Tuesday, June 09, 2009

One day in our office . . .

I arrived in the office this morning at 7:55 AM, the logbook was about to be closed for the 8:00AM closing time. 
Finalizing approved resolutions and ordinances was the first thing in my work for the day. I felt dizzy coz I have to fill in data and other references. I wished it was complete before it landed on my table so that it will be easier for me to make the final copy, but it was not. From the looks of it, I will have to research the needed data. Fine!
It's irritating to hear somebody and the same person who constantly makes phone calls to almost anyone he knows in the directory and in his personal directory. And they're not business calls but personal huh! Killing time maybe until off hours. Great way of spending government funds for personal gratification.  
I reminded my officemates I will seminar them on effective records management anytime this week. All were receptive to the idea, but rebuttals followed a little later as to who will be the over-all in charge of the records in our office. Is that a big deal? Whew. . . 
Before I went home for lunch break, I reminded one of my officemate to keep safe as she will be left alone in the office. We both laughed. She reminded me she has had her shots of vaccines for python venom, only she and I can understand what's all about the vaccine.  
That's what happened for about four hours in our office. This afternoon, more are in store for me and everyone. Wish the rest of the day will go better as I have prayed for. (well folks, am not yet back to active blogging, not now, maybe later. . .)

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