Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What's Wrong With You Kakai?

First, you left your first phone inside a tricycle. We tried to look for the driver and it took us hours before we were able to see him, but strongly denied that your cp was left inside his tricy and even pretended to be looking inside it. A couple of weeks passed, a relative saw your cp being used by the tricy driver's son. We can't force them to surrender it anyway. God bless their poor soul.
When your dad arrived from work, we bought you a brand new cp. After two months, your cp was destroyed because of mishandling. It fell inside the toilet bowl and there's no way that it could be repaired.
Just last semester, you again had a new phone bought by your father abroad, and what happened? While on your way to school, somebody snatched it from the pocket of your bag including your school ID which you only realized when you were about to enter your school presmises. You were grounded, of course. No phone for several months and you were forced to save from your allowance, if only to be able to buy a new one. But not really a new one, instead you opted for a slightly used one for fear that it might be snatched again.
And just last week, while you and your kid bother were at the black market to encash dollars into peso, our precious digicam was snatched again from you. Don't you know how much that digicam cost your dad.
Why Kakai? What's wrong with you? I don't know how i will feel for you now. How could I get mad at you? How could I tell you that I am so mad at you? How irresponsible you are? How careless you are? Will you care to be responsible? Please grow, please care for the things that are materially precious to us.>

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