Thursday, February 11, 2010

Craved Singleness

When he found new love
In the arms of a young lass
She did not feel hurt.

Written for One Single Impression (Prompt: Single)


  1. very nice haiku...
    he found new love, but she wasn't hurt when he left her for a younger lass? very strong mind she has.. :)

  2. Hi!

    Yeah, a strong mind she has and a strong heart, indeed!

    A willingness to survive because life is beautiful!

    Good morning!!!


  3. nicely done and unfortunately often true! I agree with Leo, she must have a strong mind and heart. Love the picture!

  4. Wow...that kind of strength takes guts. It's a rare thing to see anymore.

  5. Hi Patti;

    Thanks so much...:) Yes, it is, indeed!

    Good morning!


  6. Gavin;

    Ha ha ha, it is really! Lots of guts!

    But if one wants to live, she must survive the odds!

  7. :)...thats a beautiful pic with beautiful wordings :)..


  8. aww... so beautifully described!

    I love your header :-)

    Cheers :-)

  9. Dear Amity,
    Good Evening!hey,I told you,you will be back in track!
    beautiful picture of the sweet lady!don't tell me she didn't get hurt!she is!but,she must be really kind to let him go!
    better persons yet to come!life is full of dreams and expectations.
    wishing you a wonderful night,

  10. Hi KP;

    Just a figment of my imagination, nah!


  11. Raaji;

    ..thanks dear...:)

    my header? that's from Shraddha, she made this template for me...:)

  12. Hi Melissa;

    I miss yah...and thanks so much...:)

    I will come visit your blog soon..:)

  13. Hey HaRy;

    ...yeah, and thanks so much! ;)

  14. Hello Anu;

    ...maybe, she was too kind to let him go, or maybe, she does not feel any love for him anymore, so she was too willing to let him go!

    yeah, am back, and hopefully for good!

    thanks so much! :)

  15. She looks like really a strong personality.

    Nicely done haiku :)

    The Colors Magazine

  16. what a jerk...i am sad for the older woman..

  17. heyy..vry nice haikuu..deepness of wrds is felt..gr8 dear..! nice 2 c u bak..:)

  18. this makes me want to know more!
    Does she know that love is not a limited thing? Was she happy to see him go, was she happy to share him? wonderful poem that makes me want to know more.

  19. I like the way you used the title as an ending. Nice piece!

  20. Hi Lena;

    thanks for dropping by...i missed a lot of your posts for the past two weeks...just arrived from a holiday for two weeks, i will soon come visit your place in due time, this coming weekend...:)

    glad you like it dear! have a nice day!

  21. Hi Shraddha;

    ..ha ha ha, no, not really, maybe she prefers being single than getting some more heartaches!

    good morning dear!


  22. Hey Madhu;

    yeah..i am happy i am back but not with a blast!
    how about you? i read at FB that you're dying to go back? do it dear!

    good morning!

  23. Hi Tammie;

    ...maybe, she just wants to free herself from more agonies he is giving him and letting him go is the best way now that she can do! more pains, no more tears, and surely doing it is a great sign of strength and the will to survive, in spite of being single.

    ...many of us prefers singleness than having someone who'd only break our hearts and destroy our souls and self-esteem!

    thanks Tammie!

  24. Tumblewords;

    yeah, i am glad u got my point of using such a title!

    thanks so much!!!

  25. Makes me think of many women I know who learned to make peace with what was. I don't know how they did it.

  26. Hi Sandy;

    Yeah, you are right! Maybe, just being strong and maybe, these women must have simply fallen out of love!

    Thanks Sandy, have a nice day!

  27. Welcome back! No place like home, huh?

    This may be true love, she knows what will make him happy.
    Cute pictured girl, she's dreamy.

  28. VERY unique words and image !!!!!
    Yeaaaahhhhh .....

    Are you back home ????


  29. Hi Jim;

    Thanks for visiting...:)

    And yeah, thanks for your kilometric comments on my other blog, about Singapore? But sorry, I have to remove it. Yes, you made me smile really!

    Have a great week ahead Jim!

  30. Hi Anya; back...:) I missed you dear, I will come to your place the soonest!

    Is Netherlands still snowing..:)

    Hugs to Kareltje, too!

  31. I've been thinking to try my hand in haiku's but then everytime i end up writing a short poem :P

    its beautiful.the picture and the words both make sense :)

    keep it up :)

  32. Sunakshi;

    Thanks so much dear, glad you liked it!

    Haiku you mean? You just follow some syllable counts I guess!

    But ending your work in a poem is not bad at all!