Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Crabs Are Crabs!

That's life! Crabs are crabs! The supposed concluding statement of my last post, but I can't edit it because I posted the same using the shortcut way where in MS Office 2007, you can now open a new document either as 'blank document" or "new blog post". I recently discovered that short cut way of posting blogs. Unlike before, I would type in a word format, then copy and then paste it in a new compose mode in my blogsite.

Where am I now? Yes, I don't know if I consider it as a Filipino value that what we call "Crab Mentality". There's a favorite maxim that I have posted on the wall of our office which runs this way and I quote: "If people are trying to pull you down, be proud of it! It only means one thing, you're above them! And there's one sure reason why they hate you. . . Because they want to become. . . just like you!

Said adage has been pasted on the wall of our office for several years now! When teachers from the elementary school came to our office one time, well, they copied it, telling me that said saying is very apt to be posted on their wall, too.

Pulling each other down is characteristic of crabs. Let's animate the crab. Some people are like crabs, too. They envy others when their lot in life becomes better. Thus, the "pulling down" spree starts.

Can't they not just let those who become better in life be a living example for them to make their life better, too? Well, some living stupid people are characteristic of, like what I said, crabs! And crabs are crabs! I want to devour their negative energy but don't taste yummy, anyway!

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