Sunday, December 05, 2010

Rain only reminds me of you.....

It was one fine morning. Liz had to meet Jay. As agreed over phone, Jay picked her up at the appointed time. 

Jay liked Liz and so did Liz. Meeting each other happened just once in a blue moon. Whenever Liz travelled to the city for a very important business appointment that was mostly infrequent, Liz would always made it a point to meet Jay. Even when Jay was very busy with his work, he always found time for her and was also excited to be with her.
And today, today is very special for Liz. It’s her birthday and meeting Jay is almost a treat…! Jay was on time to pick up Liz.
While driving on a boulevard to the international airport, it started raining suddenly. Not just, drizzle, but a heavy downpour. Whenever they were together, Liz remembered that it always rained and the cool ambience made them utterly romantic.
That’s what happened today too. “I wish this rain and the journey with him will not end,” murmured Liz to herself even as she stole a look at Jay. She felt like melting in his arms with her knees growing weak especially when Jay responded with a mesmerizing smile and those attractive squinting eyes rendered her defenseless against his charm.
“Oh my, those eyes,” Liz could only whisper to herself.
Jay on the other hand, reached for Liz’ hands and clasped them tightly. The touch sent thrills along her spine and gave her goose bumps. She could sense that Jay too was kindled. He stopped the car in a road shoulder and smiled at her. He drew her close to him and ran his fingers across her hairs softly. She snuggled closer and his lips brushed against her cheeks. Her heart pounded feverishly fast and seemed to burst in the sheer excitement. No words were spoken but they became aware of the intensity of their emotions. They could only savor the ecstatic silence as their lips locked with each other. 
“I wish to hug you tightly,” Jay whispered under his breath, “Liz, my God, what have you done to me? You are a perfect angel for me, but why can’t I have you all to myself?”
His warm embrace gave Liz a feeling of bliss, making her wrap him in her arms. This willing reciprocation from her made Jay all the more crazy.
Then suddenly, from out of the blue, Jay pushed her down on the seat and fell upon her chest tightening his hold further and smothering her with passionate kisses. Liz could only helplessly oblige and respond to his fervor.
“I love you so much Liz,” he whispered into her ears. “I love you too Jay, only God knows how much” she uttered, almost teary eyed.
Suddenly he realized that he should hold back and sat up to say “Happy birthday Liz.” Liz could only smile understandingly at his control of emotions. Though a trifle disappointed, she was proud of him. As he hugged her, again tears of joy fell from her big brown eyes, as if trying to compete with the rain outside that came cascading on the windshield of his car.
Every time it rained, Liz was always reminded of Jay. Though miles apart, the rains as silent witness always brought back the memories of Jay and the happy moments in the car….they both loved the rain….the sound it gave them in the car and the romantic feelings it brought. She felt in such moments that Jay was just beside her ready for her embrace. 
Written for Thursday Tales

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Prompt: Free(dom)
Image Credit: HEREThe artist is my dear friend/sis, Preetilataat her blog White Window.


  1. Dear Amity,
    Good Afternoon!What a romance!Just yesterday I wrote one post.
    Each time I'm trying to get out of that,someone or something will drag me back.:)
    I enjoyed the soft smooth flow of love.Beautiful post as the romantic red rose.
    Wishing you a beautiful day ahead,

  2. What a magic you have weaved here.. magical rain...knocking at the windshield to express happiness over the true explosioon of joy that restraint might have showered in those moments of passion.. Well done Amity for such a creation.. God bless.. and thanks too for your happy comments on my post.. Continue to be an angel and keep spreading happiness..

  3. A romantic piece, so well written! well done Amity.

  4. Really magical and pleasantly exciting!! Very well done Amity and always a pleasure to be on your blog!!

  5. amity that spell bounded was so romantic and mushy...a beautiful read...

  6. Soooooo romantic...
    I loved every word of your post... :)
    I can only dream of writing like this...

  7. So romantic and passionate...I want to know what becomes of Jay and Liz!

  8. Short romantic tale, eluding to future moments of passion, definitely nice memories to carry within.

  9. Yes, true Reflections...the moments will be worth reminiscing... :-)

  10. Hi Jingle,

    Thanks for the kind consideration.. :-) I have linked one of my old Villanelle poems...:))))

  11. Thanks Shail, glad you find it lovely!!! Yeah, I love short story writing!!! :-)

  12. this is cute and passionate.