Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Covert Knight....

Beloved covert knight
Drifting away so sadly
You are my dear friend.

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I thought that I knew you

But now I'm not sure

You used to be friendly

But not anymore

Each day we grow farther

Apart and I'm sad

We used to be best friends

The best I ever had.

At some point things changed

And our lives split apart

I miss you so much

In my life – In my heart.

Sometimes things must happen

And friends drift away

I wish it weren't us

I wish not this way.


Prompt: KNIGHT

Also for Haiku Heights
Prompt: COVERT

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

That Nagging Truth

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My mind needs space
to relieve thoughts of biting

Hey fellow bloggers and followers…I am back for the second time around, for the Insecure Writer’s Support GroupBut really, those biting insecurities I have in mind do not leave me.

The nagging truth, you wish to know? There are many. I have too many irons in the fire. My work in office demand my full attention and involvement that at the end of the day I become jaded physically and mentally. I have the chores in the house that all home makers are burdened with. Yet another, of my own choice to make some extra money, is the baking I do against orders. Baking to my dismay I found is a zealous mistress that invites full attention and no diversion. Then there are the concerns of a mother with her three children away in another city and monitoring their well being on a daily basis. To cap them all, I am not endowed with a strong body and my health is fragile. These are the reasons I am unable to write as much as I wish to.

What am I gonna do? I am torn between leaving my blog totally and blog only when I have spare time.

I feel sad that as my blog gets older, the more I have become busier in life. Working Mom’s dilemma you know.

But at times I would like to attribute it to my sense of insecurities born out of imaginary fears. I seldom could overcome this. Well, whatever is that nagging truth, I will try my best to be visible when I can write and drop by everyone’s blog when I have the luxury of time. I am aware of the fact that no man’s life is free from problems.”Into each life some rain must fall”—but why open your umbrella while the sun is shining?” That is why I put aside my umbrella and writing these lines.

Truth is I missed you all my dear supportive bloggers. My absence makes me incomplete.

"Blogging was once and will always be sapid for me, whatever the cost!" 


Written for Haiku Heights
Prompt: SPACE

 Linked also to One Single Impression
Prompt: SAPID

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Delightful Blog

Mr. K. Parthasarathi is my next and last guest on my blog's anniversary. He is a veteran blogger who has charmed readers with his short stories in blogosphere.

I was very happy when he agreed to my request. He is a prolific writer. In fact I was impelled to try my hand in short story writing only after seeing his blog. His blog can be accessed in ~ Amity


3rd anniversary.bmp
I felt honoured when Amity requested me to write a guest post for her blog "Dreams Are My Reality" on her completing three years of blogging. But I also wondered why she chose me over many distinguished blogger friends of hers who write poems in which form she excels and writes mostly. I can claim no such qualification as I write only short stories as a time pass and by no means a professional writer. Nevertheless having been a regular follower of her blog for almost three years I felt a guest post is but a small recompense for the immense joy I derived from reading her blog.

Let me at the outset heartily congratulate her for achieving a significant mile stone in blogging. But three years of blogging  by itself is  no significant accomplishment as even if one does not write, time would still fly and three years pass for any blog. But in the case of Amity, her   blog is distinguished for several reasons which I will detail below..

The three years has been marked by very active and uninterrupted blogging save for a few occasional short breaks for personal reasons. The regularity of her posts has always surprised me unlike many bloggers who write by fits and starts depending on their mood and time. Like many youngsters who are caught up in the treadmill of blogging, she too was drawn into it. Started presumably as a fun to while away the spare time, I suspect blogging for her  has initially been only for her enjoyment with no motivation to make a name or fame. A vast majority of bloggers succumb to their urge for self expression. Most of them may not grind out the best sellers or turn out to be great poets or vie for a place in the hall of literary fame. For most it is a platform from which they speak out to others.

3rd anniversary3.jpg 

Amity too obviously found in it the medium for self expression of her latent and unexpressed thoughts. But what was started as a hobby soon became a passion for her. Exposed to other illustrious bloggers, she soon became a member of many renowned sites like Haiku Heights, One Single Impression, Acrostics and Blog-a-Ton and participated in   most of the prompts and competitions. These honed her skill over a period of time and transformed her as an accomplished poet. She has on display some golden awards.

Gifted with a good command over English language and a good imagination, she was able to bring out great pieces of poems each different from the other not only in the form but also in the imagery and content. She is versatile and adept in the various forms of poetry be they Sonnet, Free Verse, Haiku, Cinquain, Double Etheree or 3WW. Some of them are real nuggets of beauty. Even as one who has never written any poem, I was able to draw delight from the sentiments expressed in her poems. That is perhaps a testimony to her skill in this form of writing. I must admit here that some of her poems did not lend themselves to my easy understanding but as in art or music too much of dissection would extinguish the pleasure.

Not content with poems alone, she has tried her hand in writing short stories too  in her literary pursuits. Written in impeccable English, they are crisp and well narrated sometimes with a twist and more often with happy endings. I have always felt Amity has given short stories lesser importance than her talent  as a story writer would justify.

Another noteworthy feature is the excellent pictures she puts that are apt to the posts. Some of her photographs for the Sky Watch Friday are breathtaking and speak high of her skill with the lens.

A blog is a personal expression and varies from individual to individual aesthetically, according to their taste. The template of Dreams Are My Reality is very nice, attractive and soft on the eye without being loud and gaudy, well arranged with a reader-friendly slant. I always tend to judge the blogger from the nature and style of his/her template and am happy that the template  of her blog reflects well of her.

She has her regular followers but the traffic to the blog needs to increase for the high quality of its content . This in turn depends upon her visits to other blogs and the time she can spend on the net.

I take great pleasure in wishing Amity all success on this happy  occasion. May her blog grow in popularity and quality bringing great joy to her and her vast readers.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy 3rd and counting!

Hi Everyone;

My second guest is old, old friend who is now living a blissfully married life. She's been my friend since I started blogging and until now. One fine day, she said she's bored, so I said, "let me cut that boredom, write a guest post in my blog's 3rd anniv", and she didn't fail me. A writer could easily pen words that come from the heart, and she did just that. 

Now Miya, tell us more about our friendship and about my blog! Thank you so much.... :) ~Amity

I've been invited here to do a guest post by my dear Blogger friend. Today her beautiful blog is completing 3 years of its online presence and so is our friendship. I came across her blog through our common friend Leo, who is so famous for his innovative poems. 

First, when I read her comment in one of my post, I noticed her name. "Amity" - meaning Friendship or Peaceful Harmony. I understood why she chose that name after reading through her posts & observing her interaction with fellow bloggers. She is an embodiment of "Amity" :)

I know "Amity" only through her words :) We've not met face to face or even heard each other's voices. Its all the power of words which has bonded us together as friends. From her words, articles, posts I understand that she is a great person to be with. A warm & social person who participates actively in every intellectual thing which is being hosted online like OSI, Haiku Heights, Thursday Tales, BAT, Wordless Wednesday and so on. 

Making people to understand our perspective, or making them understand the exact meaning of what we put forth is very very difficult. But 'Amity' has done that with ease. For 3 yrs her words have never been misinterpreted by any of us.  She has taken her readers along with her, in the journey called "blog" with her most beautiful dreams, figments of imaginations & words which made them a reality. She has painted this blog with her dreams so colorful which goes unnoticed and it also inspires many of us :) 

An online diary
With words so lovely
Weaved together wisely
Bringing a sunshine smiley 

Standing out ablaze
Spraying vibrant colors
Never cease to amaze
Wishing many wonders

And here I wish her to set big milestones in this blogging world through her beautiful words. I also pray to Almighty to give her needed strength and also keep our friendship blooming forever :)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy 3rd Amity!

My first guest in my blog's 3rd anniversary is a man of few words...though short but sweet! I may have been irregular in my blog this year, but he remained a constant follower. When my post is up after a long break, he would be the first reading it and there comes his short and sweet comment. It is really encouraging. Though a published writer, he remains humble, always rooted and always hosting bloghops (the fun part of his blog I like most), and of late The Insecure Writers' Support Group where I have participated once til now. His second sci-fi novel, CASSAFIRE is coming out this February 2012 if I were not mistaken. 

Hey Alex, is this too early for me in promoting the sequel to your CASSASTAR? 

I have a lot to say about him even though I am an on and off follower of his blog, but I guess, I am not the star today but he is. 

So Alex, take it away. 

P.S. Sorry if I made the introduction much longer than your guest post! :(

Today is Amity's three year blog anniversary. For those of us who have followed her journey, we understand the truth of her blog's title. Amity's words are the stuff of dreams. She is eloquent with her poetry, painting beautiful scenes and moods with just a few well chosen words. She has guided us along a path filled with wonder. And we are all the richer for the experience.

Thank you you, Amity, for gracing us with your beautiful prose and poetry.

Today marks three years, but I hope the journey has just begun.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Fool's Paradise

Image credit: HERE

I became passionate with baking
Which of late I am enjoying
My kitchen is now my paradise
Am I fool?


Let there be bright light
In my small paradise
Delicious muffins!


Prompt: A Fool's Paradise by Leo

Also written for Haiku Heights
Prompt: Light by Vivienne Blake

P.S. Tomorrow will be my blog's 3rd anniversary. My blog which had been my paradise for three years now...I'd say a paradise....because once my pen starts to etch words, I feel like I am in paradise. I have three guests who will grace this memorable occasion of my blog and the first guest will be hosting my blog tomorrow. Dear folks, see you all tomorrow...:) Have a great Sunday to all!

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Image Courtesy: HERE


My beautiful urn
Home to fresh flowers galore
Dear son ruined it!


Written for Haiku Heights
Prompt: URN by Nanka

Saturday, November 05, 2011


Mystery by Lilli-Kad
Image Courtesy: HERE

The weird dreams seem real
Clothed in mystery of pure



Written for Haiku Heights

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


cute child with dog by e-zoneonline
Photo Courtesy: HERE

Brownie she was, but named her Zenki
Chasing her tail, she was pretty funny
Yelping and barking at every passing sound
Bringing much laughter to kids around

Pampered and cared, she loved to play
 Catching the ball with kids on a sunny day
Craving for attention on days that rained
Till the kids gave it endlessly she whined

Giving mirth to kids back from class
She loved to roll joyously on the grass
Dreaming of fun with meaty bone
And of the cookies often thrown

She was much loved by every kid
And treated like a baby splendid
Giving her bath that made her happy
And she in turn licked with tongue very slimy

Then on one fateful day, she ran into the woods
We don’t know in what varying moods
Till we found her lying in the rice plain
Almost breathless and blue, frothing with pain

 The culprit we knew was a venomous viper
As we saw it hurriedly into the bushes slither
Alas as the venom spread she breathed her last
With her soulful gaze on my kids held steadfast

She sadly left us all, after 10 years of playing with my kids. Whenever we see one like her on the streets, it reminds us of the loving and playful Zenki. My kids christened her  Zenki, a cartoon character very familiar to them, if I were not mistaken.


Written for:

The Gooseberry Garden
Jingle Poetry Community's New Home
A Place for Poets To Share and Get Inspired!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Vibrant hues on paper...

Early Morning Colours,Sea and Sky by DagsDownunder
Image Courtesy: HERE


Calm seas, azure skies
Verdant hills, flowers galore
Nature's vibrant hues.


I etched on paper
Earth's mystic panorama
Transcends time, space.

Written for Haiku Heights

Also for One Single Impression
Prompt: PAPER

Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Best Friend...

Image Courtesy: HERE

And big hugs by J.Halstead Photography


When I am lost
You are there to
Show me the way

When I am down
You are there to
Comfort me in every way

When I am happy
You are there to
Share that laughter

When I am in tears
You are there to
Wipe them away

When I have succeeded
You are there to
Applaud my triumph

When I am dismayed
You are there to
Uplift my sullen spirit

When I needed a hug
You are there to
Give me the tightest hug

When I needed a kiss
You are there to
Smother me with countless kisses

When I have dreams
You are there to
Help me realize them

You are forever my friend
My ever-dearest friend
My loving and thoughtful friend
My own and my world…


Written for: 
 Poetry Picnic Week 8: Friends, Relationships and Everyone around

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Zillion Stars

Reach for the stars so if you fall, you land on the clouds by Chantel Baggley
Image Courtesy: HERE


I wish to fly high
Be with the zillion stars
Dream impossible!


Written for Haiku Heights

Monday, October 10, 2011

Not a river but a stream...

River Kids by T. Jason Wright Photography
Image Courtesy: HERE

Down by the old, old stream
Not a river but a stream

Where I first met you
Not the second but the first

You were sixteen
Not fifteen but sixteen

My dearest queen
Not a king but a queen

Down by the old, old stream
Not a river but a stream


Yessss…my favorite song in high school…I guess a girl scout song…and I would like to share it with you my blogger-friends…..........This is the best I can do for this Sunday's OSI prompt! :)

Glad I still could recall the lines…:D


Prompt: River

Wednesday, October 05, 2011



That’s me!

But am I a writer? 

Well, not really, a published one I mean!

Just an amateur one or a green horn in the blogworld who’s trying to make a boring, melancholic and dull life a bit interesting by sharing some of my thoughts and feelings through my blog, “Dreams Are My Reality”!

But in spite of my insecurities, I am comfortable with the thought that there are a lot of my blogger-friends who regularly visit my blog when new posts are up and one of them is Alex J. Cavanaugh who always comes first to say an encouraging word or two urging me to continue writing and to never give up blogging…:D Cool…isn’t it?

By the way, Alex is hosting this Insecure Writer’s Support Group which happens every 1st Wednesday of every month…where I feel I belong but realized later that most of those who joined are published writers…Yayyy…I kinda felt more insecure than ever after such a realization. 

Thanks Alex for this wonderful initiative… :)

I wish to gain more blogger-friends and start my bloghop once I am back from a 3-day out-of-town seminar-workshop which is going to be held in one of the most luxurious resorts in our province.

Before I go, I would like to share with you an acrostic which is my signature as a blogger!

She only writes when

In the  right mood

Gladdening her supportive readers

Nicely exchanging happy comments

And inspiration she gets

To continue her blogging

Undoubtedly learns a lot

Reading others’ blogs too

Erasing all writing insecurities

Bye…bye…see everyone soon! :)


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