Tuesday, June 09, 2009

An afternoon in the office...

I didn't expect that I will be so moved by the next thing that would happen in the office that day. As I have said in my earlier post, "A day in the office", I wished that an afternoon in the office would be far better as I have prayed for it. Maybe yes? and maybe, No!

We had a staff meeting, a continuation of our first staff meeting a couple of weeks back. Delineation of work. Filling up of performance targets on a weekly basis. I did not follow the instruction set by my immediate superior, instead I prepared a target which will last till the end of the month for reason that I was given a special assignment; to assist the legislators in crafting three different codes assigned to them, respectively and which should be adopted before the month ends.

I was tasked to provide the needed technical assistance, encode the proposed drafts and for sure, make a final copy of the approved codes. What a task! Never mind, it happens once in a while, anyway! But honestly, I was challenged to the max. The sad part of it? I told my officemates that the work given me is not well compensated. Hmm...it's not significant to them, though. 

Now, the best part of that afternoon after the staff meeting? Food! We were treated to a heavy snack. But my wish? To eat ice cream, much ice cream and eat like a child. But it didn't happen. However, I insinuated that comes next staff meeting, we will eat ice cream. Yummy!!!

Photo: from flickr.com


  1. ice cream in the meeting? would be great :D will suggest that to my boss :P

  2. yes lena, ice cream in a meeting is great!