Thursday, February 18, 2010


Reminiscent of God’s promise
As told and written
In the Bible that
No longer will He
Be ending the world
Of another deluge instead
Will reckon every sinner
Such ferocious deathly fire

Written for Amias' Acrostic Only


  1. aww.. how do you come up with such a great combination of words?!


  2. Nice words.But why talk of sinners being reckoned with ferocious deathly fire when rainbow brings lot of cheer and smile.

  3. wow mam! how do you do this.. your words always leave me speechless..


  4. as the others said i often wonder how you come up with such a combination and to say the truth i was imagining something else not sinners with rainbows LOL but i loved it!

  5. wish u a very hppy b'day sis.

    love u loads... hugssssssssssss

    i dont hv net at home. commnting from offc. take care :)

  6. colors of life means rainbow :)....

    nicely done


  7. heyy amityy..nicely written poor me culdnt relate much this i've always known rainbows bringing colors n joy..culd u plss xplain me wid few wrds..luv yah..hugs..!!!

  8. though it seem 2 be written in real depth..!!!

  9. B'day..? yeye Many many happy returns of the day Amity.. *smiles*

  10. Raaji;

    too much concentration dear in an almost claustrophobic room...:)

    i just have those thoughts dear...:)

    thanks for coming by!

  11. KP,

    I tried to put the significance of a rainbow reminding us what it means...

    thanks for dropping by!

  12. Hope;


    Thanks dear! Try it and you will know how to do it... ^.^

    Good evening... :)

  13. Melissa;

    I defined what the rainbow symbolizes in a Christian point of view... :)

    Thanks Melissa...:)

  14. Hello Preety;

    Oh so happy you've graced my birthday here at blogville...:)

    Tsup, tsup, mwah, mwah!!!

    Thanks so much dear!!!

    Take care always... :)

  15. Hems;

    ..thanks so much!

    let there be rainbow in ur life..:)

  16. Hello Madhu;

    After the deluge, when all waters have ebbed on earth, God made a promise the He will not reckon sinners anymore with another flood but with fire! And a rainbow God created to remind us of that promise and warning...:)

    Got me dear?

  17. oh..yes..dear i was never knowing this thing..thank you so much for enhancing my knowledge,..thnx a lott for letin me know..very well write..written in depth wid a luvlyy picture..:)

  18. Interesting take on the prompt.

    A God that is suppose to be about forgiving, drowns and burns the ones who is suppose to be forgiven .. it's a hard concept to fathom.