Saturday, April 09, 2011

Harsh Reality

The world is full of liars and fakes

Face to face they project a smiling aura

But they are a scary bunch of snakes

They can inflict sufferings in plethora

They enjoy, sneer like evil from hell

For every deed done so innocently

Making their victims painfully unwell

Forcing them to accept cruelties quietly

Why the bad prosper in their iniquities?

And enjoy life of pride and prejudice

While their victims feel harsh realities

Afraid to face the world of bullies

I pray that God will punish the wicked

And save the people from the crooked!


Also written for the April A-Z Challenge in 26 Days

H for Harsh Reality


  1. I pray the Lord keep such thoughts safe, and get more people like you Amity :) I loved the sonnet and especially the way you began and ended it. those were my favorite lines. Cheers!

  2. reflects truly the realities obtaining all over.
    Nice lines

  3. smart words..
    love your style...

    Harsh Beauty is real.

  4. I loved this sonnet.. it conveyed so much..

    Someone is Special

  5. Don't know why the world is full of liars,
    neither don't even know why these deeds makes them happy ,
    while other becomes sad of being a victims.
    The big question is
    why the Lord God allowed these people,
    sneers and prejudices the innocent one?

  6. Beautiful worlds, Amity!

  7. Hi Amity, nice choice and well said dear.. often people are f such must be careful..

  8. Some lovely word choices here - a fine sonnet!

  9. The world is full of liars and fake, good start

  10. I think each of us has met someone like this on our way. I can tell that... We should just leave such people behind us and move on keeping our head lifted... Powerful words!

  11. Reminds me of the many times i am heartbroken when uncaring words crush my soul. Sometimes the hurt is viciously intentional and that is when it hurts the most. Loved your lines!

  12. "Face to face they project a smiling aura
    But they are a scary bunch of snakes..."

    i can relate to those lines. i had my own traumatic experience with this kind. well written sentiment.

    thanks for appreciating my post. i'm sorry it made you sad. that wasn't the intention. whenever i get those special moments or "visits", i just embrace back the love i feel. blessings to you!

  13. They say cynicism is the power of accurate observation !!

  14. Fantastic lines today Amity
    you are such a fantastic person and great friend :-)
    I love this post !!!

    Hugs from us
    Kareltje,Betsie & Anya

  15. It sounds like you have met these fakes personally. So well written.

  16. beautiful words woven in even more beautiful lines...and so true...but thats life...and somtimes that's how we learn of the good and the bad..and what is that which truly matters....

    keep writing...

  17. I second, third those sentiments. Life is just sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo unfair. They lie and leave us damaged, distraught, scared, paranoid omg! if they could see the impact of their wrongdoings omg!!!

    Enjoy the rally!

  18. I read it in the alchemist :) email me if you wish, later :)

  19. Yes, there are many harsh realities in this life--I think everyone can relate to meeting up with some of these types of people. You've heard the saying, "What goes around comes around." What you put out, you get back.

  20. Dear Amity,
    Namaskar!Good Afternoon!
    Among the bad,I try to see the good........
    There is a silver lining behind the dark clouds....
    As bloggers we can bring out awareness
    Against the vices of this world....................
    Well written verses....................
    Wishing you a wonderful day ahead,

  21. "Harsh Reality," is an excellent work of art. You have described a scenario, feelings and thoughts we all must witness. I really like the way this poem was created, it is all coming from truth. Find your soul and write from it once a word appears. You have that gift.

  22. So true. Life came be tough and unfair, at times. But. through those adversities, we grow closer to who we are supposed to become. Wonderful job.

  23. The wicked are rarely punished and they take pride in it.
    It is sad, the situation of today's world where there is a dearth of humanity and conscience.

    However, the good shall prevail in the bigger picture.

  24. Life is wicked. Great work!

  25. Yes, one comes across all sort of people in life.

    Not been to my blog since long. Awaiting yr visit. :)