Friday, March 06, 2009

Losing Precious Gadgets

Losing precious gadgets does not only mean dropping them or leaving them in places and realizing thereafter that you can’t retrieve it anymore as some other souls coveted owning it and hiding it from the real owner. It could also mean being destroyed unintentionally.

My daughter lost a high end cellphone and an Olympus Digicam to snatchers one after the other last year. The same is through with my youngest kid. He left his cellphone inside a tricycle while taking a ride back home which we were not able to retrieve anymore. Aside from that, my daughter, again, dropped his newly bought cp inside our toilet bowl. Naturally, it was destroyed. We tried to request for a replacement as it was just newly purchased and covered with a year’s warranty, but the dealer found out that the reason of its destruction was due to mishandling. Thus, they did not replace it. I said to my daughter, “have that cp wood-laminated to serve as a special memento of carelessness”. She just shrugged off her shoulders.

Because she would lose one gadget after the other, she resigned herself to using just the ordinary cp which snatchers wouldn’t care to take a look at or will never try to snatch it. She learned a lesson which reduced her to prefer the cheap and low end celphone like the one she’s using now.

But the most hurting way to lose a precious gadget is to destroy it unintentionally. That’s the case for my Sony Vaio laptop. What’s worse is that when we requested the services of a Sony Service Center in Baguio City, we were disappointed to learn that they are not allowed to touch, repair or open laptops bought abroad as is the case of my own. Believing that these service centers cater to the needs of their clients/customers, it was never their case.

We left the service center too disappointed. I wanted to cry. But then, we tried another service center that was willing to find out the cause of why my precious gadget does not boot and we were led to an hp service center. They examined it and found out that the motherboard was destroyed. That’s a first opinion and as of now I am not yet resigned to accepting the fate of my precious friend. But in those moments after learning that it’s already beyond repair, as alleged, I wanted to cry.

Just the other day, I contacted a friend whom I believe can have a second-best opinion on the case of my gadget. I am crossing my fingers now and hope that they can still repair it. Although my hubby bought me a new one, dispensing my first really breaks my heart. I want it to be working again.

It is so precious to me. Since the time I can no longer use it, I stopped writing blogs. I felt I am a lesser person without it. Though my new one arrived three weeks ago, I had this fear that I might destroy it again. But this afternoon, I realized that it’s useless to continue brooding on a hopeless case? So after arriving home from office, I immediately went to my bedroom, brought the laptop out from where it was hidden since it arrived and here I am writing my second blog today. This time, I’d be more careful in using it. This time, I should not let anyone use it. This time, to hell with those internet prompts for updates that continuously pops up on the screen every time I am connected to the net. Basically, they are the greatest culprits which you can never fight back or get even at. You’re always at the losing end.

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