Tuesday, January 20, 2009

And He Said, "Yes, Sweetie"

Before I will forget what am gonna share you this time, let me tap, tap, tap on my laptop now, though its already quite late in the evening, the truth is, I can’t sleep because of too much excitement.

For he said an hour ago when he called, “yes”, “sure”, “why not”, “okay”; and he used all the affirmatives he can think of maybe. He said I will book tomorrow my flight in going to Manila when I will be meeting him at the NAIA when he arrives after an eight months work in a place so many miles away, as well as our flight back home from Manila, via Tuguegarao. I’ll be boarding a plane twice in just a matter of 24 hours, you see?

Isn’t that something I can be excited about? At last, I can soon experience how to travel on air. Ha ha ha. Goosebumps. . . I feel nervous and truly eager. How I wish it will be tomorrow already, just to immediately satiate my excitement.

FYI, it took me a lot of convincing for my husband to say yes and agree to my proposal. Maybe, when I said I’ll take charge of the air fare, and use my credit card, he thought he’s spared of the expenses. Of course not, payments for my card will surely come from him.

Honestly, I proposed that I take the plane to and from Manila due to the following logical and practical reasons:

First, the fare of taking the bus (RCJ or Florida) is more less the same as taking the plane (P730.00 for the bus; P788.00 for the plane, and this includes all taxes);

Second, lesser travel time as taking the bus will take you 12 hours to travel while in a plane, it’s just an hour; and

Third, it will give you lesser stress and fatigue.

So guys, travel through the reasonable and sensible way. Take the plane. If it’s your first time, it’s a treat, too. And for sure, you will have your second, third and many more plane rides. For cheaper rates, book earlier.

It’s my first time, you know! If the experience is satisfying, it tends to be repeated. Ha ha ha. I’ll soon be a loyal costumer of PAL and will be able to earn mileage until such time that I will be able to travel abroad through my mileage earnings. It’s quite an ambitious dream. But who knows?

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