Monday, April 11, 2011


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"Mom, I wanna play with Sofia,” Justin begged of his Mom one fine morning. “I want to see those sheep in the coral…I like those furs, it’s so fluffy, am gonna die,” he added mischievously. His Mom could only smile at Justin. 

“Dad, can I play with Justin today?” Sofia asked his Dad while the latter was busy with the morning papers and a mug of coffee. Her dad peeped through with the papers he was reading. “But it’s too early Sofia,” her Dad mumbled. “I wish to see those sheep in our coral as we usually do with Justin,” she begged of her Dad. “I love those furs, it’s so fluffy, am gonna die,” she added with mischief written all over her face! 

Sofia and Justin is a permanent fixture near the coral. Justin would pick up Sofia in their home, just next to his home and would be shouting “Sofia, Sofia, please come now, those sheep are waiting for us,” and Sofia would run down the grand staircase of their house from the second floor where her bedroom is located. 

His Dad, amused, would just let Sofia go. She’s his angel, the only priceless gift left by his wife who died giving birth to Sofia. 

“Justin, be careful,” his Mom would always remind him. Justin and Mom are best friends. Justin’s Dad died of cancer when he was barely 2 years old. 

Justin and Sofia were very good neighbors in beautiful country homes in Texas. Sofia’s Dad is tending hundreds of sheep enclosed in a big coral. These kids are best friends. Near and around the coral was always the place where they play. They would watch the sheep munch grasses every morning. They would hold hands. And their famous and fabulous lines while watching the sheep would always be: “I love those furs, it’s so fluffy, am gonna die”! Followed by a wild, innocent shriek from them. 

From a distance, their respective parents would be watching them. In their innocence, they  displayed a sweet, close friendship, holding hands while watching those sheep. 

“Sofia, will you forget these moments once we grow up?” Justin would often ask Sofia. And Sofia could only smile with a big a shake of her head signifying a no. 

Suddenly, one day, when they turned their heads to see if someone was watching them, they saw to their surprise their parents too were chatting happily  holding their  hands together  in warmth, oblivious of the baffled stares of their kids from afar. 


Written for Thursday Tales
Tale # 54

Also for April A-Z Challenge in 26 Days
I for I'm Gonna Die


  1. A gentle heartwarming story nicely written

  2. enjoyed reading it a lot. very nice.

  3. That's a wonderful story, Amity - new love both young and old.

  4. Hi Amity,

    How are you doing? Long time since I visited your space.

    Nice Story , it reminds me one of the stories I read during my school days ..when a girl thinks she gonna die when the last leave of tree will fall.

    Nice one ..

    take care.

  5. Hey Amity! So sweet and tender this text was: thanks for sharing! Cheers

  6. Aw!! Beautiful. Very heart warming...thanks for sharing :)

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  8. Hi Amity,
    Your stories are so good, as I always expect from you! Sorry I've been gone for a while. I needed a little break. Missed you!
    Love Di ♥

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  11. Hello Amity, I am following you on Alex's DISQUS trail for A-Z Challenge.

    This is a beautiful story, although I was a little apprehensive with the title, scared of dream becoming a reality :)

  12. Here's to making it this far, congratulations! I have an award for you!!

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