Friday, November 28, 2008

Private Number Calling. . .

I was already in bed, trying to lull myself to sleep by reading a book when suddenly my phone rang. It registered in the screen as Private Number Calling.I presumed it was my hubby. I said "hello" but the other end's voice was of a woman. She answered and wobbled up these lines with an element of sarcasm, or so i thought: "hello, this is cora avila, paano ko ba sasabihin sa 'yo? Ganito na lang, straight to the point, I am cora avila, I am here in Barcelona, Spain, hindi mo ba ako kilala". I said no and I felt so nervous when she added she's in Barcelona, Spain. I was thinking otherwise. I was thinking she knew my husband who stayed there for five months working in a cruise ship. I was thinking she must be an other woman. Ha ha ha. . .
I was almost at my wit's end when she told me that she's a schoolmate at CSU-SMRVS, a college classmate of Joan Carillo and Imelda Badiang. Then I realized, she's not really a prank caller, or otherwise. Because even without her pictures in her friendster account, I can still vividly remember her, her face and her voice.
We ended up sharing about each other's lives. Until I was able to share her that her former teacher, Ma'am Manuela Guillermo already passed away last November 12. Then she told me that Mr. & Mrs. Guillermo are her ninong & ninang sa kasal. She also related to me that Dante Guillermo is ninong of one of her child.
She also shared how homesick she is, especially now that she's already a widow. She was able to petition her husband Ernesto Paclibon, to join her in Barcelona as immigrant but unfortunately, six days before their flight, her husband was stabbed to death. It was a very painful episode in her life, she said.
"How did you know my number manang," I asked her. "I was browsing through the friendster account of Val Macalma when I saw your name," she said. She got my number in my posted shoutout, she said. She felt nostalgic according to her when she saw that I was making an announcement calling all my batchmates in SMRVS, Class 1984.
I related that phone call to my hubby when he called me later in the evening. He was laughing at me. Well, I told him, I am happy that good old friends do try to keep in touch with me.
Manang Cora plans to come home this January 2009 to commemorate the 2nd year death anniversary of her late husband.
Manang Cora, thanks for your call. See me when you will be home.

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