Friday, April 30, 2010

Nursing Rotten Thoughts

She has low frustration tolerance. All she could do is nurse rotten thoughts. She wants to depart from this beautiful life and world.... thoughts of it are ignited by dark tunnels she is passing through!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Journey

Tunnels come in different forms and shapes
in different designs and architecture
Some are beautiful and a joy to behold
Still others are dark and gloomy

Trials and victories in life 
Are likened to traversing a tunnel
My tunnels seem endless
Sullen with no light at the end

Dark, lonely, forlorn
Full of discomforts
Anxieties and untold pains
Not an easy one to
Navigate through

Struggles of getting out
Seem so daunting, arduous
Painful, hurting and frustrating

I wish to traverse a beautiful tunnel
Where blissful peace and boundless joy resides
Making the traversing a happy experience

Can you my friend help me
Pass through this tunnel
Do firmly take my hand
Show me thy way

Guide me how to pass through them
Help me live joyfully this life
Make this journey through this long tunnel
A wondrous and unforgettable experience
Tell me now, I cannot wait!

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Gut Instinct

Eyes closed
tired mind
stealing some 
needed sleep
then those shouts
startling everyone 
inside the bus
I opened my eyes
and saw death's 
stare too close
too near
just a breath away
that would send souls  
soon  flying on their way...

"God, help us"
I prayed
a few seconds
of cliff hanger...

then God in His mercy
spared everyone through
driver's gut instinct
that could divert bus
into a small fissure
in just a split second
enough to save everyone
from mass grave!

After spending holiday with my kids in Baguio City, on my way back home last night, I had a kiss with death together with fellow passengers in the bus. The bus I was in, almost rammed into a big vehicle carrying logs which also crashed earlier into another vehicle. It would have been like a domino-effect had the driver not been alert enough to do the best he could to divert the bus away from its rightful lane! It was just a small gap that saved us from a big, deathly collision. Thank God, He saved us!

Written for One Single Impression (Prompt: Fissure)
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Sunday, April 18, 2010

~ Invisible Mask ~

We each wear such an invisible mask
To hide the true self, disguise the real thing                         
Some good, some pretty, some ugly, we bask

Behind the smiles hides she in angst
Yet projects herself a cheerful, happy being
We each wear such an invisible mask

She talks so bubbly, keeping all aghast
Yet conceals in her shell her mood upswing
Some good, some pretty, some ugly, we bask

She pretends to do a happy task
Yet sulking at work, eager in fleeing
We each wear such an invisible mask

She talks of romance and love that last
Yet bereft of love in act that is contrasting
Some good, some pretty, some ugly, we bask

She acts so strong, brave in such vast
Yet deep inside, a vulnerable timid thing
We each wear such an invisible mask
Some good, some pretty, some ugly, we bask

Some notes on this post:

This is my 26th week at One Single Impression, hosted by Andree of Meeyauw and Sandy Carlson of Writing in Faith. Wheww....what an accomplishment...! Thanks to Leo of Symphony and Impromptu  for ushering me here...:)) I had a great time here in that span of time and hopefully will stay for another 26 weeks and more...:))...;)

Thanks to the hosts, too, for considering one of my prompt suggestions. This week's prompt (Mask)  is mine. I wish a great participation from all OSI writers. And I wish to be here for as long as nothing would hinder me.

Have a great week fellow OSI writers! Have fun!!!


Written for One Single Impression (Prompt: Mask)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Off to the Cool City of Pines....:)

I long to spend some time
In the cool city of pines
Where the temperature is just fine
To ease my tired body and mind

I will take a leisurely walk
With my loving kids as we talk
Adore flowers galore protrude from their stalk
Watch birds fly and soar like a hawk

I would love to soak myself in the cool, misty morning
Would love to witness the sky in every sunset adorning
Sleep in the night with the sound of cicadas deafening
Wake up to the sound of birds on my window sill merrily chirping

This city of pines seems to me a heaven
While I enjoy the cool breeze, I would listen to Beethoven
Savor delicious food from the oven
Wrap myself with a blanket finely woven

Come to the City of Pines
A beautiful and wondrous place
Where everyone can enjoy
And have an exciting holiday of their life

 Side notes: 

Tonight, I will be busy packing for a week’s holiday (I will take a week’s leave from office work) in the City of Pines (Baguio City, Philippines) where strawberries abound and where you could enjoy a very cold atmosphere. Early morning and late afternoon, the place is blanketed with thick fog, at times there is zero visibility. It is a small city, highly urbanized and suspended in the atmosphere as high as 5,000 feet above sea level!

To fellow OSI writers, I may make an earlier post as this Sunday is my prompt (Mask) contribution for OSI. Just feel free to leave your comments and I will try to find a way to publish your comments as soon as possible. I activated comments moderation coz I was a victim of spammers whose doing the rounds last week!

My two college kids are studying there in its biggest university. Definitely, I will be absent from blogging for a week. And would be more than happy to get back soon! I will miss you all folks!

See you soon…Ciao….:)…;)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

~ A Child's Innocent Guile ~

My son Kevin was a brash kid wanting to grow up like all other kids in the neighborhood. He was jealous of their carefree, happy-go-lucky spirit doing whatever they pleased with none to restrain. He wished to go as they did dirty in the mud, soak himself in the rain, chase butterflies, play hide and seek with the natives and many more. He was sulking with a long face.

I asked him why. He answered sheepishly, “Mom, I envy all the kids in the neighborhood. When they could get dirty, chase butter flies, play in the rain and get wet without being reprimanded by their moms, why should I not? I want to fly a kite, too, so that birds could elbow with my kite up there in the sky.  And if my kite won’t work, I would lubricate its wings like what Dad is doing with his motorcycle every time it did not work”.

I could only smile at his innocence and saintly demeanor. I lovingly pulled him in a tight embrace, let him sit on my lap and told him in a hush tone, “Of course you can baby, but you are very young to get yourself muddy, and your playmates may push you hard you can’t get up so easily. And butterflies could fly as fast before you get near them, isn’t it? And playing in the rain could make you fall sick and you wouldn't like to have a prick by the doctor, am I right?" He nodded with a naive look in his eyes.

“One thing more”, I added cheerfully, “could you hold on the reins of your kite? You are hardly five and very likely you may fly with your kite? You are slender, my darling. They are older, aren’t they?”

He ran out but came back in a trice with all the kids in tow. With a smile, he asked his playmates to tell their ages. The kids candidly lifted their tiny hands and showed their fingers to signify two, three or four.

Kevin proudly pulled himself up and showing simultaneously his hand in a gesture of five, said “Mom, could I do it now as I am the oldest?” I in turn, gave him a tight embrace.  

Written for Thursday Tales (Tale #3)
Linked to 3WW (Prompts: Brash, Lubricate, Saint)
Photo Courtesy:  Angelica Kidwell 

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sitting Duck

In unguarded
Tawdry situations
Glittering jewels

Don’t invite
Unwelcome attention in
Crowded places
Known to thieves

Written for Amias' Acrostic Only
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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Couch Potato

Chips and soda
On hands
Utterly lethargic
Calmly resting
Hating activity

Painful back
Obese beyond limit
Too lazy to move
Addicted to tube
Till wee hours
Of the morning

Sunday, April 11, 2010


At times
I feel like one
Regaling in foolish thoughts
Hardly thinking right
Engaged ever in idealism
At times dispirited
Dreams wistfully

Yes, I am not a hypocrite and honestly speaking, I am sometimes an airhead. I am at times silly, stupid, but I try hard not to end up real nonsensical. 

Written for Amias' Acrostic Only
Linked to One Single Impression (Prompt: Vicarious)
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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Up for Grabs

Unwanted pet
Pleading attention

Free, get it
Or it gets killed
Right now

Grab if you want
Rascal it looks
Afflicted with lice
Bet you’d like
Such a bitch

Some notes on this acrostic:

Thing is, I hate dogs. I don't even have one. But neighbor's dogs love to lounge in our porch/veranda. I hate it! They even try to pee and all? Gosh! I wish I could kill them, then I'd be a criminal on the loose? Scot free? Lols! This idea came in mind I want them Up for Grabs as if I own them... :D Oh, but the pic in here? The dog looks lovey-dovey... :P

Written for Amias' Acrostic Only
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Friday, April 09, 2010

~ The Miracle of A Shooting Star ~

Seated on a bench in a park, one late evening, Hannah felt her world was crumbling. She wished that the earth would swallow her up and be gone in this world in just a snap of the fingers. In any way she would think about what has been happening to her lately, she thought she had been cursed. Life has became so harsh on her the past couple of weeks. But how could fate be so callous on her? She didn't know or was not aware that she had done wrong against anyone?

Reality check. But Hannah felt saturated with all the odds and ends in life. A failing marriage, friends leaving her one by one, financial chaos and the list seemed endless. She felt there's no one to run to. Her struggles were beyond compare. She wished to have a shoulder to cry on. But it seemed there was none good enough.

Now she wished to deviate from reality. Can she do it? Alone in the park, like a thunderbolt, she suddenly realized she has to finally prepare for her dissertation in her Ph.D degree. Tomorrow she will be scrutinized and her thesis dissected by a panel. After finishing her doctorate degree, she will assume as Campus Executive Officer in a prestigious university.

Then she prayerfully looked up the sky to identify any star that would twinkle and smile at her. A star that will give her hope and strength to face the coming days ahead. And suddenly, in a twinkle of an eye, she saw a shooting star. She knew even as a child that once you see a shooting star, you can make a wish and it will come true. Without hesitation, she closed her eyes and made a wish.

After a few moments, she gathered her bag and books in hand, stood up and made a last wish. She thanked God  and left for home with a spring in her walk in that cool, misty evening, armed with a new hope, courage and optimism that everything will be alright with her soon. She realized that  God answered her prayer through the miracle of  a shooting star and that  He is the best shoulder to lean and cry  on.

Written for Thursday Tales (Tale #2)
Linked to 3WW (Prompts: Deviate, Identify, Saturate)
Also posted at Monday Poetry Train Revisited
Photo Courtesy: Luca-de-Bellis

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Sense and Sensibility

Heart, mind and soul in turmoil
Drowning in a myriad of emotions
Clamoring to come to terms with reality
Then a stark realization ~

Written for One Single Impression (Prompt: Cognizance)

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Dad...You Are My Shining Star!

“We are each, the love of someone’s life”
 31 October 1998. He seemed to be in a tearing hurry to reach his destination in the province to spend Holy Week with his elder daughter’s family, though he had with him in this trip the latter’s two older kids.
Though tired with an almost 8 hours nonstop drive in the night, he did not think of even a small respite. The lure of his daughter was so overpowering that he wouldn’t stop. It would take another 4 hours to reach their destination. His wife seated at the back in the car constantly cautioned him to go slow as the dial  hovered around  120 kms/hour. She said speed may thrill but would also kill. He shot back “who would want to die anyway?” He often boasted that he was more skilful and safer than other drivers. Knowing him well that he rarely listened, his wife just retreated into silence.
It was 4:00 o’clock, the darkest hour before dawn on 01 November 2008. It could be the speed,the darkness all around, lack of sleep, a fleeting second of missed concentration or even destiny. The car plunged into a small ravine headlong coming to an abrupt and shattering halt. There were eight passengers in the ill fated car. There was a total deathly silence for a while till the two kids started shrieking  in pain frightened  totally  by the accident. People in the neighborhood on hearing the loud crash came rushing to extend a helping hand and to rescue everyone inside the car. Blood was sprayed everywhere inside the car, on the faces of victims and on the glass doors. Two persons inside the car had passed out unconscious after the rude halt.
The driver seemed conscious as he cringed for help from the people around. Someone stopped a passing jeepney to take all the wounded and unconscious passengers to the nearest hospital. None appeared to had succumbed to injuries on the spot. Things did not appear so bad as was feared except for the total damage to the vehicle. On their way to the hospital, her wife muttered her deep disappointment toward her husband for failing to heed her warning. He in turn tried to calm her down giving the impression that all was well with him.
The hospital para medical staff acted with alacrity rushing them to emergency. The doctors were busy attending on them. When the driver started shrieking  in acute pain and incoherently one of the dotors rushed  to him. He found shards of broken glass on his eyes. He cried in pain unable to move his back or hip. The x-rays revealed  a major dislocation of the pelvic bone. Further examination gave cause for major worry with heavy internal hemorrhage. He was rushed to the operation theater for an emergency surgery and  his condition was declared critical.
Around 6:00 AM, he gave up his valiant fight to live and peacefully passed away inside the operating room.
That was my father. Exactly 12 years ago today, they met that tragic accident together with my mother, my two older kids, three cousins and an aunt.
When I think of the fact that his intense desire to visit me made him undertake the long and tiresome journey by car at night, a sense of guilt comes up  and  the pangs of separation hurt me  thinking that I was indirectly responsible for his untimely end. He was my beloved father, too young to leave this world. I was the daddy’s girl and his fvourite amongst my siblings.
I was told by his neighbors of some bad omens suggesting unwelcome happenings to my parents.  A howling owl was seen on the roof of their house in the city.  And before the trip, he went to a tailor to have him sewn a pair of dark slacks and a barong Tagalog. On his last Sunday in church, he went about shaking everybody’s hands after the service that was unusual of him.
I loved my father so much. It was a special relationship with him that was intricate and compelling. Without a doubt, my dad’s influence on my life was powerful. He moulded my personal values and set high standard of expectations for the other men who crossed  my path--the friends, professionals, co-workers and husband. It was my dad to whom I would always go for advice, comfort and love.  He was proud of me in many ways. He was a protective father but however much I accomplished in my life on my own, I was still daddy's little girl till he passed away.

Today, as we remember his 12th death anniversary, I wrote this open letter for him.
To my beloved Father,
I know you are now in Heaven, watching and smiling over us your kids, grandkids and my beloved mother, your wife. I want to cry. When I reminisce those happy days we have with you, I feel sad that I miss you. The times when we were yet young and you played with us happily under the rain; buying us our favorite food, bringing us to your farm and working with you in jovial mood. We were a picture of a simple, humble but happy family. We may not have had all the riches in the world but we were a picture of a contented, happy family. The times when you lovingly played with my young kids and all your grand kids…I missed those times.
Father, look at your grandkids, most are teenagers now and some are fast growing up, all equally a sight to behold and equally intelligent. They surely miss you but fate was unkind to you.
We will just be consoled with the thought that you left us happy memories, all enough to make us smile when we remember you.
Thank you Father for bringing us into this world and for sharing with us some wonderful colors in life.
 And this poem by Joanna Fuchs , I dedicate to you:

You may have thought I didn't see,
Or that I hadn't heard,
Life's lessons that you taught to me,
But I got every word.

Perhaps you thought I missed it all,
And that we'd grow apart,
But Dad, I picked up everything,
It's written on my heart.

Without you, Dad, I wouldn't be
The woman I am today;
You built a strong foundation
No one can take away.

I've grown up with your values,
And I'm very glad I did;
So here's to you, dear father,
From your forever grateful daughter.
Written for Thursday Tales (Tale #1)
Photo Courtesy :BenoitPaille