Monday, May 31, 2010

A Promise

Patricia was a carefree young girl. She had got many friends in school. She was a teacher’s favorite as she excelled in her studies. Endowed with long black hair, an enchanting smile, fair skin, she was a beauty to behold. When God showered talents and beauty, it seemed untrue to His nature He turned partial as all went to Patricia. Her beauty and brains drew all the guys to her like treacle did to the flies. But she remained simple barrio lass, humble, and always true to herself.

She had great dreams, she wished to achieve. Though she always had fun walking home by foot, rain or shine, she also dreamt of becoming somebody someday, and drive her own car, give her parents a decent home and life after all the hardships they have undergone while sending her to school.
One day, she met a guy in school, one year her senior. Rich, tall, dusky and handsome. He befriended her, sent her flowers and chocolates as rich guys always do to a loved one. He had a car and more often than not, would drop her home despite her protests especially on rainy days when the road turned slushy and sometimes impassable .The car would get muddied but this did not deter Joshua from dropping her. He loved her a lot and was sure that this was the girl he wished to have as his lifetime partner. Aside from being so humble, she being so beautiful and intelligent, he was confident that his parents would stand by his choice. The fact that they were also from rags to riches background stood only to his advantage.
“Hey Joshua, wow…seems you’re hooked with a rags?” Beatrix said mockingly and within earshot of Patricia.
“Beatrix, will you stop being rude? Your being a spoilt brat doesn’t give you the right to belittle others, especially my dear Patricia,” Joshua shot back almost angrily.
“Aha, so this is the girl you were bragging about to me since last month? She is pretty no doubt, but her being dirt poor could not be hidden. Look at her, Yaaikks……Poverty is written all over.!  Clever of you Patricia, trying to hook a big fish by flaunting shamelessly your face and figure, ha?”
Patricia was almost in tears. She ran under a big tree, sat in a bench there and sobbed unable to contain her tears. Joshua followed her, sat beside her and took her hands in his. “Shhh…don’t cry, Pat. From now on, I will not allow that brat to hurt you again. She’s jealous and just mad because I dumped her for you" Joshua pacified her.
But Patricia was too hurt to be mollified by such words. She believed she was not destined to love a rich guy. If she continued to love him, it will only hurt her more because she was just dirt poor and no match for the rich Joshua as Beatrix had emphasized.
“I know what you’re thinking my dear, but please, believe me, I really love you very much. Do you know that we are both rich? I am rich as I have your abundant love and you are richer than me as you have both my love and my riches. Please ignore that jealous girl,” Joshua pleaded in a hushed tone. She continued to sob, but she knew clearly what she would do now.
“Joshua, I know this is unfair, but I am also sure, we’re not meant for each other. See, a rich is for the rich, and a poor one like me is just meant for someone poor like me, too. There is an element of truth in what Beatrix has said. We are still young, and I know you will meet more deserving and rich girls for you, unlike me. Please allow me to move away from you. That is my fate. I am giving you up Joshua. Please do not pursue me”, said Patricia with a finality in her tone.
She ran outside the school compound without turning back once, trekked the muddy road back home alone as tears rolled down her cheeks. The dark clouds that had gathered broke into a heavy rain.
She was at peace with herself, as the rain drenched her totally as if to cool her ruffled mind. She felt relieved though she was really hurting inside but she promised to herself in the presence of the dark heavens and the muddy road that she would someday tread this same road, not as the dirt poor girl but a self-made and rich Patricia. And a smile settled on her lips.

Written for Thursday Tales (Tale No. 9)
Photo Courtesy: Spider13Bug

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Seasons of Love

Love is like an autumn
Dark, dreary and solemn
You wish it to be over soon
Yet it uneasily dwells
Loving to linger longer in us

Love is like winter
Cold, dull, lifeless and bitter
You wish it will never come
Yet it comes to test us
Our limits of endurance

Love is like a spring
Colorful, happy and blooming
You wish to savor every bit of it
Wanting it to be unending
Yet it is not lasting

Love is like summer
Warm, amusing, full of fun
You wish it stays eternal
But like all other seasons in life
It gives happiness though ephemeral

Seasons of love
They come and go
To usher in a new love
Another challenge
Another victory
A new beginning
A new failure
A new heartache
A new hope
A cycle reflecting the changing seasons 
Of our existence in this mortal world!

Written for One Single Impression (Prompt: Love)
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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Morning Thoughts 3

Dreams and illusions are fine and they try to satiate our inner struggles, and to continuously live with them is synonymous to escaping reality...BUT I LOVE FAIRY TALES!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Heavenly Fantasy

I dreamed I was floating
On a wondrous space wafting
I saw a place enchanting  
A garden with flowers so adoring
I drifted close by touching
Their delicate, colorful petals worth admiring
while still wet with the dews of the morning

I flapped my wings as I fly
And saw multi-colored butterflies
Sitting on  buds of flowers that lie
Trying to suck all the nectar like spies
And like hungry li'l babies that cry
Only the flowers' nectar could pacify

I tilted my head a little
Lo, I saw a handsome knight from a castle
Clad in shining armor with some sinewy muscle
He beckoned me with  a motion to nestle
And to clasp his manly hands tired from a battle
I did with strange emotions and was shy a little
I felt a thrill for his being so gentle
As we flew into a space ornamental 
With feelings alien and sentimental

Like angels we happily floated
Hand in hand we innocently gloated
Over  glances that were stolen
and that were done too often
Yes, with sweet and mesmerizing smile
Our warm arms entwined in a while

I tried to utter a word to confer
Wishing to ask where we were
But he tenderly silenced me with a glee
Touching my quivering lips with fingers free
His gentle act sent me thrills and shiver
I knew, heaven it is, must be the answer...

Written for One Single Impression (Prompt: Floating)
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Friday, May 21, 2010

A Lasting Love

“Nicoleeeeee……what have you done with yourself again? Do you need to always punish yourself like that? Turning yourself into a zombie you have lost interest in your favorite TV programmes, you hardly eat and you stay confined to your room? And will you stop using that attire, it irritates me!”. Her Mom was fuming mad over Nicole’s attitude and appearance.
When Nicole looked impassively at her, her mom was visibly upset. “Could you change yourself” her Mom added. “You irritate me thinking of the past. It’s over and done with Nicole, you can’t change the turn of events. We have an appointment with a psychiatrist. He will make you return to your bubbly old self.” Nicole answered in a pout to signify disinterest in her Mom's announcement as she does always. 
Nicole and Greg after a ballet rehearsal for a school program joined in some drinking spree. Greg was a bit tipsy with the wine. While driving home to drop Nicole, she too seemed in high spirits after several gulps of the drink and started caressing him by putting her hand on his lap. He tried to stop her as he was behind the wheel. But she snuggled closer and planted a kiss on his cheek. When she turned naughty, Greg was unable to resist the urge to pull her towards him for a wild kiss.
In a split second he lost control and a big collision against a tree took place. She escaped with minor injuries but with a trauma. Her parents did not divulge what had  happened to Greg lest it upsets her more. She feared he was dead and the guilt feeling oppressed her so much.
“Nicole, you are not responsible for the accident. It is not unusual for couples to kiss while driving. The accident occurred as he was drunk. You are in no way reponsible for his present condition” said the psychiatrist.
“Nooooo! Had I not turned foolishly romantic he would be living today and we would have been married”, she cried.
The doctor replied softly. "No, we didn't confide in you about Greg’s true condition". "What about it!"? Nicole shot back. "That was a mistake. His right hand and leg had to be amputated. He will soon have artificial limbs and may be able to lead a normal life. You can meet him presently”, the doctor added reassuringly. 
As he made a gesture, the nurse wheeled him from the adjacent room. Nicole was shocked to see him in such a condition with stumps in place of limbs. But he smiled at her bravely which did the magic. 
“Greg, I am with you through thick and thin. I will be there for you for ever. This is a promise that I will make” announced Nicole. And she hugged Greg in a tight embrace as tears rolled down her cheeks. 

Written for Thursday Tales (Prompt No. 8)
Photo by: KatjaFaith

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Virtual Reality

If there is one thing ephemeral
It’s the friendship that is virtual
Some say that virtual or real
It does not matter a deal
If friendship offered is genuine
And gives one happy adrenaline
I won’t exchange it for anything
But I want it to be lasting!


Morning Thoughts 2

dread the day when good friends, virtual or real, would leave me but I need to grasp such reality for nothing is permanent in this world, even their assurance that they will be there for me until the end could not pacify my thoughts of such promise.


An Award from Hemz, a virtual friend...:)

I got this award from Hemanth after guessing in one of his post where he was in one holiday pic. I did a wild guess, but finding it was a weird one, I copied guesses of others...lols...:) I was thinking the surprise award he would give is a big box of chocolates or a gallon of ice cream, but I was surprised when he gave me not any of my guesses but the above flower...:) Nice isn't it? Thanks Hemz...:)


P.P.S. Please check my other blog, All Acrostics...:) Got a new post 'Dancing'! It's a baby blog buddies and needs some nursing from you...:) Please support her... Thank you very much...:)

Written for Three Word Wednesday (Prompts: Dread, Grasp, Pacify)
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

If I Were...

Thanks to Leo of Symphony for this wonderful tag (I was first in his tagged list...:)) nah, not Symphony anymore, it's I RHYME WITHOUT REASON now...:) I enjoyed this tag hence I am doing it and will tag my new-found-blogger-friends at Blog-O-Sphere...:) Read till the last line and see if you are one of them. Should have I missed anyone, and you wish to do the tag, feel free to grab and do it, just follow the rules.

Rules are simple, just rework on it and tag whom you wish to and let them know they are being tagged by you...have a great time... :):) and am sure you will enjoy it!

If I were a month, I'd be February, yes, it's my birth month guys and never mind the belief that Feb born are somewhat affected by the shapes of the moon manifested by mood swings though I learned that Feb born are an intelligent lot, and I wish to be classified or considered as one... lols... :)

If I were a day, I'd wish it to be always Saturday, as it is a rest day for me, after five long days working in office, Saturday seems always a treat! :P

If I were a time of the day, I'd wish it to be eight o' clock in the evening, my time for always hitting the bed and snooze to my heart's content...:)

If I were a season, I'd be spring as spring means new life, new hope, new beginning...

If I were a planet, Oh I'd be Venus where in Greek mythology, she is a Roman goddess who is principally associated with love, beauty and fertility...:) Well, who doesn't want love, beauty and fertility if you are a woman? I do... ;)

If I were a direction, I'd be East, where the sun rises. Every new morning promises a new hope, new beginning.

If I were a drink, hmmmm... I'd be Del Monte Fit and Right, Four Seasons. TV ads promote that it gives one an hour-glass figure, meaning it's a drink that makes one fit and sexy... :) Who wouldn't want anyway?

If I were a tree, I'd be a Narra tree, sturdy and strong and when fashioned into furnitures, it has a beautiful finish.

If I were an animal, I'd be a cat, the best smelling animal when properly cared of, and you can sleep with him in your bed without fear of being bitten. Many fellow bloggers told me also, it's the best companion we can have it will never leave you even in your darkest hour...:)

If I were a musical instrument, I'd be a guitar! I know how to play the guitar guys way back in high school but not much of a master! I am my son's mentor and he plays much, much better than I do now...:) Just passing the talent and it was successful...Is it a talent?

If I were a fruit, I'd be an apple. Sweet, juicy, crunchy, with silky and shiny reddish skin...and I guess it's the taste, too...delicious!

If I were a food, I'd be a pizza, next to chocolate cake though! It's a delicious mixture of so many ingredients, topped with a spicy sauce and it will be too perfect and mouth-watering...:)

If I were a celebrity, nah, who would I be? I don't idolize, so I don't have anyone in mind now. But if forced to name one, I'd be Catherine Zeta Jones...:) I love that pouty, attractive lips she has and that twinkling eyes she owns. She's so adorable!

If I were a color, I'd be blue. I love the color blue, cool to the eyes and it has that calming effect. My comfort zone is painted blue, curtains that are hanged on the walls must always be blue, blue, blue...everything in my CZ has a hue of blue and I am loving it!

If I were a book, I'd be a Bible. The best book one can have. It tells us what to choose after this life, Heaven or Hell? Read and find it out!

If I were a song, so many favorites, but for now, I love to listen to Lani Misalucha's (Filipino Artist) song every time I'd snooze, titled: How Can I Tell can check on youtube if you wish to listen to lulls me to sleep too! Loved it so much really!

If I were a movie, I'd be Titanic...lols...:P Don't you? It was just too tragic, Jack has to die and sacrifice for Rose' sake. Rose needs the floater to survive and they can't have it both. This movie proves their undying love for each other, come hell or high waters!

If I were a flower, I'd be a rose. Thorny yet beautiful. And life is simply like that....there are thorns in spite of the beauty!

If I were a facial expression, I'd be smile. A smile that could launch a thousand ships! Lols...isn't that for a picture? But whatever, I'd be always a smile. the world will smile at you.. :)

Now I wish to tag my new-found-blogger-buddies, quite numerous and hopefully they would do it, too!

1. Sharla
2. Carina
3. Ana
4. Sam
5. Shakira
6. Rachana
7. Kelvin
8. Yvonne
9. Tammie
10. Alex


A Bouquet of Red Roses

Thanks Mommy Yvonne
for this bouquet of red roses
you made my day so bright
you put a smile on my lips
I Love you Mom!

And thank you, too
for this beautiful badge
that came from you to me!


Sunday, May 16, 2010


I am trembling at the thought that
Why should I write a poem about you
I am trembling at the thought that
You will know that you occupy
A special spot in my heart

I am trembling at the thought 
That you will soon leave me
I am trembling at the thought
That leaving me would cause
Immeasurable pain and heartaches in me

I am trembling at the thought
Why I have met you and
Became good friends with you
I am trembling at the thought that
Once you leave me I would cry...

If you see me no more
If you talk to me no more
If you cheer me up no more
If you will ease the pain no more
If you leg-pull with me no more
If you push me to write no more many, many ifs...
And if this is an exaggeration of feelings
Let me live and get drunk with it
And let me tremble at the thought!


P.S. Just some thoughts and not pertaining to anyone...:P Truth is, I am not in any mood to write this time but the thought behind of not writing is "rude and hurtful"...:) :P, hence I have to....:P Just bear with Amity's silly thoughts, you're not gonna tremble anyway...:))

Written for One Single Impression (Thought: Trembling)
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Friday, May 14, 2010

Tom and Jerry and Some Awards

I have a new post in my baby blog "All Acrostics"....:)

Please check and please follow: Titled: Tom and Jerry...:)

Thank you so much buddies and see you there!


Got some more awards in Riya's place....thanks so much baby for the following awards and am passing them, too (check the list below!)

The Rules:

1. Thank the person who gave you this award;
2. Share seven things about yourself;
3. Pass the award to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered and whom you think are fantastic; and
4. Let them know about the award.

Now Seven things about myself: gosh, do I have to let you know these things? okay, fine...don't smirk nor laugh at me na...:) :P... Just smile!

1. I love to snooze...snooze....snooze...:P;
2. I love tea, morning, noon, evening;
3. I can't leave home without my phone and my bunch of keys;
4. I love chocolates and ice creams, bar after bars, pint after pints...:);
5. I love stiletto shoes for my dainty feet, I'd splurge on them;
6. Can't blog or read or text without my spectacles on, yayyyy; and
7. Last but not the least here, as I am only allowed to give seven things, I AM ADDICTED TO BLOGGING!!! Lols...true!!! :P

I pass these awards to: 

1. Leo
8. Meow
10. Tammy
11. Sam
15. Sahana

Please pass the same or you may just keep it in your slideshow!

A Gift

And I am happy to have received the gift below from Sahana ..:) wow........ she knows my weakness really...thanks so much my dear... hugs!

So yummy buddies....:) But this gift will stay with me for good na, to remind me of Sahana...:) Sorry buddies!

Again, thanks so much!


Written for Acrostic Only (Prompt: Tom and Jerry)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Romance In the Rain

It was a taxing and stressful day brought about by the chaos in her office.  She needed some refuge, someone who could be man enough to ease her of some burdens in her heart, someone to whom she can share her work and who could help her.

The young man who was sitting adjacent to her had been transferred from another office and had joined last week. He was possibly shy as he made no attempt to talk to her even when she smiled at him a couple of times. She felt rebuffed. He looked tall, dusky and handsome. She actually wanted to cultivate his friendship. But he was aloof and distant making her gradually dislike him. She had also found him always staring at her whenever she glanced at his side.

As she stepped outside her office building that evening, she saw thick dark clouds gathered in the horizon, threatening to break into heavy rain. Her house was only two blocks away and she had to be at her home to meet someone. As she ventured out, a strong easterly wind started to blow furiously followed by a heavy downpour. Thank God, a small umbrella was always in her bag in cases like this. She braved the strong wind and the ferocious downpour when she unfolded it. The small umbrella was fragile and opened outside drenching her completely.

She heard some footsteps running behind her. She turned to see but she could not make out in the blinding rain and darkness. There was practically none in the road except occasional passing cars. She was scared and she quickened her steps. The man behind also hurried. She started to run. Very soon the man behind caught up with her.

It was her new colleague in the office. “Madam, you forgot your phone and the keys to your house. I saw you already out on the road and so I had to come running behind you. Come closer, I will accompany you up to your house.”

“How sweet of you to have drenched yourself only to hand over the keys and mobile? I thought you were rude as you never smiled back or befriended me. How wrong I was”, she said as she extended her hand. He took her hand and they walked together hand in hand under the heavy downpour smiling and giggling. She had found a new friend she had been wanting, thanks to the rain. A new romance blossomed as his arms wrapped her tightly.


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Written for Thursday Tales (Tale No. 7)
Photo Courtesy: Nilgunkara

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Best Friend

When I am down and feeling low
He gives me His shoulder to cry on

When I am hopeless and discouraged
He gives me hope and courage

When problems arise manifold
He shows me answers untold

When I am hurt and in pain
He pacifies me without fail

When I feel like giving up
He encourages me never to let up 

When the road ahead seems dark
He shows light and a beautiful spark

When friends seem to ignore and leave one by one
He gives new ones to provide genuine fun

When I am subdued by my fears
He calms me like a child so dear

He is there like a sun during the day
When I am happy and gay

Like a moon in the night
When I am low and in fright

Till the stars, moon and sun
No longer shine and warm the sky

He is my all in all
Through thick and thin

In joys and in tears
One can never surpass

Willing ever to listen when I talk
Pat me to move on when I baulk

And He could make wonders
In this mess of a life I have!

All my sins forgiven and become weightless
I will in His eyes be spotless

I will love Him till the end
My best friend, my all in all!

My best ever-friend!

Written for Three Word Wednesday (Prompts: ignore, fear, weightless)
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My New Baby Has Arrived

My new baby has arrived...lols...:) Born on the 11th of May 2010 at around 7 in the evening. In shimmering green, cool to the eyes, simple but beautifully crafted and designed. I/We have christened it, after so many suggestions and slight debate with accompanying *blech*... :P.... :), through the help of a very dear friend, including the designing of the template as "All Acrostics"...:)

From this day on, I will be posting all my acrostics work there, instead of in this main blog of mine, to lessen a little mess and clutter and to give special treatment, she's my youngest baby you know...:) But not to overlook or lessen attention to my Dreams...:)

Now, I would only wish you my dear followers, to pamper it with much attention the same way you have been doing to this blog of mine....Getting access to it is just as easy by clicking the tab above my blog (All Acrostics Blog). I also wish that you follow the same as you do here! Comments penned are most appreciated. And I would love to hear from you for every post I will make.... :)

And for my initial post, I have WISH to come up with the first prompt at Acrostic Only for the month of May. (Not really an initial post as all acros I have in this blog were transferred there).

Thanks to all my beloved and treasured followers! See you there soon.... Just a WISH...please follow!

Have a nice day to all...:)


Monday, May 10, 2010

Tags Unlimited...:)

Hello folks, I am sharing this tag and the following tags as I have been tagged by Sahana of World of Poetry...:) Thanks Sahana (Creativity)...:)

Now I have to rework on the rules: But guess what, I might not be following it strictly this time coz' I am lazy...lols...:) :P

Rules say:

1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate up to 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

Now, I am gonna break the rules, as I said earlier...:) I will only nominate or tag the following because I have other awards to share to other friends-bloggers...:)

Sisterhood Award goes to:

1. Priya Joyce
2. Meow/Miya
3. Yamini
4. Anya
5. Melissa
6. Preety
7. Pramoda
8. Hope
9. Madhu
10. Sharla

The above bouquet of flowers, I wish to give it to the following blog friends of mine...:)

1. Sharla
2. Priya Joyce 
3. Sandy
4. Yvonne
5. Shannon
6. Anya
7. Melissa
8. Hope
9. Snowhite
10. Anupama

For the Amazing Friendship Award, let me give it to:

1. Yvonne
2. Sahana
3. Pramoda
4. Riya
5. Anupama
6. Anya
7. Melissa
8. Ana
9. Raaji
10. Snow White

Well, the last award, I am giving it to the following who are either funny, humorous, either a cat or dog blogger friend, no...not the literal cat and dog...:) ...:P Please don't be mad at me, or chase me like hell...cats are cats and dogs are dogs...but they can be friends with each other....lols... :P, can't you see?

Here they are:

1. HaRy
2. Hemanth
3. Leo

Sorry folks, I don't have time to put the link as I am in a hurry to cast my vote, that is, before the polling precincts close at 6 pm.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Morning Thoughts 1

"To let your heart reign over your head, it's pure bliss. To let your head rule over your heart, think it over again"!


What is your take on this? Please share me! Thanks...:)

Written for One Single Impression (Prompt: Reign)
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Friday, May 07, 2010

You Taught Me How

Mother's day is almost near, and I am happy to have penned this simple poem which I wholeheartedly dedicate to my beloved mother and who also inspired me with these thoughts.

You taught me love, care and sacrifice

In your own wonderful and unique ways
That I can now pass on to my own kids

You taught me how to be forgiving
On faults, big and small
That I can now pass on to my own kids

You taught me about the beauty of life
And the many wonders one can rejoice
That I can now pass onto my own kids

You taught me how to face sorrows and pains
And how to overcome them with a brave heart
That I can now pass onto my own kids

For all the things you’ve done to me
For the wonderful love and care you gave me
Despite all the heartaches  I gave you
You did a wonderful job through the years
I am most proud of you, my dear mother!

You are the best in the world…!
And I am so grateful to you!

P.S. I would also like to dedicate this poem to all my fellow blogger-buddy-mothers...:) Like my own mother, I know you deserve much, much more than this poem I wrote for my mother. In my list are the following:

P.P.S. I know my mother would not be able to read this, but when I will make a phone call to her, I would tell her about this poem...:)