Monday, February 21, 2011

I Wish for A Hammock!

Neither I was aware nor  did I notice  while I was busily engaged  with many exciting matters of importance of late that I was neglecting my health until one day I fainted in a seminar. The culprit??? You guessed it right -Stress and over-fatigue!

I wonder why being busy with good things keeps me stressed :(  But then I could not avoid the many tests and a day's stay in the clinic that my doctor felt necessary. Luckily the tests did not reveal anything amiss except that I had to gain strength and stamina for the arduous tasks that I have undertaken. My son ensures that I pop up the vitamin pills  without fail and do the exercise at home if the weather does not permit a long walk. I am also careful on what I eat.

I  also realized it is really a must to relax not just a bit, but fully! While I was in bed trying to recap what happened to me, I suddenly felt the need to relax, yes, relax in a real sense. And this fortnight's break from all work except the unavoidable like office and some social commitments has rejuvenated me. I am back at the blog in fine fettle. But not promising anything like I can stay for good na... :D

Now came this hammock I had been visualizing for long and wished resting on it during the break... :))


I wish for a hammock
suspended between two giant trees
within the deep of the forest

I wish to lie languorously in it
with an absorbing novel in hand
and lose myself leisurely in  reading  

 I wish  to listen to the weird sounds of nature
of the chirping birds and noisy cicadas
and the rustle of leaves as insects crawl

I wish to  savour the smell of  mountain breeze
and let my eyes feast once in a while
on  the lush landscape around in all its green!

I wish to rest on a hammock
suspended between two coconut trees
found along a beautiful beach

I wish to let it sway as I sing
or listen to my favorite country songs
till I am lulled into gentle sleep

I wish to smell the cool ocean breeze
and feel the searing hot sun
as it lazily rises up from the horizon

I wish to thank the Almighty
for His munificence in nature's bounty
that keeps me ever happy!


  1. So you are back with a bang after rest and rejuvenation to regale us with your wonderful posts.the poem on Hammock is nice

  2. Well I am so sorry to hear that you've been over doing things! But happy that things turned out alright and that you've had a bit of rest!
    About the hammock, I've always wanted one myself. One day I am going to buy myself one and put it in my yard. Your poetry pretty much describes what I will be daydreaming about when I get one!!
    Love Di ♥

  3. normal you...

    stay blessed and cool, thanks for the tickle, fabulous entry.
    Happy Rally.

  4. Hey Amity

    Take it easy....
    your health is very IMPORTANT !!!!!
    Take all the rest you need my dear.

    I regularly fall faint but that's because my low blood pressure :(
    When I feel dizzy i go sit on the grond ......... ;)

    Nice to see you back sweet Amity
    we missed you VERY MUCH !!!


    Kareltje =^.^= Betsie >^.^<

    Anya ♥

  5. I wish for you to have that hammock. And peace and deep summer days in your heart and mind that let you relax and enjoy.

  6. Well done. A wish we can all relate to. I actually had such a hammock in a near-forest. It was a delight.

    May your wish come true, Amity.

  7. AMEN Amity Sweetheart!
    I too wish to do the same.. :)
    This is such a beautiful one. I almost wanted to have one for myself. I do have some time by hand; although not swinging myself on one, but I do listen to the sounds of nature- it's enchanting- I promise!!!

    Sending you much Love xxx

  8. Good to see you back
    Words spill as Hammock swings
    A happy poem smiles..

    We too smile here on this page .. you were missed...