Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Back...but not for good yet... :P

New Year Wishes...

Movie Marathon

Kids are home for Christmas vacation…so what can I do but watch movies with them one after the other, not in the big screen though but a small screen at home…got pissed off with our ISP, got tired calling them 3x a day to report that our net connection is not yet working…server probs…what an easy answer by a voice prompt? Or is it a voice prompt or some real human creature?

It is raining continuously rendering outing impossible.Yesterday was fun, 3 movies in a day? We rested only when it was time for meals then take a short nap only to be  back to movies again.

Prince of Persia – wow an action, adventure and fantasy movie all rolled into one and shall I say, sort of a mix of science fiction and with lots of humor too. I wish I could buy a ‘magic dagger’, which I could use to change the course of ‘destiny’ of my life.

I love Dustan and Tamina’s chemistry. I even like how they try to steal that dagger from each other. Just watch the movie, I am just speechless. A tear-jerker also at the end…. :P

Will resume soon to post in the blog... :-)

The dawn of new year is not far off. Here is wishing you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!



  1. Glad you're enjoying your holidays! Can't go wrong with a movie marathon.

  2. glad to see you back, Happy New Year...

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