Friday, March 25, 2011

An Award....

I got this Magical Blog Award from Deirdra Eden Coppel

Thank you so much Deirdra!!!


I got some awards from friends dear and near
From the wonderful world of blogging sphere 
Some I forgot to collect that were long overdue 
And from some new blogger friends found anew!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Senses Dream

Our muse so kind, dear and true often times
Some moments vague and scarcely inspires
Senses dream and mind without reason  rhymes

A dip in poetry, the mind willingly climbs
To unknown and truly dizzying heights
Our muse so kind, dear and true often times

In our deep slumber it naughtily chides
Waking us in unholy hours as mind lazily writes
Senses dream and mind without reason rhymes

Image Credit: HERE

It bugs our psyche, we would hate those rides
We embrace hesitantly the unknown realms
Our muse so kind, dear and true often times

It gives us clues, but confuses minds
It's always a struggle to find what pen desires 
Senses dream and mind without reason  rhymes
Once inspiration ticks and happily guides
Grab the moment as it comes in surprises 
Our muse so kind, dear and true often times
Senses dream and mind without  reason rhymes


Few notes on the poem: I intended to write a Villanelle poem with an aba rhyme scheme. I faltered in the rhyme scheme so here I am with just one rhyme. This is no longer some Villanelle na ... :( I hope the poem turned out good... :P

Week 40

Monday, March 21, 2011

Time is running out....

You can’t push it underground,
You can’t stop it screaming out
How did we come to this?
You will suck the life out of me…
Muse, time is running out”

Image Credit:HERE

Irene sobbed uncontrollably with tears flowing down her cheeks."How can you do this to me? With what face can I meet my parents? They will be shattered by this news.”

“They have always held you in high esteem and never hesitated to permitting me to date with you. I just cannot live with this shame. I would rather die."

Patrick patted her shoulders and said, "You are behaving like a child. Remember this is not a one man show. I am not saying the blame is on you. We should have been careful. Never mind. Let us solve the problem. Let us think of what we should do now. Crying doesn't solve problems," he said with a hint of his patience waning.

"It is easy for you to talk like this. The thing will show up anytime and I cannot hide it from my college mates. I will become a laughing stock. You have sucked the life out of me.” She wailed.

"Be calm. How many weeks now? Let us work a way out," he asked and suggested.

"It is the 6th week. I feel like throwing up I felt when my mom looked at me there was a streak of concern in her face. She didn't ask me. I told her some food at the canteen is not suiting me," she replied.

“Oh, oh. Let us go and meet an OB-Gyne tomorrow. She can find a way out easily. Let us own up the mistake and plead with her for her help," he assured.

“No, no! This is a small community and the word will get around. Let us go to the adjacent city. Let us act fast as time is running out,” she sobbed.

The OB-Gyne in the adjacent city looked matronly and stern. There was a look of consternation as they both blurted out their problem. "Aren't you both literate and college going? Are you not aware of the consequences of your actions? I am sure your parents have not been taken into confidence. I hope you two are above 18. I would need a signed letter before I do anything. Let me check her first," she said.

A few minutes later both of them came out with grim face. The OB-Gyne told calmly, "What do you expect me to do? The damage has been done."

Both the youngsters were devastated. Irene started crying. The doctor was looking at them with a poker face. Patrick said, "Don't be worried Irene I will not let you down, I will marry you within a fortnight come what may. He turned to the doctor and said, "can you please do something to help us out. I promise I will in no case let her down."

The doctor broke into a guffaw and said, “Don't be worried. She is not preggy. I will give her some medicine.  But promise to me that both of you will be careful in the future".

"Muse, time is running out!"


Written for Thursday Tales
Tale No. #51

Thursday, March 17, 2011

TSUNAMI Aftermath

Search-and-Rescue Workers Arrive in Ofunato [Image 8 of 23] by DVIDSHUB

The sudden nature’s fury in its full blow
Sunk a nation to the abyss of untold misery
Unfolding in its wake unheard of destruction
Numb, it left the nation with countless dead
Amidst the innumerable left homeless
Most worrisome is the radiation fall-out
Is it the quirk of fate or God's wrath? 

Tsunami Aftermath by npicturesk

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hannah's Secret Garden

Hannah is a very pretty li'l girl, aged two. She had just started telling small words like mommy, daddy, and more. She lived next door. The only daughter of the Smiths. They lived in a very beautiful home with a sprawling, beautiful garden. 
I did not fail to notice each morning when I went for a walk as part of my daily regimen to stay fit, Hannah prancing around in their garden, touching and smelling those colorful flowers that festooned their garden. I envied her for the spirit of joy and appreciating beauty even in her tender age. She will throw an innocent smile at me invariably and mutter auntie. What struck me was the large mole just below her lower lip in her chin that added to the girl’s charm.
I did not see the girl for a couple of days and wondered whether she had fallen sick. On the third day I learnt from my help that someone who came in a truck had kidnapped the girl two days back when she was alone in the garden.
Her parents were devastated. The police could not make a breakthrough as the only witness who saw the girl being put in the truck did not notice its number or remembered the model.
Her mom was constantly crying "Hannah, where are you my girl..........." and no amount of care by her husband could console her. Days and nights passed. Weeks and months passed. Hannah was nowhere to be found. Police were only assuring that they are trying to trace her but they had lost all hopes. In memory of Hannah, they named their vast garden, "Hannah's Secret Garden."
Six months later I had some official work at a neighboring city. I had finished my work by 3pm and my bus was only at 7pm. I went to the mall nearby for a quick bite and for time pass. As I was sitting on a bench and eating, I saw an aged couple with a small girl walking towards my direction. They looked as somebody who came from impoverished family. When I looked at the girl, I was astonished to see the large mole on her chin. To my utter surprise the girl smiled at me and called me auntie.
I learnt the couple found her crying in the road at the outskirts of the city. They had obviously discarded her there when they saw a police car coming behind thinking wrongly they were being chased. She could not speak. She seemed afraid. They brought her home and were taking care of her. I told them about the grieving neighbors and asked them to accompany me promising them some reward.
Imagine the shriek of joy let out by Hanna’s mom on seeing her. They thanked me profusely and rewarded the couple with money, clothes and tidbit.
They did not remove however the name board and it remained “Hannah’s Secret Garden.
The next day, Hannah was seen prancing again in her beautiful garden, hopping from one flower to the other and smelling each one of them. She’s free again but with tight security implemented by her parents within their abode’s perimeter.


Written for Thursday Tales
Tale # 50

Monday, March 14, 2011

Passionate Wings

Image Credit: HERE


An angel, wish I
Winged with passion to fly high 
Find a solace there!



I was asked what I am most passionate about
What shall I say when I am passionate with many things
Love, life, arts, music, nature, you name it
But how could I measure the intensity of each

When it comes to love, I am most involved
I love to show my total endearment to my beloved
I love to show my unfailing love to my family and friends
Even the hapless little kids evoke in me the sentiment

I am passionate when it comes to my role in society
I get boundless rage at every injustice to the innocent
I wish to protect the children from exploitation
And I want the women to take their rightful place

I am passionate about all things that are aesthetic
I wish to sing to an enraptured audience
To be known as an accomplished soprano
I wish I could also in church play the piano
I am passionate about the unsullied beauty in nature
The verdant mountain ranges and the cool breeze sending me in rapture
The beautiful flowers across the gardens in striking colours
Make me passionate and aware of God's powers!


Prompt: Passionate 

Also for Haiku Heights
Prompt: Wings

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Just when we were about to start our Friday Habit Fitness Regimen in our office, our country’s Regional Disaster Coordinating Council alerted everyone of possible tsunami that may hit our place after it hit Japan at 2:30 PM. A couple of my colleagues offered prayers while we were gathered at our municipal park, then dispersed immediately as Alert Level 2 was already raised after some few minutes. There were tears in our eyes and panic stricken all over our faces but we went home and remained calm.

When I arrived home, I saw on TV the devastation and aftermath of the deadly tsunami that hit Japan. I could not believe my eyes what I saw. I was trembling. My knees wobbling. I immediately went to our neighbors and told them of the instructions to us in office to alert everyone around us and go find a higher ground for safety.

My hubby coincidentally sent me an sms telling me he was sleepless.I answered the message telling him to pray for us because of the tsunami alert in our place. A few minutes later, he called again and told us to hurry and go to a safe place – “in the nearest mountain,” he told.

I called my son and daughter who are in the city asking them to pray for us. My daughter told me to go soonest to a safe place. She further told me she heard howling dogs the night before around their boarding home. She presumed it was a premonition of an impending danger.

So I called the school where my son was and requested the School Principal to disperse the almost 1000 students soonest. I was so worried as my son still took another 20 minutes to reach home.

I asked him to gas up our three wheeler, buy some emergency provisions we will carry with us, had our cellphones loaded and off we went to the nearest mountain. We just went a couple of kilometers away from home. But when we saw lots of people coming to the mountain too, we panicked. We went further and found a safe place. After an hour, people continued to come to the place where we found refuge. They were in ten-wheelers, jam-packed. I was convinced this was no false warning anymore.

These people even came from nearby municipality and as far as Pamplona.

We had candles as emergency lights. It was too cold. Kids were crying maybe due to little lighting and the cold temperature. I was so tired.

My daughter was glued on CNN for updates and she would relay the news to us immediately. When she told me that San Vicente, Cagayan and Isabela province were hit by the first wave and no damages seen, I was a bit relieved. But she would always tell us to stay put in our place because the alert was not lifted yet.

Finding we were in a safe place, I was able to snooze a little, in spite of the noisy surroundings and the uncomfortable cold cement floor.

Then when our Pastor’s son kept on crying at past 1 am, we decided to return home since my daughter was no longer sending us updates though her last text message told us that “scientists could still get wrong with their predictions as the US West Coast is expected to be hit by an 8 ft high waves sooner or later.”

But then, the critical hours had already passed. So at 2:30 am, we went home, at a very slow pace. And as we reached our home we saw that nothing disastrous had happened. I was so relieved. I went to my room, and uttered a prayer of gratitude. “Thank God, you spared us”! My bedroom looked the same before I hesitantly left it 10 hours ago.

Just before we left home, I had posted on FB asking my friends to help us by praying for our safety and for God to spare us of agony and hardship. When I opened my mail, I felt overwhelmed. I saw many had posted their prayers for us. I was so happy, at the abundant love and care for us from my friends. Much more, God loves us.

Thank you Lord, for saving us. For sparing the whole of the country.

Nature's fury can be devastating at times as what has happened now in Japan. My heart goes out to Japan where a thousand or more were predicted to have died and a lot more were rendered homeless, stranded, without food, water, shelter with only the hope of succour reaching them soon. I learned many countries big and small have offered help by way of men, money ,materials, food and many things to restore normalcy. I sincerely pray for the victims out there and wish things return to normal very soon. May God bless the departed souls...

In times like this, we need a Saviour, more than anything else. And prayers are powerful.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Monday Blues!

Image credit: HERE

Mondays make me sick
I’d give cold-shoulder treatment
If he were a friend!


Woken up by the shrill alarm
Still snoozy I choke it with my lazy arm
Pulling the blanket to make me warm
Cursing Monday that disturbs my calm

But I cannot just wish it away
When it holds the world in its sway
I try getting up keeping laziness at bay
Accidentally tripping a stool that blocks my way

The day starts on a note so moody
I have no mind to go to work and get busy
I wish to rest and relax in my bed so cozy
Unmindful of files in office that leave me snoozy

How I wish the week had no Monday
Keeping the lazy me happy and gay
Foolishly forgetting its successor Tuesday
Would give me the blues of erstwhile Monday

I know my day of deliverance would come
When I am no longer a working mom
And the kids are grown up with strong arms
To keep me happy with life and its charms


Written for Haiku Heights
Prompt: Cold

Prompt: Accidental

Saturday, March 05, 2011


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Wish upon a star
Of a blissful grandiose place
Where love, beauty reign!


I stole that magical wand of the beautiful fairy in my dream. Every time I would wave it and utter a wish simultaneously, things happen as I wish them to be! Magic, pure magic!!!

I saw wars, famines and pestilences in my vision happening in different parts of the world. “Magic wand, please make this a happy, peaceful world,” and pronto the place changes to a Utopian world. Wars ended, food came in abundance and famine ended…

I saw the world suffering from the devastation of natural catastrophes; floods, earthquakes, tsunami, long drought, heavy rainfall, the melting of icebergs in the North and South Pole. “Magic wand, control nature, let floods end, earthquakes stop, impede tsunami, control drought, manage heavy rainfall, icebergs stop from thawing," and there a beautiful world is seen emerging…

I saw domestic violence, drug abuse, child abuse, and many other human cruelties. “Magic wand, please help me stop these societal problems, create a happy family, bring to a halt drug trafficking and end child abuse in every abode!” And so it did, that I could only see happy families, no delinquencies both young and old caused by drug addiction and children grew up to be reasonable children at home and responsible citizens in the community…

I was nursing heartache. At nights I am crying. Cupid did a naughty act. He played mischievously against my heart. “Magic wand, this time I badly need your help, could you help ease the pain?” Magic wand answered: “I am sorry Lynette, you cannot use me to personally change or edify your feelings or make yourself happy. I am only meant to change the world and not to be used for personal ends.”

Lynette’s world was shattered. She cursed the magic wand that she had stolen from a fairy. She threw it away. And wretchedly, the world she had changed for better using the magic wand, returned to what it had been before.

If only dreams were real, if only magic wands were real, if only what magic wands can do to change a world were real, I would still want another magic wand and use it to change the world. If it doesn’t work for my personal happiness, so be it!

“Beautiful fairy, where are you? I need your wand now…the world needs your magic wand!”

Ahhh…dreams…Dreams Are My Reality!!! 


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Friday, March 04, 2011

My Piano

Listen to the Piano Rendition HERE or with Vocals HERE!

“Remember that piano, so delightful, unusual…
That classic sensation, sentimental, confusion!”

Even as a child, Leeanne had a fancy for piano toys. She would beg her Mom to buy her one. Then one day, her Mom decided to send Leeanne to a music school. Though expensive for her since they could hardly make both ends meet, she knew Leeanne would love it.

She saw in the music school that many of her age group was enrolled in the same class. Some silent, some boisterous, some nerd-looking and most unfriendly. However one little boy may be two years her senior was kind of sweet when he introduced himself as Joshua. A handsome boy with a smiling face, she took an instant liking and they soon became friends. They lingered in the school even after their piano recitals talking to each other about music and many sweet nothings. They both loved this piece very much.

“Used to play, I like Chopin
Love me now and again….”

Interestingly they were recognized as the best performers for playing the song “I like Chopin”!

Young as they were, there were twinkles in their eyes as they threw a look at each other. They were young to be lovers in the normal sense but rejoiced in each other’s company and often holding hands. A case of puppy love presumably!

“Rainy days, never say goodbye
To desire when we are together
Rainy days growing in your eyes
Tell me where’s the way…”

They grew up to be both equally attractive teenagers and their friendship of piano days grew close. They went to the same college. Their friendship went to a higher level and blossomed into deep love. They now longed for each other’s company more than anything else. Sunshiny or rainy days, they had each other to cling to. When he missed her in the college even one day Joshua would get worried whether Leeanne was sick and it was the same way when he would miss his classes. Their parents were not aware of their love. They hid it even among college mates.

Special occasions like birthdays, Valentines and New Year’s Day for each other would mean meeting stealthily at a restaurant. They promised to each other that they would marry after graduation and on getting a job in the same city. It was all hunky dory the days in college were over. They had graduated and were looking for job.

It was then that Joshua suddenly stopped seeing her at the music school that was their meeting place. Those were the days when there were no mobile phones or net. She heard from a common friend that his house was locked and no one lived there. Life became a misery for Leanne. She cried all the time pining for him. The suspense of his whereabouts and the uncertainty about his well being tormented her. But there was no news. Months rolled by as she lived on the memories. She had lost her zest for life.

Her music teacher requested Leanne help her in the music classes and take classes for beginners in the evenings and weekends. One evening as she was teaching young children the lines

“Used to play, I like Chopin
Love me now and again….”

Tears rolled down from her eyes as she saw a young girl and boy sitting adjacent to each other. She wiped her tears and turned towards the piano playing feverishly the same lines to the amusement of the children. She was oblivious to the surroundings and was lost in her own thoughts. It was then she sensed someone tapping her shoulders. She was startled to find Joshua standing opposite her. He had become more handsome, plump and was well dressed. Forgetting she was in a class, she clasped her hands involuntarily with his until the children giggled. She disbanded the class to the merriment of the children.

When left alone, Joshua explained the urgent circumstances he had to leave on the sudden demise of his father along with his mom and siblings to a far away city and he could not contact her. He had secured a nice job and found one for her too. He told her to her great delight “I have come specifically to propose to you and meet your parents. I want you to come with me and take up the job. We will get married very soon with your parents’ blessings. I have informed my mother of my love for you and of my intention to bring you home along with me.”

Her joy knew no bounds. She hugged him tightly and dragged him towards the piano.”Come on, play on the piano. Let us relive our school days,” she implored.

When he started pounding the keys to play the song

"Imagine your face
In a sunshine reflection
A vision of blue skies
Forever distractions"

She sang along with him smothering him with smooches. The world looked suddenly bright after the drizzle stopped and a rainbow of magical hues appeared on the horizon.


Written for Thursday Tales
Photo Courtesy: HERE

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

~ My Sweet Angel ~

Oh, thou sweet, lovely, beloved angel of mine
Come, take my hand and together we’ll fly
In our windy chariot, we will recline
Lounge upon the soft cushion, you and I
Oh I have missed thee, your love and care I crave
Every night in my dreams in thee I longed
Is it morning yet? I wish I am in grave
How long have I been awake? Don’t, agony prolonged
Fate so cruel, snatched you to death
Sorrows, tears, agonies, have not resigned
Wishing that thou wilt take away my breath
My immortal angel, entwine thine hand in mine
Poems and stories, we will write blissfully    
Love so genuine and true, we’ll share eternally

Notes on this post:

To my very dear friend, you inspired me to write this, and I am dedicating this poem for you and your angel. Though written on a sad note, hopefully, this may bring a smile on your lips...:)  *smile*..... :)) And if not a smile, then it could be this.... *pout* ...:((. Wishfully, it could be like this.... *beaming*.....:D

P.S. I felt like it took me quite a lifetime to write this one. Hope you could see and feel the effort, if only to make you smile....:))


Written for Carry on Tuesday