Sunday, January 30, 2011

Evening Splendor

lead me out into the hush by skinandbone

Cold evening, hushed moon
Spreads splendor on earth
Silent nostalgia


Written for Haiku Heights
Prompt: Splendor

Prompt: Evening


Thursday, January 27, 2011


there goes my laptop by Nathan deGargoyle

My janky lappy
Makes me scooch to kid’s own
Conniption, it gave!


Written for Three Word Wednesday
Prompts: janky, scooch, conniption

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bashful Heart

I have a faint and sensitive heart
That could easily be touched or  hurt
Even with the simplest of words
That may seem to be a feather or sword

I have a faint and sensitive heart
That can be both hard and smart
Even with the kindest of words I do not relent
That are clothed to conceal the wicked  intent

I have a faint and sensitive heart
That can be kind but could be torn apart
Even with the unexpected turn of events
That would likely haunt and rend

I have a faint and sensitive heart
That could return you manifold
The love and bond that you  invest
For you in joy to behold

I have a faint and sensitive heart
That could bleed when you depart
Even when you need to go
That I may forgive you so.


Written for ABC Wednesday
B for Bashful Heart

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

His Downfall

Pretty Woman by Tony Fernández

A noble man he was, noted for integrity
He created a fair name and position
In politics that was wicked and dirty
And oft looked upon with much derision

He had on his side strong foundation
Of being a family man with good education
Endowed with a beautiful wife to boot
He had no intention to plunder and loot.

 What avail to his reputation is spouse's beauty
If her empty mind is proud and haughty
When she speaks and acts in nature detriment
To her husband's interests and betterment.

When people mistook her actions as his
The popularity curve soon plunged to abyss
Unknown to him she in every area meddled
Till his political future was totally befuddled.


Written for JINGLE'S Monday Poetry Potluck

Jingle Poetry

Monday, January 24, 2011


mint chocolate chip ice cream cake with sprinkles! - _MG_6238.embed by sean dreilinger

Sinful indulgences
Chocolates, ice creams and cakes
My guilty pleasures! 

Ice Cream Cake by portesi


Written for Haiku Heights
Prompt: Sin

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Posing as a decent and lovable guy
Luring her to believe in his decency
Revealing nothing but his honesty
He was truly a wicked personality
As evil as a hated devil could be.

He pushed her deep into a quagmire
Of ignominy and sheer hopelessness
In scuttling her escape he was ruthless
Ensuring her total dependence on him
And exploited to meet his every whim

Deeper, deeper driven into desperation
She steeled her mind into strong determination
To escape from his clutches her only aspiration
She resisted all his acts of abomination
With force only to face his cruel indignation

Little by little, she garnered the needed support
From a kind soul with whom she held rapport
Thanks to him, a brave new person she had become
Fearless, valiant and ready to face the outcome
When the promised help would soon come

For the wickedness he had employed
For debasing her with all his might
For the ruthless times he dealt with her
For the tacit moments of sheer shame
He would be made to own full blame

When rescue finally came from forces of law
The evil man could not escape from their steely claw
The menace needed a woman as tough as her
Who was not broken in spirit or shaken by fear
Till the culprit paid a price that was too dear

Thanks to her and her relentless stand
Many were saved from further disgrace
And the man despised by all for his depravity
Was taken to jail for being held in long captivity
And the quagmire was no more a cesspool.


Prompt: Quagmire

Saturday, January 22, 2011


She was like a blind man groping in the dark, trying to find the meaning of life, the reason of her existence, her mission in this world.

She was already in her middle years, but still, she couldn’t find the meaning of her existence. Life was routine spent on eating, sleeping and mundane activities. She admired Mother Theresa of Calcutta, India. Now she wished to follow in her footsteps, but how?

She wished to remove that abstract blindfold she had voluntarily worn for years. She felt unhappy with her life. She wanted to find the right direction to a fulfilling existence. 

To start anew, she felt learning the ABC like a child, counting 1,2, 3 by her fingers, trying to take bold steps like a nine month old baby who was  just starting to practice her motor skills.

And finally, in a twinkling of an eye, she knew what to do. She became aware of  what  she was missing in her life. And yes, she now  knew what can make her happy.

On a Sunday morning in church, she informed the Church Pastor of her keen desire to teach the  kids in Sunday school and if she still had enough time, to teach the adult ladies also in Sunday school. The pastor readily agreed praising her for her compassion and telling her that she was nearer the Lord than she ever was.

Now all of a sudden  her world looked bright and sunny. She promised herself that she will do what she had decided till her last days when God will come and take her to His bosom, in Heaven.

Happiness is not having a lot of money but it is in having compassion for the poor and needy. 


Written for Thursday Tales

Friday, January 21, 2011

Surreal Descent

The reflections of the shining moon
The twinkling of dazzling stars
The sound of nocturnal creatures
The nip in the cold wintry wind

The ascent to familiar haunt heavenly
The memorable bench in park was inviting
The feeling it gave was ever nostalgic
The sentiment without you was surreal

The descent was highly romantic
The thoughts of you making me ecstatic
The climb down was done in ease
The killing loneliness held temporarily in freeze!


Prompts: descent, kill, surreal


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Our Poor ISP!!!


Yes, our Internet Service Provider in our town is giving us a headache. And also our landline phone provider. No choice eh! For almost a year now, its services deteriorated for an unknown reason. This problem is the same in other places within the country and not just in our place.

What the hell is going on dear ISP? Your services sucks! Your services is not worth our money! We are always bound to pay diligently but what do we get? A buzzing phone, an on and off internet access which happens every five or less minutes? No dial tone most times of the day? An irritating dial tone if it happens there is a dial tone and the worst is, there is an internet signal, but mind is a fake signal :( Because we will never be able to connect to the net?

When will our sufferings end as your loyal customers? Do we really have any other choice? 

Pardon me but I have never written such a post like this, but now I am forced to do so coz I am so badly affected and not only me, I am speaking on behalf of the 100% subscribers in our place.

Please do something soon if you really want to provide the best service to your customers!!!

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Celestial Abundance

Celestial sky
Milky way a splendor
Divine abundance! 


Written for Haiku Heights
Prompt: Celestial

Prompt: Abundance

Precious Time...

Kringgggg……kringggggg………..the alarm on my bedside kept blaring. This morning, I felt like squeezing it in my hand and stopping it from waking me up. Unwilling to get out of bed, I still feel groggy, giddy, with my eyelids drooping. Wanting to catch up the  sleep  that I lost while I kept tossing and turning for so many nights now.

It is always an effort and a struggle to get out of bed to get ready. But today being  a Saturday, I had no intention to be anything but lazy. After all it is only 4:19 AM in my lappy time and is too early I can still snuggle inside the blanket that is warm and comfy.

Sadly I could not sleep anymore after getting up for an urgent necessity. Reminded of the  promise I made to update my space soonest, to several of my buddies. Wanting to write but my mind still seemed to be lazy and hazy. Thoughts and ideas, groping from the dark, make me go crazy…:(

My mind is burdened with so many pressing concerns of late….Whatever I do, however much I try to manage my time, to keep my schedule right, I find my time is short while things remain undone on my plate. Isn’t that the dilemma of every busy body? I contemplate.

Time is always in short supply even on simple and mundane matters. Like sleeping, having breakfast, getting ready for work leaving me in tatters. What shall I do for bonding with family, singing,  enjoying being with nature. Have you found any way for me to get out of this discomfiture?


Written for Thursday Tales

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Perfect Combination.... :)

I love the raindrops beat
That follows the sweltering heat
While in comfort I seat
In my warm bedroom window
Wafts  the sweet aroma
And the appealing aura
Of the  cup of hot tea
With lemon and honey
The feeling makes me comfy
In sync with the musical sea
That captures the raindrops
Also falling on my roof top!

Good morning buddies…it’s so cold today and is raining very hard, I
feel lazy getting out of bed, leaving the warm comfort it gives.

But listening to the musical raindrops on my roof and the friggin’
cold atmosphere, I would love to enjoy some truly hot cup of tea with
lemon and honey... ;)