Thursday, February 03, 2011

Curt and Cunning

Friendship by electricshadow1518
Image Credit: HERE

"A handful of friends are always precious and adequate. But to cultivate a lasting friendship, an honest to goodness rapport is essential. Cunning and curt remarks even when said in jest have no place as they invariably hurt the feelings. Display of abrasive character that weakens the bond and later leads to a loss of friendship is best avoided. Like any other relationships, friendship is  fragile and is to be carefully nurtured."

Mother and daughter
Display the best friendship bond

Written for ABC Wednesday
C for Curt and Cunning

Prompts: handful, abrasive, loss

And linked to Sis' The Haiku Challenge
Day 3 - Mother


  1. Lovey thoughts on friendship using the prompt words.

  2. so truely said....abrasive remarks makes friendship harsh and leave stains on the relationship.

  3. A different twist, I like. Mine is here:

  4. True friendship really does require work..the unconditional love of a mother is a gift to be treasured..Jae

  5. I am absolutely in agreement you Amity.. this is beautifuly written.. I am sure you will look at my 3ww here..

  6. Clasped hands, perfect symbol for friendship! And reminds me of the Irish Claddagh ring.
    Thank you,
    HelenMac, ABC team

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