Friday, November 27, 2009

I Met Amity Through the Internet

I have known Amity through the Writer's Lounge. She related to one of my posts about some issue at the lounge and since then we have been good friends.

She is very talented writer and is going to be famous one of these days.
If that is the standard for ‘amateur’, I have to call myself ‘insincere’.

I love 21st century
I love all the inventions
Internet is very special to me
It has made me visit gifted minds
At Philippines, US or India
My mind migrates anywhere
Where ever my friends belong.
I found Amity on internet
Our friendship is strong!

amity internet friend

She is sweet and nice
What a delight!
When hearts and minds meet
Its magic
Without internet
Life would be tragic

amity internet

She can be quite goofy at times
She knows no html
Writing is her skill
Not knowing her would be a crime!
Keep writing my sweet friend
Till we meet in real life!

Submitted to One Single Impression Prompt- Migration

Photo courtesy - Picture 1 - Codiceinternet at Flickr
Picture 2 - Unlisted Sightings


Thursday, November 26, 2009


Such a fool
Trying to be cool
A monster in disguise
Lurking like flies.
Keep off any victim!
Evil thoughts you have
Resists with fervor!

Written for Amias' Acrostic Only

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Softly he whispered
"Ebony I terribly missed you"
Dizzily she acknowledged him
Until they both gave in
Comfortably embracing and kissing
Till they can no longer stop
In satiating their desires
Out from their yearnings
Now comes their fulfillment. 

Written for Amias' Acrostic Only

Photo Courtesy

Monday, November 23, 2009

Amity Her ;) ... Leo's Letters

Amity has been the follower of my blogs for quite some time now but I’ve become her friend in blogsville only a month or so back. I haven’t written many guest posts in blogsville and was quite delighted when she asked me to write for her one year in blogging celebration. I’ve had some other work in between that has made this little guest post possible only at this last minute. So, in case it hasn’t turned out according to your expectations, Amity, please forgive me.

Amity’s blog is called Dreams Are My Reality and it is quite intriguing in itself. Since she herself says that her dreams are her reality, I’ll go directly to her reality and talk about her. Anyone reading her blog would know that she has a talent for a certain form of poetry called Acrostics. She keeps them short and sweet, puts some effort into them too. Her poetic talent however is like an ocean. It has an endless supply and capacity and she churns them out quite regularly (nowadays, it is lessened due to another addiction of hers). She is one of the sweetest friends I have. She has a nice online voice, very kind understanding and helpful (esp. with farming advice). I’ve challenged her to write a thousand acrostics and she has accepted it with delight.

This Filipino woman is one of my few international blog friends too. She speaks to me about her country at times and has told me of some Filipino art like Vigan pottery. A passionate friend, caring mother and enthusiastic worker she is. She chooses photos for her works with care, and each word she writes adds beauty to that photograph. I’ve had the pleasure of assisting her with the template too when my Preeti di was busy to come online and fix it for her. As Maddy said in the first guest post, she came in to blogsville and stole many hearts, and won some deserved awards and badges with her poetry. Anyone wanting to read her non poetic works please do read her novelette under “fiction” label. It is a very good story series that she has written so far.

A friend so true
I found in you
You maybe far
But you are a star

Your every word
Delight to read
You help me too
When I’m in need

Acrostic ace
One of very few
Taking to forms
Be it old or new

Honest in heart
You make us smile
Be like that
All the while

Thanks for giving me this chance to write for your wonderful blog Amity.

Your fan,

From Madhu....

First of all, would like to thank you, for giving me such opportunity to be a part of your celebration. It's a great pleasure for me. My Heartiest Congratulations to you...

Amity Me is one of my lovable blogger pal.Our friendship grew with a very short span of time, and it's really a matter of delight to know her as a writer.She's a lady of immense talent, a unique gloss can be felt in each of her write ups. Her masterpieces are being enjoyed by all. She has been a true source of inspiration for me, A friend I see in her, who'll always be going to stand by me throughout my blog-journey.

Thank you so much for your kind affection and warmth, you always bestow upon me. I owe a high esteem in you...Wish you loads of joys and success, May you achieve many more such milestones and we'll always be joining in your celebrations...As your blog says- 'Dreams are My Reality', so I just wish you may be able to achieve all your dreams... God Bless you..!!!

gem,I found,
Motivating with Insight Profound,
Instinct of Innovative
Thoughts,with Creative

Mushy at heart,with
Effervescence temperament..!!!

Thanks and regards,


A guest post from Maddy. 

It’s My First Year Bloggerversary

Hey folks, friends, mentors and fellow blogging buddies, today is my first year here in bloggerville! Isn’t that great?

It was really a metamorphosis, from the simple, naïve writer to the now more polished and sensible one.

It was my classmate in high school, Sir Gie (his pen name) who introduced me to blogging exactly a year ago today for the purpose of earning money through AdSense. But a couple of months back, I disabled that Adsense because I am more convinced now that I am here to share my talent and not to earn a dollar or two. In fact, through blogging, I am more or less $10 richer now…J but have not claimed the money yet…L

And two of my blogging-buddy-friends, Maddy and Leo, will have a guest post in celebration of this milestone in my blogging life…J
I will be posting their guest post today.

But too bad…L as I was about to log in, came power breakdown…But anyways, am doing a draft and post this as soon as power will be restored.

Thank you so much to everyone who became my inspiration and mentor over here. Much to my desire to mention all of you here now, am afraid I can’t make a perfect roll call, so, here….to all of you my dear mentors, buddies, friends and followers alike, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I promise to make good use of my craft…J
Have a nice day and God bless us all!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Creative Metamorphosis

From a sheltered moth
Grew into an ugly worm
And metamorphosed
Came a beautiful butterfly.

From a minute egg
Fertilized by a sperm
A fetus developed
Came out a cuddly baby.

From a small seed
Planted into earth
Watered by nature
Came a beautiful flower.

From fragile eggs
Hatched by a mother hen
After several days
Came out healthy chicks.

From a dirty mud
Gathered with bare hands
Shaped by artistic mind
Came a beautiful vase.

From a farmer's hand
Who plowed day in, day out
And worked with sweat and blood
Came a beautiful farm.

From a loving mother
Who taught her kids good deeds
Manners and values
Came responsible citizens.

From a writer's thoughts
Ideas, dreams and emotions
Woven into poetic words
Came her masterpiece.

Written for One Single Impression prompt
Photos courtesy of


Dare to be sassy
Reminding of a dear
Elvis Presley who wore
So many attires
Sequined, shiny, colorful
Equally tight fitting and
Downright attractive

To promote his signature dresses
Of which are worth for auction

Knocking you out of proportion
Into a popularity that you
Longingly wish to have which
Likely dominates your appearance.

Written for Amias' Acrostic Only

Friday, November 20, 2009

A Child's Wish

Wish I can be a child
Child full of innocence
Innocence from life's harsh realities
Realities I wouldn't understand
Understand when I will be old
Old enough to have worries and cares
Worries and cares for survival
Survival of the fittest
Fittest is the name of the game
Game is this life we play
Play in a stage called world
World where human species live.


To share a bounty
Here with family and friends
And thank God with
Numerous blessings He
Keeps on bestowing us
Saying a pray'r,
Giving adoration and
Into confession
Various sins committed
In such a way
No guilt hinders but then
Graciously everyone enjoys.

Written for Amias' Acrostic Only
Photo Courtesy

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Farmville Crazy

A game at Facebook
Everyone seems hooked
The higher the level
The better, the merrier

You can plant what you want
Decorate and you flaunt
For that is the beauty
Of farming some fun duty

The more artistic you think
The more you work in sync
The more industrious you work
The more amazed are fellow folks.

P.S. Accompanying photo is from a friend's farmville farm.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Midnight Writer

When the clock
Strikes twelve
And everybody
Has retired to bed
She will get up
Get a paper and pen
And start to scribble
Beautiful lines that
Will last forever.

Comes the break of dawn
She will take the machine she owns
And start to tap its keyboard
To give life to the beautiful lines
She has formed
So that others can read her masterpiece
And followers she can't afford to miss. 

That’s the life of a midnight writer
Come hell or high waters
She will breathe life to
Her thoughts one way or the other
For that will really give her
Fulfillment as a writer
Even when a stalker
Is eyeing at her.

P.S. This post of mine has been published at The Writer's Lounge, but because I want to make a complete archive of all the poems I've written, here I am posting it now here.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Innocent Kiss

Wish I could be a child again so 
I can give that kiss to someone I dearly love
A kiss full of endearment, full of innocence
A kiss I will forever remember!

Photos from and google images.

Monday, November 16, 2009


Deliberate attempt
Of destroying
Nor vandalizing
The properties

Especially of
Vital importance
Equally significant
Notably owned

Totally private
Has punishment
I firmly believe
Nobody can escape.
Keeping one

Aware from
Bitter consequences,
One's face be
Ultimately saved from
Thorough punishment.

Instill in
The mind!

Written for Amias' Acrostic Only
Photo Courtesy

Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Beloved Reincarnated

One misty, beautiful morning
While the sun is busy rising in the horizon
I walked through a lovely and colorful garden
Full of flowers and butterflies galore
I smelled each flower that caught my fancy
And tried to touch the butterflies around me
But there's one butterfly that seemed to stand out in the crowd
And tried to flip its wings, making circles around
Then I suddenly heard a beautiful voice
Such a familiar, caring and tender voice
He seemed to whisper some familiar words
While I intently listened and tried to decipher
What the voice wanted to impart to me
Then the voice suddenly whispered and lovingly said.....

"I'll forever love you Amity,
That has been my pledge,
I've promised to behold such a wonderful vow
And here I am now to remind you of that
For I am your beloved who lived in the past 
Reincarnated through this butterfly you adore
And just to be with you now 
Though I belong
To a different world".

Written for One Single Impression prompt

Friday, November 13, 2009

Awesome Blogger...Me???

This is award from Dev....thanks Dev...:-)  :-)  :-)  his signature smile..:-)

Do I deserve this? Tell me buddies...:) But Dev said, he's given me this because of my "great creative posts"...:) hmmm, isn't that great?

Now let me tell you seven things about me. That's the rule eh...:) After claiming the award, have to tell seven things you do not know about me...:) Sounds quite difficult, err...might get wasted here!

But the rules first before knowing some of my secrets...:)

1. Thank whoever gave this to you

2. Copy award

3. Post it in your blog

4. Tell us 7 things that your readers don’t know

5. Link 7 new bloggers

6. Notify winners of the award with a comment on their blog

7. Most of all - Keep being awesome!

And now some or seven to be exact, of the secret things about me? Oh No! Should not be doing these guys, but I have to abide by the rules, coz I cherish this award, too...:-)

1. I vomit at the sight of rats, even the tiniest of this creature. I even feel queasy, languid and seems my innards want to get out of me, i dunno why! Sucks!!! Poor me!

2. I have this obsessive-compulsive behavior. I always wash my hands with alcohol. I smell fork and spoon, plates, glasses, cups, before using them. I hate this feeling but in not doing so, I don't feel at ease, I don't feel  like eating if i don't smell them first. It's embarrassing in public, but can't help myself.

3. I love nature so much. It gives me that wonderful and satisfied feelings when I am on a nature trip. It relaxes me too and gives me a recharged feelings after the trip.

4. I enjoy drinking tea. I love the taste of it especially when a tablespoon of creamer is added into a cup of it. I am a tea-addict....anyone who can give me boxes of it? Thanks in advance. Nope! Just kidding!

5. I love the color blue, my favorite. The paint of my bedroom is blue, my closets are painted blue, my sheets are blue, Oh, I just love the color blue! And of course, my space here is blue, made by Preetilata and she customized it according to my color preference. Of course, she asked me about it before doing so. And Leo lend a helping hand when the overall background went awry. 

6.  I am an ice cream and chocolates lover...:) a sweet tooth so they say! Especially that Double Dutch from Selecta.

  ....and last but not least, so it is, though I still want to share you so more things about me, is that....

7. I can play the guitar but not like a pro. I passed that interest to my son. He now is far better than I am. I was his mentor, though, proud Mom-mentor. Taught him the basics, like keys of A, B, C. D. E, F, G; Ab, Bb, C#, Am, Bm, Dm, Fm, Gm, etc..., etc...:)

And so on...but seven things are only needed....:)

I pass this award to seven fellow blogging buddies,  only? I want more but the rule says seven only, and I am 
bound by the rules or else Dev will confiscate my award.

Here they are:

Maddy/Mads/Maddhu.....for such a loving buddy and for her awesome posts!
Leo.....the Pro Poet to me, because his works can compare with Shakespeare's, Oh he hates me for saying
           that....! Peace!!!
Pramoda....a very good friend and for the morals one gets from almost all her posts! fellow WL Writer, she's as brilliant as the others and for inviting me to celebrate Diwali with her
             next year!
Princess Nuchu....for considering me as her blogging-buddy-Mom!
Hemu...I simply love his posts and he is starting to be a great acrostic writer! Have you found your way to
            AO now?
HaRy....Oh, he's always there givin' some fun even in commenting on my posts, a rib tickler he is!

CONGRATULATIONS....pass on the badge!!!


Caution! don't you attempt
Of stealing my works
Plagiarism is a crime
You would be punished by
Rightful authorities once
Immediately proven
Great or small it may be
Halting your happiness
Taking you to prison
Serving what you deserve.

Written for Amias' Acrostic Only
Photo Courtesy

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Interview with the Vampire

Hey folks, I was about to forgo with this interview which I have started last Monday because there were unexplained occurrences that happened. I was doing this interview for submission at Sunday Scribblings and just for the fun of it.

This idea came into mind not because I saw the movie but because the prompt was Interview. I am no horror flick fan. My kids do. I have not seen the movie either. But then I thought it was just for fun. I am no vampire either. If I am, I will suck all the blood I could have over here at bloggerville...he he he....:)

No offense meant buddies, if I have to quote your name here, am doing it just for fun...:)

The interview went this way:

AMITY: "Vampire, why do you have to make some glitches over our first interview Monday night? I am supposed to finish this and post it that same night. But look, what have you done? Good, Shraddha told me that there's no conversation that appeared between us and that you put me in a bad light over my readers. I hate what you did. Just keep your mouth off Shraddha. She's a doctor, she will give you what you deserve".

VAMPIRE. "Well, you were not concentrating on the interview then Amity, you shuttle from Farmville to Cafe World then to me and then to Island Paradise and that made me feel sooooo..... dizzy I could hardly follow you".

AMITY: "Enough of that! Now this time, I am 100% with you now. So why do you want this interview then? Anything significant?"

VAMPIRE: "While going through your space, I found out you've got so many friends over here and they are really very palatable......yummmy.....the beautiful, the intelligent, the brainy, I can name them, you have them."

AMITY: "You mean Meow, Yellow Tulip,  Maddy, Prams, Preety, Lena and Priya?"

VAMPIRE: "That's right Amity, That's what I like in you, you really tell me the truth".

AMITY: "Get away from them, I'd sprinkle salt and vinegar over  you if you ever lay your fangs on them. I have my Bible and crucifix here beside me, just hidden under my pillow".

VAMPIRE: "Okay, okay, fine! Then could you give me as a bonus some handsome guys over there? I have been fancying them for quite a time now. First on my list is Leo, then Dev, Hary, and.....some i can't identify, they're hiding under some pseudonym eh"!

AMITY: "Don't you like KP or Carlos or Jim?"

VAMPIRE: "Nah! Their blood don't taste delicious anymore".

AMITY: "How about Amias, sure Amias can get the hell out of you here".

VAMPIRE: "Oh no! Am so afraid of her mask, seems laced with some metals, we vampires are afraid of".

AMITY: "Well, I have nothing to give you now. I find you very choosy".

VAMPIRE: "How about Princess Nuchu? I also have that wild fancy over royal bloods eh"....

AMITY: "No, I won't ever give her to you, she calls me Mom and I call her my daughter, I will be your best enemy if you will ever touch her".

VAMPIRE: "Okay, okay I respect your wishes Amity. It seems there's nothing I can gain with this interview. I am so hungry now, I am getting older because all I could suck now are bloods from those whose been way past their retirement, and I will never tell their names now or else you will shower me with vinegar and garlic".

AMITY: "Okay, so next time, don't ever attempt to come over here at bloggerville, they will have fun talking about you and they may make you a sensational victim. Go to pubs and disco houses, lots of young people are there, wild and really young. You can have your giant share of the crowd there."

VAMPIRE: "Thanks Amity for accommodating me here, and sorry about last Monday night. I just can't bear to be ignored here because I am really itching to have a taste of your friends' bloods. I love to suck blood of brainy people you know!"

AMITY: " I forgive you but please no vampire interview again. I hate it, makes me sick of the idea."

Then the vampire left me and I was speechless after that interlude with him.

Written for Sunday Scribblings

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lovely Time

November monarch
filling up for the flight
winter trip.
                                                                                             -Carlos Gesmundo

Submitted for Wordless Wednesday
Image Courtesy