Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy 3rd and counting!

Hi Everyone;

My second guest is Miya...an old, old friend who is now living a blissfully married life. She's been my friend since I started blogging and until now. One fine day, she said she's bored, so I said, "let me cut that boredom, write a guest post in my blog's 3rd anniv", and she didn't fail me. A writer could easily pen words that come from the heart, and she did just that. 

Now Miya, tell us more about our friendship and about my blog! Thank you so much.... :) ~Amity

I've been invited here to do a guest post by my dear Blogger friend. Today her beautiful blog is completing 3 years of its online presence and so is our friendship. I came across her blog through our common friend Leo, who is so famous for his innovative poems. 

First, when I read her comment in one of my post, I noticed her name. "Amity" - meaning Friendship or Peaceful Harmony. I understood why she chose that name after reading through her posts & observing her interaction with fellow bloggers. She is an embodiment of "Amity" :)

I know "Amity" only through her words :) We've not met face to face or even heard each other's voices. Its all the power of words which has bonded us together as friends. From her words, articles, posts I understand that she is a great person to be with. A warm & social person who participates actively in every intellectual thing which is being hosted online like OSI, Haiku Heights, Thursday Tales, BAT, Wordless Wednesday and so on. 

Making people to understand our perspective, or making them understand the exact meaning of what we put forth is very very difficult. But 'Amity' has done that with ease. For 3 yrs her words have never been misinterpreted by any of us.  She has taken her readers along with her, in the journey called "blog" with her most beautiful dreams, figments of imaginations & words which made them a reality. She has painted this blog with her dreams so colorful which goes unnoticed and it also inspires many of us :) 

An online diary
With words so lovely
Weaved together wisely
Bringing a sunshine smiley 

Standing out ablaze
Spraying vibrant colors
Never cease to amaze
Wishing many wonders

And here I wish her to set big milestones in this blogging world through her beautiful words. I also pray to Almighty to give her needed strength and also keep our friendship blooming forever :)


  1. Amity has led us on a wonderful journey! Excellent tribute, Miya. You made up for the words I lacked.

  2. That is a beautiful guest post so truthfully said,Meow

  3. Thank you so much my dearest Miya...:) You made my blog anniversary very colorful with your beautiful guest post! I love every words you have penned!

  4. Good to see you having such good friends... you deserve them all and also all the accolades for being the kind of kind person you are.. I agree to everything Miya wrote except that one line perhaps needs editing........"She has painted this blog with her dreams so colorful which goes unnoticed"  I mean nothing goes unnoticed... people notice and therefore feel inspired...........

    And you know Amity why you miss out on my blog... am I no  in your list of fellow dreamers... I won't mind the honour....trust me.. keep writing.. and weaving magic...

  5. A word of Lycians to celebrate the third birthday, I wish you long and productive life to your blog, congratulations.

  6. A word of Lycians to celebrate the third birthday, I wish you long and productive life to your blog, congratulations.

  7. As we grow wiser in life we come across many acquaintances ,perhaps good acquaintances but very rarely good friends.So when we do - count the blessing and hold on to them.

    Congratulations for sustaining your blog and writing some really good content over the years.Here's to many more....

  8. Ramesh thanks :-) I forgot to edit only that line :-( read the post over and over but didn't notice this line! Perhaps unnoticed by me :-)

  9. Thanks so much Alex...and you made up for the needed support I need from fellow bloggers...:)

  10. Thanks so much Ramesh...:) Your support matters so much...and true, Miya is really a wonderful blog friend...:)

    I have added you now in my blog list!

  11. Thanks so much Leovi for the wonderful wishes...:)

  12. That's so very true Gyanbann...:)

    And thanks so much for your kind wishes! God bless