Tuesday, June 09, 2009

My Son's Dilemma

My youngest son is now a third year high school and is taking up a major in Drafting. He posted a bulletin in Friendster and I feel how he felt about his major. I was also flabbergasted how he expected his major to be so difficult. Now, he must have been in a frenzy thinking why he majored in Drafting. I find it interesting to share his bulletin to my followers, hence this post. His bulletin contains the following, written in Tagalog, but I have to translate it in English for my English readers.

di ko inexpect na ganito kahirap......... (I didn’t expect it to be this hard)

ay....inexpect ko na pala......matagal na.......jejeje (oh, yeah, I expected it to be this hard already, a long time ago, he he he)

oh bakit ang hirap hirap ng pinili kong major.......bakit ang hirap ng drafting....... (oh why have I chosen such a very, very difficult major, why is drafting so hard?)

>una....orthograpric drawing (first, orthographic drawing)

>pangalawa.....gagawa kami ng charcoal drawing ng isang teacher sa skul at portrait namin mismo (second, we’ll make a charcoal drawing of a teacher in our school and a portrait of ourselves)

>pangatlo.....pictorial drawing (third, pictorial drawing)

>pang-apat......perspective drawing (fourth, perspective drawing)

>pang-lima......kung anu-ano pang drawing na hindi mo pa kailan man narinig sa buong buhay mo (fifth, and anything else, any drawing you’ve not heard of even before and maybe in your entire life)

>at pang-anim......ang pinakamasaklap sa lahat, gagawa kami ng working drawing, in other words, plano ng furniture (and sixth, and the saddest thing of all, we’ll gonna make a working drawing, in other words, a drawing plan of a furniture)


PS. Third year lang yan ha..... (PS, that’s just in the 3rd year ha)

mas masaklap pa pagdating ko ng fourth year........ (and surely it’s even more bloody dreadful comes fourth year)


ANG HERAP..... (It’s so hard…)

TULONG.... (H E L P !!!)

See? He needs HELP……….


  1. had smiles while reading :D
    He will be fine, if he has taken it up, he will succeed in completing it, i am sure. he only got to believe in himself :)

  2. yes, like what you believe, i,too believe that he can do it...