Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Want to Write. . .

While browsing through others' blogsites, I was indeed inspired to write more and more. But planning to write of so many things keeps me even lazy to start the work. Because, I want to write. . .

  • About life, the amazing journeys one can have through life; they may be wonderful, they may be fantastic or they may be the opposite, meaning, sad, disappointing and not worth living for;
  • About people; the true, the great, the heroes, the common people, the ordinary ones; their achievements, their failures and what it takes to live as a human creature;
  • About dreams; what makes them, what they mean, what message they want to send and why we dream;
  • About love; the mysteries of it, and what makes it a unique writer's subject matter;

Yes, I want to write about so many things, but I only have to write of things that may suddenly inspire me, of things that may give meaning to my existence. I may be a vague writer, but I can write.

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