Wednesday, April 04, 2012


I have some talents
Am I one born creative?
I doubt if I am!


I love doing needle work
even when it is time to cook
I could crochet with my nimble fingers
even when the aroma of stew lingers

I create in the blanket  designs of nature
for a hapless  baby with bleak future
That cannot make out the intricate  patterns I weave
for the motherless baby of my friend whom I grieve

I love to make all types of  cookies and cakes
In various designs and colors with delicious icing
as yummy as what a regular baker makes
Their aroma makes the neighbourhood drooling

I love to write all my thoughts and dreams
That keep flowing like gentle streams
Be they short stories or verses that rhyme
They engage my mind most of the time

Knitting, baking and writing keeps my soul alive
Keeping me ever busy as I strive
wondering sometimes at my rich and varied  life  
I keep asking am I really born creative?


Written for Haiku Heights
Prompt: Waves


  1. You, Amity, are a very creative soul... keep BKWing... :)

  2. Wonderful Amity I loved the verse, well done.


  3. loved the post!

    Doubt is completely natural - the key is to not be crippled by it! Keep up the good work!

  4. Wow....both the haiku and the poem were fab!! I love crochet and baking!!!:) maybe I could learn baking tips from you?;) 

    Happy April!!

  5. Don't doubt yourself. You exist, therefore you are.

  6. Wowwww.....perfect...u r a perfect blend of talent n creativity...why doubt..:)...awsome much to learn frm you...keep going.:) ..luv n hugsss......!

  7. you create, therefore you are creative! no doubt about it!

  8. Oh I think so Amity! Some of us are creative and some aren't, I think it balances out. Love Di ♥

  9. Magical Mystical TeacherThursday, April 05, 2012 9:44:00 AM

    Doubt keeps us from doing many things. May it not keep you from doing what you were born to do.

    Cactus Did Not Doubt

  10. I love it. That poem says so much about you and your talents.

  11. Thanks to you Yvonne..glad you love my verse!

  12. Thanks to you hopefulromantic...:)

    Here is a hopelessromantic...lols!

  13. Really? So we have the same passion then..:) Sure I can teach you why not, it is an honor and I would love to...:)

    Thanks so much AAkriti! :)

  14. Thanks Francene, your words are encouraging! :-)

  15. I want to believe you are inspiring!

    Thanks a lot!

  16. Thanks Di, I want to believe you too! Like you, you have so many natural talents...:-)

    Is passion and talent the same?

  17. Thanks MMT...I will listen to your admonition...:)

  18. Thanks Mary...:-) I am convinced by your words!

  19. We are aware of your excellent  writing skill.It is nice to know you are versatile with varied interests.