Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Kuya is the Tagalog term for big brother.

In real life, i don't have a kuya, meaning i don't have a kuya by blood relations. But i am proud to say that i found a real kuya in somebody else's.

If I were to choose a song that I can relate to how I met my kuya, it would be that song popularized by Gary Valenciano and Kitchie Nadal entitled: How Did You Know.

The first stanza goes this way: "I remember so well, the day that you came into my life. You asked for my name, you had the most beautiful smile. My life started to change, I'd wake up each day, feeling alright. x x x"

To me, my kuya is an epitome of virtue. That's why i became so close to him. But he's an absentee kuya. He comes to our place once in a while as he is so preoccupied with a very exciting new career.

If that song i have for kuya could be played on and on, i wouldn't tire listening to it because it says it all.

To you kuya, i adore you. What else, the last line of the song lyrics says it best, what with its breathless rendition done by Gary V.

May your tribe increase, kuya!