal.

    Thank you so much for your permission to post your poem. It's now on the page linked above and you can see that I've given full credit to you with a link to your blog. Additionally, I encourage you to 'like' the Facebook page - as it's literally a day old, there are very few associated with it as of now. Please let me know if you are interested in being involved with the administration of the group in any way.

    If you wouldn't mind too much, is there an email address I may use to contact you from time to time? Were you able to get mine from my posted comments? Thank you for your time and I look forward to reading more of your talented work!


    Adam Champion

  10. Thank you Adam...sure why not!
    I am now on my way to your facebook page!
    There are some winning pieces I have written in my blog in Blog-A-Ton, will send you link. It is a write up which is a combination of prose and poetry...

  11. I could not get to your facebook says "not found"

  12. I'm so sorry! For some reason, the link in the previous comment included the final parenthesis. The page is here:


    That ought to work!