Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Preeti-n-Amity: That’s all we need.

Day 2:  B is for Best Friends by Artful Magpie
The relationship we share is not a new one. It dates back to the time when Amity has started making her wonderful presence felt over the blogging community.  Though it is of no surprise to me to realize that today she and her blog has reached the level of being a celebrity, that too in such a short span of time. I always knew that she has that li’l extra-ordinarily special in her to reach out to everybody around.

I for that matter happen to be a person who can share a heart-to-heart bond with only a very few. But the warmth that Amity emits is so soothing that I got en-wrapped in it instantly.  Initially she wanted to be my sweet-n-cute mom. But I was hell-bent on developing a sisterly bond among us. J Being the eldest sibling of my family I have always craved for that kind of special love, care and attention  and a sense of protection that only an elder sister or brother can provide. And I am sure if she were near me, definitely she would have showered every bit of her sisterly love on me. Moreover there is no best friend other than a sister. Though we are not best friends but the kind of friendship we share is very special. Among us there is no need to be in constant touch through chats or mails. We don’t follow obligations because we know that we are there in each others hearts. Never in my life before I have uttered all these to her because there wasn’t any need for verbal expressions. Yes we share that kind of strong bond. Knowingly or unknowingly. Told or untold.

First thing first, I am not a poet. On a wider zone I don’t even consider myself as a writer. The word scribbler would suit me the best. So I am not here to compliment on how good she writes and I am not in any mood to toil on how good she is as a person. To all those who are reading me (Amity included), this is no guest-post. This is what I call a LOVE-TOKEN from a younger sis to her faraway elder sis, where the possibilities to meet in real are almost nil (yeah yeah I am ever hopeful that one day we will :P). This is to let her know about how I feel for her. This is to let her know how special she is not in general terms but to me in specific.  This is to let a small part of human population know that love doesn’t stay in the boundaries of limits. It transcends every kind of physical attributes. It is much more than ever you can express. J Love and friendship are the only two things that we need to hug on. Rest everything good will follow… Follow on its own J

Sis, let us together live by our names. Preeti means Love and Amity means Friendship. J


you're the best friend, that I've ever had. by Spencer Fields


Friends, buddies, MystiquePree's blog is My White check her blog to see for yourself about this very good friend of mine... :))))


  1. Thanks so much Preeti dear for this wonderful guest post... :-) I did not put any introduction anymore coz what you've expressed about us is complete already... :-)) almost teary-eyed....:-) but tears of joy ;-)

    thanks so much, Preeti-n-Amity, friends forever...promise!

    Who knows we will see each other soon, at an appointed time, so don't lose hope...Love you dear and I give you my tight hugs......... :-)))

  2. Great bonds of another good friendship Amity!! You are lovable too!!

  3. :)))

    i am glad that i spoke out my heart.

    yes we will meet. fingers crossed but dont u forget to send me all those beautiful cross-stitched design. :P

  4. Yes, yes, that will be my christmas gift for you...:-) is it alright that i did not give an introduction to your gp like I did with all the others?

    I am working on giving a link to your blog for the readers to know your place too... :-)))

  5. Yes Nanka, that's true and hope my friendship to all others like you will stay for as long as we live... :-)

    Thanks dear!!!

  6. another beautiful bond that defies distance time and space amity...i loved the affection and love that was so effectively shown here... :) god bless such you..

  7. That is a beautifully written love-token,not a guest post, from Preeti .She has said it truly and very well.Thanks