Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Dread the Day

Yes, I dread the day when I will be alone in our abode of three bedrooms, two bathrooms, one small kitchen and dining room, one elongated living room, a dirty kitchen, a laundry area and a small garage with no car to park.
I really dread the day when I will no longer hear banging of carelessly closed doors of my children’s bedroom, of footsteps that march in and out of my bedroom even while I’m deeply asleep.

I truly dread the day when there will be no more kids to hug me goodnight, to greet me good morning, to bid me goodbye before they leave for school.

I dread the day when there will be one to ask me what I had prepared for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I simply dread the day when there will be no kids to be given a weekly allowance and allowances for attending contests, workshops, seminars and conferences.

I dread the day when there will be no one to greet me when I arrive home from office, to ask me how was my day in work, to tell me I am a bit intolerable in some moments, to tell me, “you’re the best Mom in the world”.

Because two years from now, all my children will be in college. And surely they will be leaving me to have their own dreams realized.

But I look forward to the days when they will be home for the semestral breaks, for the summer vacations, for the Christmas and New Year’s Holidays.

I will happily look forward to the days when they will be with me again and ask me to cook their favorite dishes, their favorite snacks and other delicacies they used to have when they’re still home.

I will certainly look forward to the days when doors of bedrooms will be banging again, when one after the other troops to my room just to see me or tell unnecessary things or just to have my attention diverted to them.

I will surely look forward to the days when we can again bond together as a family by going to places they like best like the beach, the mountains and many other places.

Life’s a journey. There are stations, one must need to gas up, one must take a break, one must continue to travel, others will alight, and still others will take another ride. But the destination will be one great dream if truly realized.

My children will leave me, to take a journey. Somewhere along the way, the road may be smooth or bumpy, but the end therewith is yet to be seen. I cross my fingers with prayers that God will guide them all along the way. And have their wagon hitched to a star.

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