Friday, March 06, 2009

My Happiest Birthday

Feb 16, 2009. It’s my t-2nd birthday. And. . .it’s my happiest birthday, as far as I can remember. First, I was with my hubby after five years that he’s not around during my birthdays due to his work assignment on the opposite side of planet earth.

He arrived on that day at exactly 11:15 in the morning at the NAIA Terminal 1 via Cathay Pacific from a more than two days plane travel and after an eight months’ absence from his family. I went to Manila to meet him at the airport. Though I was supposed to travel by plane via PAL Express (Tuguegarao-Manila) but due to time constraints, I opted to take the bus a day before his arrival due to a delayed flight relayed to me by PAL staff before the scheduled date of my travel. My decision to take the bus was because I don’t want him to be the one waiting for me at the airport. It was too much of an inconvenience on my part but there is no better choice.

His arrival on my birthday was loaded with great surprises and I was so amazed. He bought me a new laptop when I told him before he signed off from work that my Sony Vaio was destroyed. He really knew that a laptop is my best companion every time he leaves me for work. I was more than thankful. He’s really a guy full of surprises. How I wish that one day, he would buy me a car, a Toyota Fortuner, ha ha ha. Happy thoughts. Great dream of a lifetime. They’re a lot. I am just giving you a taste of one.

And why it was my happiest birthday? It’s a secret only you kuya and I know. It’s a secret only me and my laptop knows.

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