Monday, January 26, 2009

$4.72 Richer

Yes! Blogging made me $4.72 richer at the end of 2008. Thanks to Googles Adsense. I only found out yesterday when I tried to open my Adsense account. $4.72 only for 2008? Of course, yes! Because I only started having my blogsite late November 2008 and had only been able to let Google advertise into my blogsite sometime in December 2008 because it took me weeks before I was able to follow instructions set by Adsense and so that advertisers can crawl into my blogsite.

Sir Gie, thanks for encouraging me to do so. If I am to assess the popularity of your blogsite now, I believe you’re now a hundred dollars richer than I am because you started blogging earlier and I believe that you have wider circle of friends and followers of your weblog. If it’s not too much of the asking, please help me publicize my site too, even to your students only.

Now blogging doesn’t only cure migraines. It’s not just a way to escape boredom and homesickness. But the great side of it, it does give you money, folks! I am a living testament to that.

When I relayed my humble achievement to my classmate, Sir Gie, he texted me back, “Great”!

When I relayed the news to my daughter, she suddenly started to become interested in visiting my blogsite. Why not! I said to her. Let us earn money the exciting way. Who knows, by the end of 2009, I’ll be a thousand dollars richer? And I could do that if I’ll get serious blogging. Without any capital, but just to escape boredom and homesickness, and heal migraines, I can write for as long as I wish to.

But for now, I am not yet collecting what I earned from Adsense. I deferred being paid for the time being. I may as well have them pay me when I have a hundred dollars or more into my Adsense account.

See, what blogging can do? Try it and you’ll say I am really serious and I truly got $4.72 richer as of this writing!

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