Tuesday, December 06, 2011

That Nagging Truth

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My mind needs space
to relieve thoughts of biting

Hey fellow bloggers and followers…I am back for the second time around, for the Insecure Writer’s Support GroupBut really, those biting insecurities I have in mind do not leave me.

The nagging truth, you wish to know? There are many. I have too many irons in the fire. My work in office demand my full attention and involvement that at the end of the day I become jaded physically and mentally. I have the chores in the house that all home makers are burdened with. Yet another, of my own choice to make some extra money, is the baking I do against orders. Baking to my dismay I found is a zealous mistress that invites full attention and no diversion. Then there are the concerns of a mother with her three children away in another city and monitoring their well being on a daily basis. To cap them all, I am not endowed with a strong body and my health is fragile. These are the reasons I am unable to write as much as I wish to.

What am I gonna do? I am torn between leaving my blog totally and blog only when I have spare time.

I feel sad that as my blog gets older, the more I have become busier in life. Working Mom’s dilemma you know.

But at times I would like to attribute it to my sense of insecurities born out of imaginary fears. I seldom could overcome this. Well, whatever is that nagging truth, I will try my best to be visible when I can write and drop by everyone’s blog when I have the luxury of time. I am aware of the fact that no man’s life is free from problems.”Into each life some rain must fall”—but why open your umbrella while the sun is shining?” That is why I put aside my umbrella and writing these lines.

Truth is I missed you all my dear supportive bloggers. My absence makes me incomplete.

"Blogging was once and will always be sapid for me, whatever the cost!" 


Written for Haiku Heights
Prompt: SPACE

 Linked also to One Single Impression
Prompt: SAPID


  1. hi amity......miss u too dear.. i understand.. working mom is a busy woman.. keep focusing on ur work..

    be here when find time..

    WIth love

  2. Don't give up. Life runs in cycles. Sometimes, you are pulled in a direction, then that eases up. Set aside certain times of the week for blogging and reading. A little is better than nothing. Write on!

  3. Hi Amity ~~ Yes, we must set priorities, even us retired people.  You seem to have yours balanced. 

    Blogging can consume one especially because it is a two way deal.  We blog for readers yet we can't keep them unless we reciprocate with reading theirs and leaving comments with their blogs. 

    There are many bloggers who write, as my daughter calls it, like a mad blogger in the dark with no one reading what they write.  You seem to do good.  I used to think I had to post every day but I can't keep up that way with my other loves, including family.

    We Skype with one child who is now living abroad.  That helps with her and the grandkids in keeping on touch.

  4. It can be so hard finding the balance between writing and life. I feel for you. 

  5. Oh, Amity!
    It can be consuming, as I well know. Cut back if you need to, but don't abandon us completely.
    Maybe we can both find balance soon...

  6. It is a good ploy to make one post for three different  prompts.That way you have saved your precious time that is in short supply!!

    Blogging is a hobby or past time and comes lower in the order of duties.Your decision to blog once a while is very sensible one  indeed given your other preoccupations.
    Good luck,Amity.

  7. what cute Haiku, smiles.

    How is your day?Time flies, appreciated your handsome inputs to our poetry picnic.Share a poem today.Bless you.Happy December,Enjoy A Wonderful Wednesday Ahead.xoxox

  8. Oh dear.....you are juggling with so many things...and I can only imagine how hard it is....have gone through this...it's leaves u so exhausting ( but yeah...m single and m studying, so that makes ur load hundred times more than mine).....i like the way u say it..what's the need to bring an umbrella when the sun is shining bright:) way to go Amity.......:):) 
    coming by for the first time...and yes it's alright even if u are unable to spare time to come by at my space soon...
    wishing u a gorgeous December and a grand insecurities- free new year to you:)

  9. I can imagine Amity.  I myself havent written a word in past one month in spite of wanting it. And i am no mom yet my schedule is so erratic that there is hardly time left to give myself few moments of leisure with writing...

    Missed reading you and i can see i missed your anniversary too... Wishing many many years of writing to you and your blog darling...

  10. That's how it is... choose wisely.....add value... yet, if you can't write... just for a few minutes.. visit others... get that feeling of staying in touch... God bless...Amity..

  11. Hey Amity! Many bloggers reach a stage when they need to choose between blogging and their "real life" - you are not alone. 
    My advice would be to blog whenever you can or feel like. Don't feel pressured because life does come first. 

    I wish you all the success in the world and drop by whenever you find the time for it :D.

    Love and hugs

  12. hope all is well.
    Thanks for your support to poets rally in the past,hope to see you back some time.
    stay blessed, your talent rocks.Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.