Tuesday, October 18, 2011


cute child with dog by e-zoneonline
Photo Courtesy: HERE

Brownie she was, but named her Zenki
Chasing her tail, she was pretty funny
Yelping and barking at every passing sound
Bringing much laughter to kids around

Pampered and cared, she loved to play
 Catching the ball with kids on a sunny day
Craving for attention on days that rained
Till the kids gave it endlessly she whined

Giving mirth to kids back from class
She loved to roll joyously on the grass
Dreaming of fun with meaty bone
And of the cookies often thrown

She was much loved by every kid
And treated like a baby splendid
Giving her bath that made her happy
And she in turn licked with tongue very slimy

Then on one fateful day, she ran into the woods
We don’t know in what varying moods
Till we found her lying in the rice plain
Almost breathless and blue, frothing with pain

 The culprit we knew was a venomous viper
As we saw it hurriedly into the bushes slither
Alas as the venom spread she breathed her last
With her soulful gaze on my kids held steadfast

She sadly left us all, after 10 years of playing with my kids. Whenever we see one like her on the streets, it reminds us of the loving and playful Zenki. My kids christened her  Zenki, a cartoon character very familiar to them, if I were not mistaken.


Written for:

The Gooseberry Garden
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Monday, October 17, 2011

Vibrant hues on paper...

Early Morning Colours,Sea and Sky by DagsDownunder
Image Courtesy: HERE


Calm seas, azure skies
Verdant hills, flowers galore
Nature's vibrant hues.


I etched on paper
Earth's mystic panorama
Transcends time, space.

Written for Haiku Heights

Also for One Single Impression
Prompt: PAPER

Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Best Friend...

Image Courtesy: HERE

And big hugs by J.Halstead Photography


When I am lost
You are there to
Show me the way

When I am down
You are there to
Comfort me in every way

When I am happy
You are there to
Share that laughter

When I am in tears
You are there to
Wipe them away

When I have succeeded
You are there to
Applaud my triumph

When I am dismayed
You are there to
Uplift my sullen spirit

When I needed a hug
You are there to
Give me the tightest hug

When I needed a kiss
You are there to
Smother me with countless kisses

When I have dreams
You are there to
Help me realize them

You are forever my friend
My ever-dearest friend
My loving and thoughtful friend
My own and my world…


Written for: 
 Poetry Picnic Week 8: Friends, Relationships and Everyone around

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Zillion Stars

Reach for the stars so if you fall, you land on the clouds by Chantel Baggley
Image Courtesy: HERE


I wish to fly high
Be with the zillion stars
Dream impossible!


Written for Haiku Heights

Monday, October 10, 2011

Not a river but a stream...

River Kids by T. Jason Wright Photography
Image Courtesy: HERE

Down by the old, old stream
Not a river but a stream

Where I first met you
Not the second but the first

You were sixteen
Not fifteen but sixteen

My dearest queen
Not a king but a queen

Down by the old, old stream
Not a river but a stream


Yessss…my favorite song in high school…I guess a girl scout song…and I would like to share it with you my blogger-friends…..........This is the best I can do for this Sunday's OSI prompt! :)

Glad I still could recall the lines…:D


Prompt: River

Wednesday, October 05, 2011



That’s me!

But am I a writer? 

Well, not really, a published one I mean!

Just an amateur one or a green horn in the blogworld who’s trying to make a boring, melancholic and dull life a bit interesting by sharing some of my thoughts and feelings through my blog, “Dreams Are My Reality”!

But in spite of my insecurities, I am comfortable with the thought that there are a lot of my blogger-friends who regularly visit my blog when new posts are up and one of them is Alex J. Cavanaugh who always comes first to say an encouraging word or two urging me to continue writing and to never give up blogging…:D Cool…isn’t it?

By the way, Alex is hosting this Insecure Writer’s Support Group which happens every 1st Wednesday of every month…where I feel I belong but realized later that most of those who joined are published writers…Yayyy…I kinda felt more insecure than ever after such a realization. 

Thanks Alex for this wonderful initiative… :)

I wish to gain more blogger-friends and start my bloghop once I am back from a 3-day out-of-town seminar-workshop which is going to be held in one of the most luxurious resorts in our province.

Before I go, I would like to share with you an acrostic which is my signature as a blogger!

She only writes when

In the  right mood

Gladdening her supportive readers

Nicely exchanging happy comments

And inspiration she gets

To continue her blogging

Undoubtedly learns a lot

Reading others’ blogs too

Erasing all writing insecurities

Bye…bye…see everyone soon! :)


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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Language of the Heart!

Image Courtesy: HERE

If the word spoken
Comes straight from the heart
Is it love fluently spoken?

If the feeling displayed
Is shown with respect
Is it love fluently spoken?

If he looks in your eyes
And you melt in his gaze
Is it love fluently spoken?

If a smile makes your heart
Skip a bit, goes pitter, patter 
Is it love fluently spoken?

We don't need to say a word or two
As action speaks louder than words
Is it love fluently spoken?



Saturday, October 01, 2011


I badly need a new lappy
In place of my old one working so badly
I wish that my loving hubby
Who supports my blogging hobby
Who is miles away in Miami
Would answer my wishes promptly
And send me one immediately
So I can blog regularly...:)

Yayyy....whatta wish...:P
Summer 2012 is just too far away! :((