Tuesday, March 24, 2009


A few minutes ago, I was inspired to write a new entry for my blog site. A few seconds ago, it became the opposite. Why? I am in a cold war with a sis-in-law. I castigated and scolded his delinquent son this morning for trying to remove the franchise sticker of our tricycle. He has two nannies (for the rich and famous, huh?) watching what he's doing but no one between them tried to stop what he's doing. They just watched and tolerated him.

When the mother arrived, his other nanny reported that I scolded his son. She flared up and up to this moment is still flaring up and from the looks of it, she's so mad at me. She's so adept at hurling invectives to an opponent who is not at all willing to fight back at her explosive character since time immemorial. I did not try to go out of my house. Who cares if she'll continue to utter invectives against my person? It only shows who she is.

Maybe, what I am writing now is too personal. But if I can't express how hurt I am now, I might end up in a hospital. When you don't fight back, the hurt feelings keeps building up and that may become detrimental to one's health state.

Not all scenarios like that are worth fighting back. I am not stupid to stoop to their level. I just can't believe why my in-laws seemed so indifferent with me. But one thing I know, I usually do not accommodate their financial yearnings from me. But why should I? Basically, I don't have the means to give in to their wishes and caprices. It's hard to earn money. And is it fair to lend money to people who do not pay you as promised? Once, twice, thrice, is enough!

But it seems that they have a license to demand from us from time to time which does not expire till death. And that's the reason why they are so mad at me. My husband and I worked hard to make our life better. We did not ask alms from other people, much more from my in-laws. From the start, they did not like me because they have great dreams for their son, now my husband. Maybe, they dreamed that their son will marry a rich woman which is totally the opposite of me. But is there anyone out there who would like to marry a man who did not finish college because his parents are not the kind who's willing to sacrifice just so their son can get a college degree?

While we worked hard and grabbed wonderful opportunities to make our life better, another license for them came in handy. They treat us as if we will forever be indebted to them. Of what? And why?

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  1. Poor Ate Amy,... until now your paying the unseen debt from and by loving your husband. I symphatized with your sentiment against your in-laws,... Anyways,... does your husband tolerate all of these? if I were you, don't entertain them, don't give them a single penny. What are they thinking of you,..rich, easy to make money,..how dare are they?