Monday, January 05, 2009

You Can Heal Your Life

After writing a series of blogs ready for posting anytime I have time to do it, I thought I need a good rest already. I got tired writing this time. But then, while languorously lying in my humungous bed, I thought it will do me good if I tune in to a TV channel while I relax. I have surfed channels until I reached Studio 23. Its Oprah Winfrey’s show, the most popular and the highest paid highest earning TV Show and host in the entire planet, if my memory serves me right.

Reality struck me like lightning. It was because a few years back, I felt like giving up on life. I was easily disappointed. My frustration tolerance was so low. I easily cry on nonsense things. I was often told I was like a cry-baby. I was easily hurt. My hurt threshold was so low. I felt as was not good enough as a person. I was a very sensitive person. Because I can’t take anymore what’s going on before me, I even attempted to murder (that’s too brutal, isn’t it?) my own life, but thank goodness, it was a failure. The syrup I was drinking was for infants then, so it was not too strong to make me hallucinate until I will loss consciousness and later on, stop breathing due to over dosage.

One among Oprah’s guests in that episode of her show was Louise Hay, author of the book, You Can Heal Your Life.

Making positive statements in your life. Life is a journey. Positive energies. Bubbles in life. The power of positive thinking. These were expressed at random in her show by her guests-writers-authors who are out to promote their books.

I got Oprah’s and her guests’ message loud and clear. You can heal your life. And I am with them now when they said that. After all, life is a journey. Life must be lived with positive energies. We must live our life happily coupled with positive thinking. There may be bubbles along the way, but they give color and add meaning into our lives. There maybe ups and downs along the way, but they are just spices that will make us a better person. More so, if we make positive statements in our life, we become a more realistic person. Our dreams become reachable, our vision more attainable.

I feel I am a new person now. I have overcome things which could have completely ruined my life. I am a better person now. I can face the world with pride but with a humble heart and spirit. I have great dreams now, for my family and for myself. I am starting to appreciate this life God gave me. As I look around, I see beauty in every creature God created for us. For every hugs and kisses and words of love and encouragement from my kids, my hubby and few best friends, I feel an adrenalin rush, a rush that encourages me to live longer and to enjoy to the fullest this gift of life. Yes, we can heal our lives. I just did.

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