Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Congratulations, Son!

(the following post has been a long overdue one, but I still want to post it, anyway………)

Three days from now and my son will be marching up the stage to receive his high school diploma, a manifestation that he was able to hurdle the four years of high school education. Soon, two of my kids will already be in college, his big sister, an upcoming 3rd year BS Psychology student at SLU Baguio City. Soon, he will be joining his sister in Baguio City. Soon, he will be experiencing college life. Soon, he will be apportioning his bigger allowance than what he has when he was in high school. Soon, he will be tending to himself; washing his own clothes, cooking his own food, doing his own assignment, cleaning his own room, and doing all the necessary stuff for himself.

How time flies so fast. A few years back, he was just a naïve little boy very much pampered by his parents. Now he's already a grown up man, ready to embrace a larger world; a world full of ups and downs, a world where one's tenacity is tested. A world where one can have the worst and the best.

Son, whatever are your dreams in life, reach for them. Be rest assured that we will always be behind you. We will continue to backstop you, if only to realize your grand dreams in life. Burn your candles! Paddle your own canoe! Hitch your wagon to a star! Again, congratulations for being able to finish another ladder in your education.

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