Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Delightful Blog

Mr. K. Parthasarathi is my next and last guest on my blog's anniversary. He is a veteran blogger who has charmed readers with his short stories in blogosphere.

I was very happy when he agreed to my request. He is a prolific writer. In fact I was impelled to try my hand in short story writing only after seeing his blog. His blog can be accessed in ~ Amity


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I felt honoured when Amity requested me to write a guest post for her blog "Dreams Are My Reality" on her completing three years of blogging. But I also wondered why she chose me over many distinguished blogger friends of hers who write poems in which form she excels and writes mostly. I can claim no such qualification as I write only short stories as a time pass and by no means a professional writer. Nevertheless having been a regular follower of her blog for almost three years I felt a guest post is but a small recompense for the immense joy I derived from reading her blog.

Let me at the outset heartily congratulate her for achieving a significant mile stone in blogging. But three years of blogging  by itself is  no significant accomplishment as even if one does not write, time would still fly and three years pass for any blog. But in the case of Amity, her   blog is distinguished for several reasons which I will detail below..

The three years has been marked by very active and uninterrupted blogging save for a few occasional short breaks for personal reasons. The regularity of her posts has always surprised me unlike many bloggers who write by fits and starts depending on their mood and time. Like many youngsters who are caught up in the treadmill of blogging, she too was drawn into it. Started presumably as a fun to while away the spare time, I suspect blogging for her  has initially been only for her enjoyment with no motivation to make a name or fame. A vast majority of bloggers succumb to their urge for self expression. Most of them may not grind out the best sellers or turn out to be great poets or vie for a place in the hall of literary fame. For most it is a platform from which they speak out to others.

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Amity too obviously found in it the medium for self expression of her latent and unexpressed thoughts. But what was started as a hobby soon became a passion for her. Exposed to other illustrious bloggers, she soon became a member of many renowned sites like Haiku Heights, One Single Impression, Acrostics and Blog-a-Ton and participated in   most of the prompts and competitions. These honed her skill over a period of time and transformed her as an accomplished poet. She has on display some golden awards.

Gifted with a good command over English language and a good imagination, she was able to bring out great pieces of poems each different from the other not only in the form but also in the imagery and content. She is versatile and adept in the various forms of poetry be they Sonnet, Free Verse, Haiku, Cinquain, Double Etheree or 3WW. Some of them are real nuggets of beauty. Even as one who has never written any poem, I was able to draw delight from the sentiments expressed in her poems. That is perhaps a testimony to her skill in this form of writing. I must admit here that some of her poems did not lend themselves to my easy understanding but as in art or music too much of dissection would extinguish the pleasure.

Not content with poems alone, she has tried her hand in writing short stories too  in her literary pursuits. Written in impeccable English, they are crisp and well narrated sometimes with a twist and more often with happy endings. I have always felt Amity has given short stories lesser importance than her talent  as a story writer would justify.

Another noteworthy feature is the excellent pictures she puts that are apt to the posts. Some of her photographs for the Sky Watch Friday are breathtaking and speak high of her skill with the lens.

A blog is a personal expression and varies from individual to individual aesthetically, according to their taste. The template of Dreams Are My Reality is very nice, attractive and soft on the eye without being loud and gaudy, well arranged with a reader-friendly slant. I always tend to judge the blogger from the nature and style of his/her template and am happy that the template  of her blog reflects well of her.

She has her regular followers but the traffic to the blog needs to increase for the high quality of its content . This in turn depends upon her visits to other blogs and the time she can spend on the net.

I take great pleasure in wishing Amity all success on this happy  occasion. May her blog grow in popularity and quality bringing great joy to her and her vast readers.

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  1. Congratulations Amity! You have great talent. KP is my mentor too.  All the best , Looking forward for more to come. 
    @KP thanks for being there. :) 

  2. Amity , your well deserved gift this - the beautiful guest post by Mr. Parthasarthy !!!! You are indeed lucky to have someone of his stautre and maturity blesssing  your endeavours....... Keep  writing..God bless!!!!!!!

  3. Yes, KP sir. This is so true. She's all you say and more.. very talented, and I think if she gets that urge to write more and even blog hop more again, she'll definitely get more exposure to other illustrious bloggers, and get her wonderful words more readers too. :) 

    Happy Blog Anniversary, Amity.

  4. That was really amazing.
    Now you'll never ask me to write anything ever again...

  5. Thanks KP for this wonderful guest post! I am amazed...:)

  6. Thanks so much Krupaa L...nice to hear Kp is ur mentor...:)

  7. Everybody is...especially those who are reading his stories...:) Thanks Ramesh!

  8. Thanks Leo...:) I could not promise I will be able to write regularly you know!

  9. Oh never say that Alex...:) I will ask you again why not!