Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Amity's Beautiful Journey......

He's Someone Is SpecialThe blogger behind Few Miles...is an active member of Jingle's Monday Poetry Potluck and Thursday Poets' Rally. He also plays an important role as a member of Review Tuesday... :-))) Besides these  I have met this versatile writer at Blog-a-Ton and since then he was a constant visitor to  my blog leaving encouraging comments on all my posts. 

It is in  Z-A challenge that he has  proved his mettle in prose writing by making his participation in a novel form. And yes, I envisage  a very  promising future for him in novel writing. He is a  versatile writer writing poems in many different forms, Villanelle, Double Etheree, Haikus, to name only a few. I guess his pen name is for someone special in his life which he prefers to keep it a secret. Read his writings and you will learn more from him.

Btw, he calls me Mom, with due respect and affection coz he's just the age of my eldest kid... :-)))

My friends, , please join me in welcoming this new blog pal of mine ...Someone Is Special to   my blog as a guest writer....:-)))


Little things we do make someone feel special and happy on their special day, let it be anniversary or birthday, first or second or any, yet it is specially marked in the calendar. Today is one such fine day for this wonderful person, Amity, celebrating second birthday (or anniversary, as you wish) of this wonderful space, “Dreams Are My Reality”, where dreams are your paints, the world is your canvas, believe, is the brush that converts your dreams into a masterpiece of reality.

Just over a year of blogging, I found many pearls in my travel of few miles and one of them being Amity, a wonderful person who loves to be your critic, who inspires many hearts with her wonderful write-ups and poems and encourages many. I am one of those hearts who have been amazed and inspired by wonderful works of Amity. Here is a small ode dedicated for this wonderful person to share in this wonderful space on this special day…

It is a cherishing journey
Composed of femile stones
Friends, smiles and sweet moments
As this space unites simple
Hearts as wonderful friends
To cherish and celebrate
Few Milestones
With Celebrations
As Dreams Nurture
This Wonderful
Humble Soul
Paint inspiring dreams
With believe as brush
To reality

To my dear blogging “Mom” Amity…

This is my first ever guest post in my blogging career and I am happy to share it in your wonderful space. Though I shivered a little to type, I wrote what I felt right from my heart. I wish you to achieve many more milestones and love to enjoy more of your works…

Monday, November 29, 2010


Leo... the Rhymer without reason. Leo hardly needs any introduction to bloggers particularly to my readers. Any attempt  to introduce him would be akin  to carrying coal to Newcastle. He is a well known and popular  figure in my circle of bloggers  and surely beyond and held in high esteem for his poetic ability. I strongly feel  that the title of his blog I Rhyme Without Reason is a misnomer for he writes each time with reason and with profound common sense. His poems are invariably works of art and great charm serving  as benchmark for me and many budding poets to emulate and reach. He is himself  a prolific writer in various platforms besides encouraging various bloggers  through his succinct comments. I know he has been a mentor to many promising poets who approach him, guiding them  into  the nuances of various forms of poetry and prose. I have personally benefited by my association with him in the field of writing and blogging. I would proudly share with you the secret  that my beautiful template is his creation

He hosts a handful of memes from Thursday Tales, to Haiku Heights, to Lots of Laughter and lately the Z-A Challenge in 26 Days for the month of November, which will be ending tomorrow and which I had actively participated that made me a prolific writer for this month as a blogger. Do we need a proof to show that he is a versatile writer and blogger very well known in the blogging community around the world . Name a meme, and he's there with his splendid poems, e.g Monday Poetry Potluck, Thursday Poets' Rally, Writers Island, Sensational Wednesday Haiku and many more. 
Lest I give more *talks* with his guesting here than he would do...let me now give the floor to the Rhymer ................. opppsss... he opted this time for a long prosaic lullaby for me but it still rhymes, hiding the poet in him na... :P
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, the Amateur Poet who Rhymes Without Reason..:D 


I frankly don't know what I'm doing here :P Wasn't I here just a year back? I'm sure I said a lot and most of what I know about this Filipino auntie Amity ;) What more could I add on to that, I wonder! I said she puts a lot of effort into her blogging and she still does. I said she had a talent in Acrostics, she still does, and she's even got a bucketload of award badges from Amias at Acrostic Only to prove her talent was recognized by one of the best writers of Acrostic  poetry I know! I said she's a passionate friend, and she is. What more do I add on about Amity? Awwww shucks, no wonder I "nearly" backed out of this guest post agreement. See Amity, I'm finding it so difficult to write about you. :P
I'll give it a try nevertheless. In the past one year, Amity has taken a serious commitment to writing. The fact that she has won two Blog-A-Tonic badges in successive months itself shows she's putting more effort to fine-tune her writing. Kudos to her for that. She's also got better and better at writing Haikus and is a regular at my haiku meme, Haiku Heights. She's now past 200 followers at her blogspace, which should be a milestone too. Not that it would end there, a thousand looks on the cards soon for this extremely sensitive blogger, who tells she'll take "breaks" when she gets irritated. Good thing her plans don't take shape though, I'm sure many would miss her words. She doesn't like her other blog All Acrostics that much, and even after its creation, she's continued to write her acrostics at Dreams are my Reality itself. She's going to heights in blogging, so I think on her anniversary, I'll gift her a nice jacket, so she doesn't feel the chill up there... maybe I can join her there sometime soon! :)
I think that's all I've to add on, since I already mentioned that Madhu mentioned she's stealing hearts in my previous guest post here last year! Hope to see her writing a lot of different forms, win more and more awards and appreciation from her peers, and maybe get to meet her sometime.
Signing off,
The Amateur Poet,

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Symphony Called Amity.....

Nanka Quills. No, no, no, no, no! I mean she owns Quills, the name of her blog. Cute isn’t it? The first time we met, it was over Leo’s place… J We were like the prim and proper teenage girls who could only write fine-tuned comments. Then later on, we got to know each other better (through FB) and then we started commenting each other’s blog with *evil laughs, evil grins*… ha ha ha…We are like the perfect partners in crime. In short, we clicked in so short a time since we met each other….like soulmates na… :D 

The moment of ‘no-holds barred’ came soon. Then she started to offer her home, making her door wide open for me to barge in anytime I want to....:D However, I should have done that even during their Diwali celebration. It’s too bad I am not a millionaire so that anytime  I can gate-crash her party… he he he… :D I guess, I need to start saving money for that matter na… :D And don't forget to prepare that superlicious gooeeeeyyyyy cake of yours....:D

This is too much of an intro Nanka, I have said so much na about our ‘relationship’…ha ha ha… I guess it’s your time now to quill……*evil laughs*….. :D….. peace!!! Btw, why did u divulge our top secret, 'my real name'? Hopefully our readers will have memory lapse for the time being... :D

My friends, please welcome my very own Indian friend from Mumbai, Nanka of QuillsJ



Friend of mine
Has reached a milestone
Very original posts she writes
Her dreams become reality, conquers obstacles
Successful trend in career
Kind helpful nature
Charming grace

I was delighted to be invited by Venelyn more popularly known as Amity by the blogging world, to do a guest post on her reaching a milestone, her 2nd anniversary in blogging. A beautiful mother of three children, she hails from Phillipines. A truly international Blogger she is followed by a large number of people from all over the world. It is to her credit that she has endeared herself to all age groups and is perfectly at ease with each and every one of them. 

Every morning I am pleasantly welcomed by Amity's cheerful "Good Morning!!" and never has she failed to leave a comment on anyone's write. Her rich vocabulary and eloquent words are a sheer delight. Her art of using the English language with fluency and aptness is a pleasurable experience whilst reading. I must add here that she has mastered every form of writing, be it prose or poetry. Her gentleness and quiet nature is very evident from the photographs she puts up of herself and her country, from time to time. Always her camera captures serene sceneries or radiant and colorful rare flowers, as dear as herself. She is a serious writer always highlighting a cause and standing up for it. I must include here that Venelyn also has the finer touch of humor which she reveals in her posts as well as in her comments back.

When there are days you know you have not done a perfectly good write, when that zing is missing, there is always someone who shows up, and the first one is usually Amity, my good dependable friend, who finds the intended communication which was not directly expressed. It is such a pleasure to read her comments.

When a message is sent from a distance, you cannot see the face,
You cannot see the Smiles,
But you can sense the care that truly comes from the heart.

We may walk on different paths of life but no matter where we are or go, we will take a little of each other everywhere.. 

~ Nandini

Saturday, November 27, 2010

From The Netherlands with LOVE!!!

A Few Tidbits About Dear Anya: She is from the beautiful tulips country, The Netherlands. She has been my blogger-pal for almost a year now. Though she seldom writes lately in her blog Kareltje N' Ikke, as she's still in the stage of recuperating from a very sad loss of her beloved hubby a couple of months back...I am so happy that she's trying to get back on her feet now and would like snowballing with me already...Cheers Anya, I admire that strength in you and your positive outlook in life. Remember, the symphony will continue to play happy tunes as there are still few strings left in your beautiful violin and they are your lovely daughters...:-) and of course your cuddly Kareltje... :D....I love you Anya and hugs to Kareltje... :-)))) Now take the baton and let the orchestra start playing.... :-) 


Dear dear Amity,


on your second blogoversary :-)

Its soooooo FANTASTIC to meet you
and to have a friend at Philippines !!!
Your blog is so different from other blogs
you write always such a wonderful poems and stories.
It sounds always wonderful in my ears...... lols

A song for you:

♩ ♬ Happy Birthday to your blog ♪ ♫
♩ ♬ Happy Birthday to your bloggie ♪ ♫
♪ ♫ Happy Birthday to Dreams Are My Reality ♬ ♪
♩ ♬ ♪ ♫ Happy Birthday to youuuuu ... ♩ ♬ ♪♬
AMITY your blog (and you)
are ~ incredible ~

Dear Amity

Everyone should have
a friend like you
You are so much fun to be with
And you are such a good person
You crack me up with laughter
And touch my heart with your kindness
You are a wonderful friend

Hugs Anya
Cuddle Kareltje =^.^=

Kereltje's Photo, I stole from Anya's blog... :P


Thank you so much Anya...love you...and hugs to Kareltje..:-) May our friendship last a lifetime!!!

P.S. Do read my take on D-Destiny and C-Cottage for Leo's Z-A Challenge HERE in my other blog. And Please follow if it's your first time there. Thanks... :-)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Amity...A BAT* Pal~

A Little Introduction: Vee of Psyche's Visage had kindly accepted my invitation that he will do a guest post in celebration of my 2nd year Blogoversary, come the 28th of the month and will be joining others who wholeheartedly accepted my request. I have known Vee through Blog-a-Ton, 12th Edition which won for him a Silver.

Now Vee, take it away.... :-)

I've known Amity ever since I got back from my year long hiatus from the blogger world. And, for someone like me who goes through frequent mood swings and much more frequent writers blocks, she has been a constant inspiration and motivation. With this motivation I write my first Acrostic on the person through whose words my eyes have seen places, my mind learned of things and my heart underwent lots of emotions -

Acrostic or Narrative
Magical your words are
Indelible their impression is
To my blogger pal
You are an inspiration!



* BAT means Blog-a-Tonic

Thursday, November 25, 2010

E for My Early End of the Z-A Challenge

Thank You Very Much

To my blogging friend Leo
Thank you so very much...
But sad to say I am also sorry 
that I have to end this early
the Z-A Challenge of yours
coz' several blogging buddies
will be around to celebrate with me
in my 2nd year blog anniversary
starting tomorrow early
and that even includes you
come the 29th is your due.

So here's an early toss to success of your Z-A Challenge in 26 Days!!!

It started on the first day
On a cool, rainy day of November
Leo's Z to A Challenge in 26 Days
Where I gladly participated
Though I missed some days!


Thanks for the Catch-Up Sunday
I worked on letters I missed from 3rd Day
W, K, I with haiku treats
Some few loved most the Kiss!


I would surmise its the best challenge
That I had ever experienced
In this interesting blog world
Where everyone writes, young and old.


It pains me to end it early
But I can't do much truly
The celebration of my blog anniversary
Has to be done simultaneously.

Let me thank you for the opportunity then
For inviting me to join this Z-A Challenge
It's an accomplishment I can be proud of
And can look back someday soon
When I will already be gray and old....

This challenge made me crazy
I'd wake up in the middle of night
Thinking what to write for the next day
Afraid to be late for my post to be up
As everyone seems to have done early enough!

At this juncture let me introduce my dear readers
Some few dear and nice blogging friends 
who will be guest posting in my blogoversary
It will start with Vee of Psyche's Visage
Followed by Anya of Kareltje N' Ikke
Then Nanka of Quills will grace the Day
And Leo of I Rhyme Without Reason will follow suit
To be finally ended by Someone Is Special of Few Miles!

Happy reading to one and all!!!