Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Fool's Paradise

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I became passionate with baking
Which of late I am enjoying
My kitchen is now my paradise
Am I fool?


Let there be bright light
In my small paradise
Delicious muffins!


Prompt: A Fool's Paradise by Leo

Also written for Haiku Heights
Prompt: Light by Vivienne Blake

P.S. Tomorrow will be my blog's 3rd anniversary. My blog which had been my paradise for three years now...I'd say a paradise....because once my pen starts to etch words, I feel like I am in paradise. I have three guests who will grace this memorable occasion of my blog and the first guest will be hosting my blog tomorrow. Dear folks, see you all tomorrow...:) Have a great Sunday to all!


  1. In that Fool's Paradise we can also eat all of those muffins and rolls and not gain an ounce or worry about the pounds as they add on.

  2. Delicious.. wow.. loved it Amity..Gr8

  3. Well done. I love the way you have written this poem on the prompt "a fool's paradise", thank you for sharing. 

    By the way congratulations with your third anniversary of your blog.

  4. Those rolls and muffins look tasty!
    Excited for your anniversary post tomorrow, Amity.

  5. What a delicous paradise and happy anniversary on your blog Amity!!

  6. Lovely kitchen delights!! Heavenly!!

  7. Not a fool at all- what a wonderful hobby to enjoy!!!  Happy Blogaversary!!!  Congratulations!!

  8. Bright lights and muffin galore. A good tuck-in combination1


  9. Oh this look delicious. I will be right over. Great Haiku


  10. Such a delicious hobby and poem! Congratulations on three years!

  11. Looks good! 

    Paradise it must be for those who got it served!