Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Blog's Not Gonna Go Empty!

Hey guys, bloggers and friends!

I am not gonna allow my blog to survive empty-handed!:P Though my mind these past fews days seem empty, as in *empty*....(but yeah, I am enjoying my time with my family) I would try to make my blog alive by posting and sharing some awards I got from Weasel of Weasel's Fiction and pass them onto some of my few friends over here at blogville!

But before sharing and passing the awards, let me thank you Weasel! It is indeed an honor to have me included in your list of recipients! :) And what more, the awards are so beautiful and whewww....I kinda feel not so deserving, as in, "am I one of the Most Creative Blogger?" Tell me! "Am I an Elegant Blogger?" Wow...Feels like heaven! And yeah, I am gonna share the Torch Bearer for Poets Award to some good-friends-poets here at blogworld that I have met at One Single Impression! :)

Now I pass the following awards to:

The Most Creative Blogger for the following blogpals of mine:

Most Elegant Blogger Award - I give to:

Torch Bearer for Poets Award for the following poets:

As such and just to be visible to my friends at blogville, I wanna share a resurrection sans emptiness haiku! :)

Absence makes the heart 
grow fonder, emptiness gone
blog's resurrection

Written for:
Prompt: Empty

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Prompt: Resurrection


P.S. I will try my best to be around guys, hopefully! :))

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Miss You All Buddies! :)

My thoughts seem adamantly elusive
My mind in a state of vacuum
I did not intend to abstain
From writing or blogging, my passion
I am only on a short vacation
Long overdue and deeply yearned for
To be exclusively with my immediate family
And spend quality time,  in fun and joy
With my dear hubby and loving kids

Oh, sweet angel, will that halo of yours
And the sweet smile I see ever in you
Bring the wondrous  magic of yours
In my choice of right and apt words
To share with my beloved readers….

My prayer, to you my dear muse
Don’t you ever play any tricky ruse
I need you constantly for my use
As I cannot afford to miss and  lose
My steady  friends at blog world
Right now I need just one post
To keep  my readers ever in my fold!


To all my buddies and friends at blogworld: I am sad I can't visit your blog as usual as I am on a vacation (R & R) with my family. Hope to be back soon...:) Ciao... ! :)

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Prompts: abstain, halo, prayer

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Festive atmosphere
pensive mood with anxious thoughts
rebellious tummy


P.S. My mind is proposing to have this linked at LOL, but sounds not so funny da! Whew....we'll there really a haiku written to make others laugh? Maybe this one, I would be first! Lols! :P

Written for 
Prompt: Pensive

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Prompt: Festival

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Inner struggles
quiet and solitude helps
nature understands


Notes on the photo: I requested my daughter to pose for the photo and she willingly obliged. Taken at sunset near our home.

Written for:
Prompt: Struggle

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Virtue has a Veil

Adrian and Missy seemed a picture of a lovely couple. Perfect, handsome and beautiful, they were. She had not dated him for long and never knew him much. She was very rich and he from a middle class background. He pressed her for early marriage. Taken in by his good looks and charm, she convinced her parents to agree though she did not know his true person and worth. Her mom wanted to see her happy and loved. 

When Missy said, “he is a wonderful person Mom,” her mom was skeptical though she could not readily pinpoint any reason. Some how she felt his intentions were after her money and unsure whether he would be loving and kind to her.

After the marriage when they started living together she tried to adjust to him. In a few months she felt she had made a mistake. Except for sex and his propensity to dip his hand into her money, he had no interest in her. He was mostly away and returned home drunk. 

She soon found he was a psychopath and sadist. He was very loving one moment when he needed her and the next moment he looked like a sneering devil ready to devour a victim. He often hurt her slapping and pushing her if his slightest whims was not met. Missy suffered a lot from his cruel hands and the bruises he inflicted on her. But she did not divulge to her parents, ashamed that she ignored their advice.

One day when Adrian came home fully drunk after losing his money in gambling and made a demand on her by physically imposing on her, she got angry.

 “Adrian, I am so confused with you, what’s the matter with you? I am so frightened when you start bawling at me like I am not your wife! Don’t you know to be gentle and care for other’s sentiments? How can you behave like an animal?” Missy spoke to Adrian in frustration and anger.

“Don’t think you are the only one I am dependent on. I have dozens willing to bestow favor. Give me ten thousand pesos immediately. I would not stay for a moment longer to see your scowling face,” he shouted.

Missy was shocked. She said in anger “I had all along thought you were only short in temper but I know now you are weak in character too. Get….lost!!! You will not get one peso out of me!”

In a sudden movement he took a pen knife from his pocket and slashed her cheek a couple of times telling, “This will teach you a lesson. Don’t be proud you are beautiful. You will no longer be so with those gashes.” Then he ran away like a coward when she screamed and did not return thereafter.

It took two months for the wound to heal but had left an indelible scar on her face and heart. She went out covering her face partially with her scarf. She could not avoid meeting her parents when they called her for their wedding anniversary celebration with her usual excuses that she was busy. She knew that her mom would find out the real reason for her avoiding her.

When she entered the living room after her dad opened the door, her mom came running from the living room to greet her. Narrowing her eyebrows while looking at her daughter with her strange scarf, pale, shrunk with her eyes avoiding her, she asked “Missy, my baby, what has happened to you? What is this new addition of a shawl around your face? Tell me what is wrong?”

As Missy’s mom came near her, the old lady pulled the scarf to see the incalculable and cruel damage done to her daughter. Missy could suppress her sorrows no more as she flung herself into her mom's shoulders and amidst sobs narrated what had transpired. The veil of secrecy was torn open in a moment and with it the weight of her burden lifted.

Her mom said to her husband, “Go with Missy and bring all her personal belongings here. She will not go there anymore. Let us ask our lawyer to make a case for divorce on grounds of cruelty. I never liked that rascal with his shifty eyes from day one. Missy, I hope I have your approval for the steps I have detailed. In due course you can find a good man of your choice. Forget this as a bad dream.”

Missy hugged her mom tightly to signify her approval.

“Hope is nature's veil for hiding truth's nakedness.”


Written for:

Tale No. 20

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Glorious Beginning, Mad End

from clay
God fashioned man
into a beautiful masterpiece
breathing life with a soul and intellect
the greatest creation and highest in evolution
capable of standing tall to achieve the purpose of life
Our loving God laid simple ethical rules to guide the man
To make him His own image to be loving, wise and compassionate
Sadly man became a restless bundle of base sensations and feelings
always in lust, ready to procreate and to kill the child in mother’s womb
in his constant greed for more and more and passion to live life to the fullest
he chose to disregard the boundless love of God and His commandments
In sheer ungratefulness he violated every sensitive balance in nature
Destroying green forests and producing global warming gases
Turning arable lands to deserts depriving food to fellowmen
Killing innocent men in mindless wars and mad violence
Wanting to control new areas of natural resources
man is marching inexorably to his final doom
moving away from God and His Kindness
surely earth would soon be destroyed
bringing death in its wake, man
returning to dust whence he
came. A very good start
yet with a sad end


Written for:

Prompt: Beginning

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Roadside Romeos

 Marchela passed by a few teenage guys as she approached the bus stop. She was wondering why her car driver was not waiting for her as usual. It was then she heard some boisterous laughter and taunting remarks. They were making jokes and fun of her by singing film songs with double meanings. She just came from school, her first time to go home alone by bus. She’s a much protected girl brought up in a sheltered manner. When she ignored their provocation, the voices became louder and nearer. She was not unaccustomed to unwelcome attention because of her beauty. But this was too much. She had heard from her classmates that these rich boys leveraged the powerful position of their dads to avoid any action against them.

She was crying when she arrived home. “Mom, why did not the driver pick me up at the school?” She asked her Mom amidst sobs.

“You should have waited dear, he was just a li’l bit late as the car would not start. He must be waiting for you there. Why what happened?”
 “Mom, the boys at the bus stand near my school taunted me. They were laughing, shouting and making lewd remarks with double meanings,” she continued between painful sobs.
 “Okay, allow me to remedy this situation and teach the boys a fitting lesson. Don’t be afraid. Give me just two days,” she assured her daughter.

Three days later her mom told the girl. “Look, the driver will be there today. Do not take the car. Come to the bus stand and let the rascals make fun of you. If the bus comes, don’t take it. Skip it and watch the fun and let’s take the winds out of their sails,” her Mom guaranteed her while she was left amused and excited of what’s in store for those scoundrels.  

As Marchela stood in the bus stand with a faint smile on her face, she saw three young women also standing beside her. The boys started their usual teasing making the young women also butt of their ridicule. In a sudden move the roadside Romeos were dealt with by some Karate moves. Little they knew the young women were from police in ordinary clothes till they removed the veil of their secret identity.

Eve-teasing is not just a school/college girl's problem. It is a rampant-all- pervasive social evil. Pushing the issue under carpet is no solution but should be dealt with accordingly. 


Written for:
Prompts: joke, leverage, remedy

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Scattering like little kids
Warily braving cold waters
In unusual gay abandon
Mocking at each other
Moving alert, in glee
In fringes of beach
Needing refreshed spirit that
Great morning sun offered

Note: The photos were taken during our Seminar in a beach resort. We had team building activities in the wee hours of the morning and one of the games was "fill the bucket", using anything we had on our body, so naturally, the guys removed shirts, while others who had towels in hand, like me, used them to get water from the sea and filled our respective buckets. We had four teams and our team won anyway....:) We had real fun, like kids... :) The pictures say all....:)

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(Prompt: Swimming)

Monday, August 09, 2010


Kids’ laughter echoes
Sky, sea, mute witnesses
Sun sets lazily 


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Prompt: Field

Photo was taken by me one lazy afternoon, after a tiresome day in office, to unwind in one of the beautiful beaches near our place....:-)

Sunday, August 08, 2010


When I grow up...

I wish to be a writer and poet
My thoughts, feelings and emotions
Are my instruments to create a masterpiece
And I will write from the heart

When I grow up...

I wish to be a sketch artist
My imagination crayons and canvas
Are my instruments to create a masterpiece
And I will draw from the heart

When I grow up...

I wish to be a painter
My illusions, brush and boards
Are my instruments to create a masterpiece
And I will paint from the heart

When I grow up...

I wish to be a sculptor
My hands, chisel and rock
Are my instruments to create a masterpiece
And I will carve from the heart

When I grow up...

I wish to be a pianist
My fingers, the notes and lyrics
Are my instruments to create a masterpiece
And I will play from the heart

When I grow up...

I wish to be a singer
My voice, imagination and flair
Are my instruments to create a masterpiece
And I will sing from the heart

I believe from the heart that...

Hard work, patience, inspiration
Imagination and creative juices
Are my other tools that come in handy
To craft a perfect masterpiece

I believe from the heart that...

Talent, interest and heart
The three in perfect unison
Helps me fashion a thing of beauty
And create immortal masterpieces

That would make me a connoisseur!


Written for One Single Impression 
(Prompt: Connoisseur)

Photo Courtesy

Saturday, August 07, 2010


This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 13; the thirteenth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

“I’m so sorry Mrs. Morales, but the series of tests conducted to your daughter show that Kathleen has serious heart disease with her left ventricle very weak and unable to pump properly. There is no way out except a heart transplant which is just prohibitive in cost and not feasible. I do not think she will live long. She must stop working and have absolute rest at home”, Dr. Fortun uttered, almost in a poignant whisper. “She may have been born with a weak heart, but this has manifested only at this late stage of her life,” the doctor further confirmed his findings.

Kathleen, a few months back, suddenly felt getting easily tired, suffered shortness of breath even after slight exertion in home or office. If she did strenuous work like chores at home for mom, she would start panting and trying hard to catch her breath as if she was drowning. She found it difficult to climb the stairs at the office to reach her desk on the 3rd floor as there was no facility of an elevator. She would need to rest for almost an hour in her desk before resuming work.

“You have changed quite a lot honey,” Fernan, her fiancé told her once, while taking a stroll in the beach. Of late, Fernan observed Kathleen to be very cold. She was no longer the bubbly woman Fernan had fallen in love with. She no longer wished to take the long walks in the beach as they often did earlier to watch the sunrise or sunset. “I think you no longer love me with the same intensity. I find you distant and cold. Do you have anyone else in view? You can be frank with me,” he asked.

 “Silly, do not assume wrong things. I am just feeling weak and I am not able to strain myself much,” she casually answered back, but her voice sounded feeble instead of the usual buoyant and loving tone.

That night when her mom indicated the seriousness of her condition and asked her to send her resignation letter, Kathleen became aware of her real condition and the dim prospects of her becoming normal again. She wondered at the wisdom of keeping the information from Fernan. But he was such a chivalrous and loving man he would not leave her at any cost. She decided to take the bull by the horns. She knew that her friend Sophia was very friendly with Fernan and the latter too liked her. It was only after Kathleen came into the picture that  Fernan gravitated to her.

 Kathleen’s next visit to the doctor confirmed her worst fears when the doctor was frank in his assessment of her condition. It was then Kathleen decided that she must move away from Fernan for his own benefit and not keep him with her for her comfort. When Fernan rang up, she asked her mom to tell him that she did not want talk to him and request him not to bother her anymore. Fernan would not take a no answer easily. He repeatedly rang up and even called at the house but he was not allowed to contact her. Fernan sent many sms messages imploring her to meet him just once and how much he loved her. She turned her heart to stone as she deleted the messages with tears in her eyes. Fernan was heartbroken when her office told him she no longer worked with them. It was then he turned to Sophia for solace. This is the denouement that Kathleen wished for.

A few days later, her condition became serious when she started to gasp for breath. She was rushed to the hospital. The doctors decided to put her on ventilator. It was then she called her mom and dictated a message for Fernan.

“Honey, you might think I was rude and insensitive to you. The fact is otherwise. My love for you is unbounded. I was not myself knowing the seriousness of my health till I came to know a couple of months back. I had not many days to live. If I had told you the truth you would not have left me. Sophia is a good girl and loves you. I know you also liked her. Forgive me, my dear, by the time this text message reaches you, I may not be there anymore. Do not take me amiss. I love you and wish you well. Goodbye. Kathleen…..


The fellow Blog-a-Tonics who took part in this Blog-a-Ton and links to their respective posts can be checked here. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

Also written for Thursday Tales (Tale No. 19)
Photo Courtesy: ProudOfBeingStrange

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Sunrise' Scorching Hues

I took this picture around 5 o' clock during our early morning Team Building activities as part of our two-day seminar on Building a Corps of Good Governance Champions. I was  amazed at the magical hues of the early morning sky. The sky looked bright and fiery though it was just the wee hours of the morning even when the sun was rising lazily  in the east. Science can explain such phenomenon why at times we see a bloody-red sky in the mornings. But ancient folks believed that a flaming-red sky would mean an inclement weather was around the corner with the  likelihood of a  typhoon. But thank God, nothing untoward happened like that. 

I used an old Sony Digicam to take this picture.There are many more shots taken which I will share in the coming weeks.

By the way, this is my first time at Skywatch Friday. I've known this place through Sandy Carlson's blog where she is a constant contributor in said blog.

Hope to meet fellow skywatchers there. And yes, I am starting to love photography! But I must confess, this is just an amateur's take....:)

(The pic was taken at Mascoop Beach Resort and Training Center, Sanchez Mira, Cagayan, Philippines)


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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Mara and Clara

They were best of friends since grade school. If Mara’s Mom would buy her a new printed, ruffled dress, Clara would insist her mom to buy an identical one.  They dressed themselves like twins and were always inseparable. They wore a similar multi-colored band on their right wrists. They’d wear the same color and style of shoes and wore ponytails on their hair. On Clara’s birthday celebrations, Mara would make the occasion a great fun and gaiety and Clara, too did not lag behind on Mara’s birthday. They went to the same pre-school, grade school, high school and even college.
They shared not only their packed lunches and snacks but also their secrets. If someone will bully Mara, you can be sure Clara would be around to protect her. They were each other’s refuge. When they were teeners, they were allowed to sleep in each other’s home often. It was a very sweet, loving and extraordinary friendship. They will spend nights together talking about their crushes in school and their escapades with boys of their liking.
“Mara and I will not be coming to school tomorrow….” uttered Clara to one of their classmates. “Why? But tomorrow is still a Friday, we will have a long exams in Trigonometry?” asked the classmate. “Oh, I will accompany Mara on an important mission,” answered Clara with a naughty smile on her lips. She did not confide it was a secret rendezvous of Mara with her boy friend and Mara had invited Clara to accompany her.

The following day the boy friend with Mara and Clara on a motorcycle sped his way to a resort. The boy was in high spirit about the trip and wished to be at the resort as early as possible. Clara goaded him to drive faster and faster. He was a good driver with control and so drove at high speed with speedometer hovering beyond 100mph. As ill luck would have it, a stray dog ran across the highway and the boy to avoid hitting the animal diverted and lost control. The vehicle collided head-on against a mixer that was coming in the opposite direction. The impact was so heavy that all the three passengers of the motorcycle were thrown out. They had no helmets. Mara died on the spot, the boy was critically injured on his head and one arm and leg wrenched asunder. He was bleeding profusely. Clara who was at the rear was seriously hurt and injured too.
The passers-by came to immediate help and the two were rushed to different hospitals. None of them knew what happened to the other. Clara was in the emergency room attended to by doctors. She had multiple fractures on both legs and hands and bruises all over. Several stitches were needed. She was however declared out of danger. Clara requested her mom who was beside her to text a message to Mara. Her mom readily agreed and texted the message she desired not knowing Mara‘s condition. "Dear Mara, I am seriously injured. If you are in a condition to come, please visit me at the hospital. I am eager to see you. I missed you. Love, Clara.”
When Clara’s mom went home, she heard from the radio that Mara was killed on the spot. She decided not to divulge till Clara became alright. The next morning when she went to the hospital, she saw Clara in a happy frame of mind.
“Mom, would you believe that Mara visited me last night itself though a bit late for visiting hours. She spoke to me for more than 15 minutes and comforted me with her good wishes,” said Clara in a feverish pitch.
“What crap are you talking? Mara is not in a position to visit you. I personally know that. Are you hallucinating or what?” said her mom in anxious tone.
“I am not under any hallucination. You never trust me on occasions. If you want proof of her visit, see the rubber band she took from her hand and put it on my wrist,” said Clara.
Her mom saw two rubber bands on Clara’s wrist and fainted immediately.
True friendship is forever- even beyond life.


Written for Thursday Tales (Tale No. 18)