Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Moments of Truth

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In moments of truth
We laugh, we rejoice, we cry
Only God knows why


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Prompt: (Moments)

Only God Knows Why

Yes, we rejoice when we have good things in life. We cry when we are even slightly hurt. But how do you feel when you see those impoverished and hapless people around you? They live in cramped shanties; hardly have two square meals a day and they abuse their own children making them work because of poverty? And these kids grow up with hatred and ill will in their hearts. Those are sad and painful moments of truth. Only God knows why….!

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Prompts: (abuse, cramp, hatred)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Morning Thoughts ~ Tears In Heaven

The angels in heaven poured buckets of tears while I in my sleep silently stained my pillow with tears. Were they sad when they saw me hurting and in pain? Did they also cry to appease my troubled heart? Were those tears caused by some trifle matters? If it were so? What would be the repercussions? And why?

Thoughtless and hurting words
Regardless how inadvertently spoken
Impacts on sensitive feelings
Friendship should be nurtured
Lovingly cultivated to prevent
Erosion of binding love 


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(Prompt: Angel)

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Prompt: (Trifle)

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Love Is All That Matters

For more than five years now, Rona has worked as a domestic help to a rich British businessman in Hongkong. A teacher by profession, when she could not get any employment in her hometown in Southern Philippines and when violent elements were at the height of their terrorists attacks, she did not waver much  in trying her luck to work even as a domestic helper in Hongkong.

Her family badly needed financial support and this was a compelling reason for her to take up a job that was not what she was trained for or after her heart but what was demeaning in a sort of way and definitely in her opinion an underemployment.

Her employer Mr. Smith was a widower, a man in his early fifties. He had a son whom he left behind in London. Ever since his beloved wife left him abruptly at her young age by succumbing to cancer, he showed no interest in women. He found them not to his taste or liking in comparison to his wife who was an epitome of all that is desirable and perhaps the only woman who made him extremely happy and complete.

Rona did her duties diligently with dedication and utmost care. She showed how a poor Filipina though a degree holder can work efficiently even as a domestic helper and showed no disdain for the work that was definitely below for her professional attainments. Mr. Smith was more than impressed with her and over the years, he could see a few things about Rona that won his admiration. She was quick to learn his likes and dislikes and adapt herself to his ways. After all being a college graduate, she knew how to deal with people with respect and right manners.

These personal traits of Rona and her pleasant disposition did not fail to make Mr. Smith fall for her. Whenever he went to London for a couple of months on vacation he would make it a point to take Rona along with him. To her credit it must be said she had also learned to be on the right side with his son Brent of winning his esteem and regard for her. He treated her with dignity and often talked to her as a good friend rather than as employer’s son.

It was a New Year's Eve in London. The family had gone out. Brent was alone at home. He asked Rona very casually, "Rona, do you have anyone special back there in your country? Any boy friend with whom you are in love?"

She was shocked and never expected such a question from him who was her age. A quick thought crossed in her mind whether this young man has any motive. She straightened up herself and replied, “No Sir. I did not have any time to think about it. My family is my priority. They need my financial help. We are very poor. The income earned by my father as a poor coconut farmer is hardly adequate to keep the hunger away. My mother is a sickly woman who stays home."

“Rona, please do not take me amiss. I have no dishonorable intention. I have found during the short period Dad stays with us along with you that he has a great liking for you. Whenever he speaks about you, his eyes sparkle and he speaks about you with genuine pride. He has talked eloquently about your pleasant qualities, your intelligence and your potential to be a capable homemaker and a professional. Although he hasn’t specifically mentioned about his romantic inclinations for you, I could sense his attachment for you. I wonder whether you have noticed this.”

“No sir, he has not acted in any improper way or made any advances. He has always been a perfect gentleman,” she replied.

“I think you must be about 30 and nearly half my dad’s age of 54 years. He is physically strong and in perfect health with no vices. You are good looking and capable and would eminently suit him as his wife. If you have no objection, I will have this broached at the dinner table today when my grandparents would also be there. I may add in confidence it was their idea that I talk to you. The only person who is not privy to this is my dad. Please think about it and tell me.”

Rona spoke in choked voice. ”I am sorry Sir this is not a practical proposition. I am just his househelp? I am a Filipina, with dark complexion. There is a wide chasm in our status; we are impoverished while you are affluent with a position in the social circles. I thank you for your kind thoughts though I regret that I am not lucky to get a life of wealth and a rich man for husband.”

“None of the reasons advanced by you are strong. If you don’t have any objection to the difference in age and if you like him, I do not see any hurdle in this materializing. One instant fall out is that your family would be lifted out of life of poverty. My dad will ensure that your siblings will have good education. I know my Dad, prim and proper he would not have proposed to you. But I think Dad is in love with you. Please give me your willingness and leave the rest to me Rona. I would be happy to have you as my Mom,” Brent said.

When she remained quiet looking at her toenails, Brent knew that he had succeeded. Halfway through dinner, Mr. Smith came to her room and said, “Would you give us the pleasure of joining us at the dinner table? Brent spoke to me. I would deem myself luckiest if this idea of his works out.” 

Rona looked up at Mr. Smith who was much taller than her and gave him a shy smile and with a faint nod of approval. When Mr. Smith took her hands, she did not demur and instead, shyly clasped his into hers.

Mr. Smith said, "I love you Rona and seek your hands. I promise  to give you a life of happiness and make your family comfortable too." He wrapped her waist in his strong arms and led her to the dinner table. Everyone at the dinner table, his parents and Brent, stood up clapping their hands to signal their  approval  to Mr. Smith’s new found love.


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Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Guardian Angel

You heard my first cry inside the room
When I came out of my mother’s womb
I knew you were then beside me
And could feel your presence in thee

You’ve not only caught me every time I fell
But in every dark hours when problems swell
And life turned a veritable hell
You were there to guide me well

Foolish and arrogant as I maybe
I never turned to you when problems abound
And you always flew into my dreams
To give me a shove towards the right course 

My dear angel, I haven't seen you even once
I know not about your white wings or kindly face
But I am sure that you are always there
To protect me with your abundant grace

My sweet and friendly angel
I beseech you to stay ever with me
Wherever in my rough life I stray and go
Lift my ruffled spirit whenever low

With you invisibly hand in hand with me each day
I feel blessed in every way
This is why I ardently pray
That you always beside me stay.


Written for One Single Impression (Prompt: Angel)
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Life's joy and pure bliss
Angels sing in harmony
Moments of true love


Written for Haiku Heights (Prompt: Moments)
Also for One Single Impression (Prompt: Angels)
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Friday, July 23, 2010


Deadly is man’s doing
Endangering the eco systems
Forest resources are depleted
Overtly adding carbon gases
Rainforests are now denuded
Ending  homes of denizens
Save  mother earth from
Total destruction by avarice
Adding deserts, reducing rains
Take steps to protect
Indispensable natural resources
Otherwise world is lost
Nature’s fury ruthless, beware


Written for Acrostic Only (Prompt: Deforestation)
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Thursday, July 22, 2010


Hook, line and sinker
Poor victim jumps at the bait
Delicious dinner


Written for Three Word Wednesday (Prompts: bait, jump, victim)

Monday, July 19, 2010


How beautiful these flowers
Over fences and bowers
Lavishing charm in abundance
Lending colors in preponderance
Yellow, red and purple
Holding viewers in spell
On the bounty spread
Celebrating sunshine they held
Kindling colors of rainbow


Written for Acrostic Only  (Prompt: Hollyhock)
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Saturday, July 17, 2010


Powerful when you’re hopeless
Resplendent way to God
Avouching faith and praise
Yearning for His blessings
Exalting His omnipotence
Resting on His promise

Prayer has immense power; to those who believe. When everything seems to let us down, when we feel like giving up, when we can no longer bear the heavy burden, when we seem hopeless, when there's no one to help us in our moments of despair, when it seems the end of everything, turn to God, talk to Him in prayer and He will show His preponderant power of compassion to us beyond our expectations and comprehension.


Written for
One Single Impression (Prompt: Preponderance)
Also for Acrostic Only (Prompt: Prayer)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Dreams Come True

His father was a lowly farmer. His mother just a plain housewife. Life was difficult. The boy Tobias went to school, rain or shine, traversing an almost 3 kms rough road by foot. His ordinary slippers often played petulant with the grip coming off. His spartan lunch packed in a plastic container consisted of just vegetables and over ripe fruits harvested from their farm. The boy assisted his father in tiny ways beyond school hours in the vegetable garden where his dad worked hard. The farm was the only source of their meager income.
He went to school every day without a single cent in his pocket. Being very friendly by disposition and warm in nature, he was liked by his class mates. They competed with each other in sharing their lunch with him. Being a bright boy, he in turn helped them in clearing their doubts in their lessons. It was an happy arrangement that worked well and took care of Tobias’s hunger.
The boy always dreamed of owning a bicycle like many other class mates that would render commuting to school easy. He knew the situation in the house and never asked his father for one. But the loving father aware of the hardship  the young boy faced walking both ways, procured a second-hand bike for him. The boy was greatly elated. He thought of ways to put the cycle to good use by distributing the morning dailies and hot pandesal to rich neighborhoods in the town proper. He woke up early in the mornings and worked hard with a smile on his face. On weekends, Tobias sold vegetables and fruits harvested from their backyard and orchard. He earned a tidy sum and shared with his parents keeping a small portion for himself.
While riding his bike, his mind would start to weave beautiful dreams of a bright future  for him. He was fond of seas and ships. He told to himself, “one day, I will be working in  a big ship and would be cruising the world for free.” Aboard his second-hand bicycle while selling newspapers and hot pandesal every wee hours of the morning, his mind would fly a thousand miles, creating wonderful dreams.
As he was dropping newspaper one early morning, he opened the gate of a rich man’s bungalow to leave the papers at the porch. As he entered the gate, the boy noticed a wallet lying on the ground. The rich man who had just woken up and who had come to the balcony noticed the boy bending to pick up something. Curious he stood there watching the boy with interest. The boy opened the wallet and found a bundle of money stacked inside with credit cards and other papers. He folded it immediately and walked towards the door to press the bell. The rich man hurried down to open the door.
Tobias said, "Sorry Sir, to disturb you early in the morning. I found this wallet lying across the gate when I came to leave the paper. Evidently it must have fallen,” with a meek smile on his face.
The rich man looked at the young boy clad in shabby dress but with a heart that was pure. He hugged the boy on an impulse and reeled of questions, “What is your name? Are you studying? Where do you live? What is your dad doing?” His eyes were moist with happiness at seeing such a honest boy despite the temptations that his poverty should normally induce anyone else to quietly walk away with the wallet.
To end the long story short, suffice it to say that the rich man was a captain in a ship and that he took the boy under his care, financed him for his studies and took him under his wings in the ship in due time.
Today, Tobias  is  cruising the world for free….aboard one of the biggest cruise ships in the world as one of its crew. From that bicycle that helped him create beautiful dreams, his hard work early in the mornings and above all his honesty, many things helped him realize his dream. He focused hard on his dream and worked his way in a positive spirit. It did materalise because he did his best to make those dreams come true. Things happen when we believe in ourselves.

"All that we are is a result of what we have thought." 
                                                        ~ Buddha from the Book, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne


Written for Thursday Tales (Tale No. 16)
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Thursday, July 15, 2010


Naughty little imp
Unchanged by praise
Incorrigible by nature
Scolding is futile
Antagonism he displays
Never ever gentle
Crude and vulgar
Extremely worrisome boy


Written for Acrostic Only (Prompt: Nuisance)
Also for Three Word Wednesday (Prompts: praise, gentle, vulgar)
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Monday, July 12, 2010


The twinkle in your eyes
The haunting smile on your lips
That heady spring in your walk
That graceful sway of your hips
That innocent laughter of yours
That gentle hug when I need it most
That caring and sensitive touch
Those words of faith soaked in love
Speak a lot about you
Words are redundant
What would I do without you
You stir something deep in me
That makes my heart gallop
And my knees weak
Overtly........ it is L~O~V~E!!!


Written for One Single Impression (Prompt: Overt)
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Saturday, July 10, 2010


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They met while on a cruise over the Bahamas, fell in love head over heels at first sight and he lost no time in proposing to her. They had the most celebrated wedding soon thereafter, again, on a cruise ship followed by their first honeymoon, of course on the cruise ship!
Clarisse and Armand in their mid-thirties were on a holiday independently from a busy corporate life when they first met on the ship. Clarisse is a corporate accountant in an IT company and Armand, a corporate chef in a five-star hotel, both in Macau. Till they met for what turned out to be a fairy tale-whirlwind romance, they were wedded to their profession with vaulting ambitions to grow in their careers and had no time even for romance let alone a marriage.
Strangely after their cruise wedding, they were in a hurry to have an angel to complete their perfect married life. They wished to have a baby soon as she was already in mid thirties but were not blessed with a child despite the many outings on romantic cruises.
“Honey, this will be the last time we're gonna go on a cruise,” Clarisse told Armand emphatically while they were packing. “I have failed you in giving you a child even after two years”, she added, almost teary-eyed. But Armand hugging her pacified her as he said “No honey, don’t lose heart. Let us be positive and hope for the best. Maybe, we're just stressed and pressured from anxiety and our official work; I think God will bless us with a child very soon.”
This time the trip on cruise did not excite her any more as the first few ones did. When she saw young women with babies in their arms or in the strollers, she became depressed. She preferred to stay inside the cabin and demurred when Armand called her to come out to the attractive events and places in the ship. The days moved on slowly for her. It was on the fourth day, the ship had a port call at Cozumel, Mexico. Armand encouraged Clarisse to take island hopping and she accepted the offer with alacrity wanting to get out of the cloistered feeling.
Passing through the lanes dotted with various souvenir shops, they bought pieces of souvenirs that caught Clarisse' fancy. There was a fortune teller's stall on the curve promising accurate predictions. Unable to resist the temptation to know their future, Armand pulled Clarisse inside the small booth. Bedecked in multi-colored clothes and various strands of beads on her neck, there was a dignified aura around the fortune teller. Her eyes were sharp and inquisitive as if she could read their minds. They sat before her deferentially and listened intently to the fortune-teller’s prophecy.
“I know your burden and what weighs in your mind”, the fortune teller spoke as she looked at Clarisse. “You both have good hearts and would be wonderful parents to a child needing a home. It would soon come your way, pray do not refuse her, take her and she will give you the joy and happiness you were longing for”, she continued.
The young couple was wonderstruck how the clairvoyant could read their minds with such precision and provide an answer to the question tormenting their minds. Perhaps they were not destined to have a baby of their own and the woman opened their eyes to the chance awaiting them. They both suddenly looked at each other in a quizzical way even as Armand squeezed Clarisse' hand and the latter acknowledged it.
After embarkation with three days more on cruise, the PA system announced that there was a lost child aged more than a year old and nobody has claimed her since she was found crying at the pool deck. Armand and Clarisse ran to the HR and saw a cute little girl looking at them eagerly. They lost no time to offer themselves to be the child’s foster parents till the real parents claimed her. When no one came claiming the child, the cruise director took their details and readily agreed after satisfying himself at their credentials as the child needed immediately somebody’s care and attention.
As Clarisse lifted the child in her arms, the little angel smiled at her innocently welling up in Clarisse’ heart the unknown but thrilling feelings of a mother’s love. The tiny girl found instant comfort in her arms and giggled as if Clarisse was her mom. She looked angelic, curly brown hair and with big round Mexican blue eyes.
They both rushed to the various shops in the ship’s Promenade, buying frantically clothes and toys for the child.
But Clarisse always had a nagging fear that someone would come later and claim the child back, and this fear did not leave her so easily. She had grown so much attached to the angel and she shuddered at the possibility. Luckily there was no such claim and they lived happily with the baby. She employed a help to take care of the child when she was away at work.
As Clarisse and Armand were watching the CNN news with the baby in her lap one late evening, they saw a woman who claimed that she had intentionally abandoned her baby at the pool deck due to extreme poverty, psychological incapacity, and her single parent status. She felt that the child would find a safe haven from among some rich passengers in the ship and expressed her thanks for anyone who found her baby and gave her a good home. She also assured that she harbored no intention to claim back the child from its comfortable environs.
Clarisse was in tears as she gratefully remembered the fortune teller and God for His blessing. They christened the girl Angela, an angel from heaven who made their wish come true.
“I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish that He didn't trust me so much”, muttered Clarisse silently with sheer joy in her heart. 


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Thursday, July 08, 2010


Ravenous in reading books
Even of tepid content
Always browsing their pages
Drifting to acrid moods
I was mostly rewarded
Never were books bane
Gobbling fiction my weakness


Written for Acrostic Only (Prompt: Reading)
Also for Three Word Wednesday (Prompts: acrid, bane, tepid)
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Monday, July 05, 2010

Road to your heart....

It is a thorny and stumbling path
Rugged and sharp all along the way
Hindering much the smooth navigation
To pure bliss, your final destination
The culmination of two hearts and souls

But the many hurdles you may meet
And  stiff challenges you may face
Would merely be obstacles to test
Your unfailing love and zest
Your endurance to overcome the odds
To  attain an idyllic life you wished for!

“Follow the right road to your heart”!


Written for One Single Impression (Prompt: Road)
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Saturday, July 03, 2010

"If Only....."

Freedom from the pain she wanted from every prick of the needle. After every painful jab, she would soon feel peace descending on her and the pain in the body vanished. As she fell into deep slumber, she sensed little by little her mind transported to a beautiful place of luscious green, a colorful space with azure sky dotted with fluffy white clouds, she felt as carefree and happy as she could be in her dream world.
Running barefoot, with colorful balloons on her hands, continuously teasing and daring her best friend Jim…."C'mon, beat me in this race if you can", Leah laughing in high spirits dared him. "And once you catch me, all these balloons are for you to release in the sky in sheer joy", she added. "Ha ha ha, slow-foot turtle, bleh!!!” she taunted him taking her to cloud nine.
Enthusiastic Jim was happy to give her a lead keeping deliberately a safe distance. Little did she know that Jim wanted her to run slow lest she tired herself? He would put a zestful demeanor giving her a false sense of a contest.
Ever since Leah was diagnosed with a terminal disease, Jim loved her more than ever.
Don't you like to have these balloons Jim?" Leah mocked. Oh yes, of course, dear. I would love to beat you,  though you seem fleet footed, I am not giving up,” Jim shouted back. "Maybe you're a weakling Jim. Run!!! I am far ahead! You're giving up?" Leah dared again. "No, no, once I catch you up, I will imprison you in my arms and let loose those balloons", Jim cheerfully shouted back.
Overly exhausted when her running turned to an irregular trot, she stumbled on the ground; Jim rushed to her side, lifted and rested her head on his lap. “ your eyes.....!!! We should rush to hospital,” he pleaded. When she didn't react, he was filled with fear of the worst and shouted “Leah, wake up!!!. My love, tell me what is wrong?” Crying loud, Jim took the thread clasped in her hands and let go the balloons in the air. “Let the colorful balloons follow you”, he sobbed, as the balloons wafted their way up in the vast sky.
Moments later when the doctor came to check Leah, he found she had breathed her last in her sleep. She won her eternal freedom from pain.


Written for Thursday Tales (Tale No. 14)
Also written for Acrostic Only (Prompt: FREEDOM)
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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Morning Thoughts ~ Smiles

Let us inject smiles and laughter in our daily life. Face is the mirror of our thoughts. A smile enhances the charm of our face and does wonders. It is hassle-free and actually adds to our wealth of friendship. A simple smile without a word demonstrates affection, appreciation and empathy. Care to give someone who needs your smile today?.....:-)


Written for Three Word Wednesday (Prompts: hassle, inject, wealth)
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