Sunday, October 28, 2012


My own photo!

Politicians seem the friendliest
When elections are nearest
They always wear a smile
To conceal their cunning guile

To win the hearts of voters
They are quick with handshakes
They lift the children to peck their cheeks
And please the moms with such ease

They make all kinds of wild promises
To bring the moon and meet your needs
If only you vote to make them succeed
Only to be forgotten when they win

They unfailingly hold a grudge
Against those who don't oblige
And make for bitter enemies
To innocent people like me!

When will politicians ever learn? 
That with humility and service they can earn
The goodwill of voters and people they need
But they need some traits to stand them in good stead.

Let me say my piece:

“Amity is virtue…
Amity is the best policy…
Amity is the magic word…
Amity is the key to success…”


Written for One Single Impression
Prompt: AMITY

Also for Haiku Heights
Prompt: WITCH


  1. Honor and integrity - lost now.

  2. Amity..! Amity..! Amity..! you rock! such a nice take..hw tactfully n b'fully you depict the real picture..great seriously..loed it!:)

  3. What a strong and beautiful ending. Politicians do need a great deal of amity and humility to lead. Sadly, many of them lack these attributes. From Write Girl : )

  4. truer words were never spoken!!
    Love Di ♥

  5. Hey Amity! Doing some sort of catharsis, eh? I understand perfectly what you say about politicians; but let me tell you that even the good ones cannot please everybody no matter how great a work they may be doing. I agree with you, though, when you say that politicians should never forget whom they work for and who put them there. I hope you are well, my darling :D. Cheers

  6. Thank you my dearest Madhu! Missed yah! :-)

  7. Yup! That Boom ending is just showing the funny side of me :D

  8. and truer words concealed in more subtle manner :( Missed you Di! :-)

  9. Hi Max...I am fine...just brooding on some disappointments you know, but I am coping worries dear!

  10. I so know that feeling so well...
    and you described amity perfectly amity...

    I am finally back to blogging. All the work was taking a toll on the writing part...

    Missed you amity... :) :)