Friday, March 04, 2011

My Piano

Listen to the Piano Rendition HERE or with Vocals HERE!

“Remember that piano, so delightful, unusual…
That classic sensation, sentimental, confusion!”

Even as a child, Leeanne had a fancy for piano toys. She would beg her Mom to buy her one. Then one day, her Mom decided to send Leeanne to a music school. Though expensive for her since they could hardly make both ends meet, she knew Leeanne would love it.

She saw in the music school that many of her age group was enrolled in the same class. Some silent, some boisterous, some nerd-looking and most unfriendly. However one little boy may be two years her senior was kind of sweet when he introduced himself as Joshua. A handsome boy with a smiling face, she took an instant liking and they soon became friends. They lingered in the school even after their piano recitals talking to each other about music and many sweet nothings. They both loved this piece very much.

“Used to play, I like Chopin
Love me now and again….”

Interestingly they were recognized as the best performers for playing the song “I like Chopin”!

Young as they were, there were twinkles in their eyes as they threw a look at each other. They were young to be lovers in the normal sense but rejoiced in each other’s company and often holding hands. A case of puppy love presumably!

“Rainy days, never say goodbye
To desire when we are together
Rainy days growing in your eyes
Tell me where’s the way…”

They grew up to be both equally attractive teenagers and their friendship of piano days grew close. They went to the same college. Their friendship went to a higher level and blossomed into deep love. They now longed for each other’s company more than anything else. Sunshiny or rainy days, they had each other to cling to. When he missed her in the college even one day Joshua would get worried whether Leeanne was sick and it was the same way when he would miss his classes. Their parents were not aware of their love. They hid it even among college mates.

Special occasions like birthdays, Valentines and New Year’s Day for each other would mean meeting stealthily at a restaurant. They promised to each other that they would marry after graduation and on getting a job in the same city. It was all hunky dory the days in college were over. They had graduated and were looking for job.

It was then that Joshua suddenly stopped seeing her at the music school that was their meeting place. Those were the days when there were no mobile phones or net. She heard from a common friend that his house was locked and no one lived there. Life became a misery for Leanne. She cried all the time pining for him. The suspense of his whereabouts and the uncertainty about his well being tormented her. But there was no news. Months rolled by as she lived on the memories. She had lost her zest for life.

Her music teacher requested Leanne help her in the music classes and take classes for beginners in the evenings and weekends. One evening as she was teaching young children the lines

“Used to play, I like Chopin
Love me now and again….”

Tears rolled down from her eyes as she saw a young girl and boy sitting adjacent to each other. She wiped her tears and turned towards the piano playing feverishly the same lines to the amusement of the children. She was oblivious to the surroundings and was lost in her own thoughts. It was then she sensed someone tapping her shoulders. She was startled to find Joshua standing opposite her. He had become more handsome, plump and was well dressed. Forgetting she was in a class, she clasped her hands involuntarily with his until the children giggled. She disbanded the class to the merriment of the children.

When left alone, Joshua explained the urgent circumstances he had to leave on the sudden demise of his father along with his mom and siblings to a far away city and he could not contact her. He had secured a nice job and found one for her too. He told her to her great delight “I have come specifically to propose to you and meet your parents. I want you to come with me and take up the job. We will get married very soon with your parents’ blessings. I have informed my mother of my love for you and of my intention to bring you home along with me.”

Her joy knew no bounds. She hugged him tightly and dragged him towards the piano.”Come on, play on the piano. Let us relive our school days,” she implored.

When he started pounding the keys to play the song

"Imagine your face
In a sunshine reflection
A vision of blue skies
Forever distractions"

She sang along with him smothering him with smooches. The world looked suddenly bright after the drizzle stopped and a rainbow of magical hues appeared on the horizon.


Written for Thursday Tales
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  1. Dear Amity,
    Good Evening!
    It's a lovely happy ending romantic post.....the hues of love are beautifully and love!What a beautiful combination!I loved this post a lot!
    Wishing you a beautiful evening,

  2. Your stories are so beautiful, wonderful! You are a great writer Amity. That was so romantic!! Love Di ♥

  3. Thank you so much Anu! Yes, music and love is a perfect combination. I wish to greet you also on your two years blog anniversary...:) Such a wonderful achievement in spite of a very hectic work schedule you have!

  4. Thanks to you my dear Diana..:) I find it the same way...romantic!!! :)

  5. Hi Amity

    We cannot without Music
    and also not without LOVE !!!!!
    This post is so true :-)
    Fantastic well written ....

    Have a nice week-end
    Kareltje =^.^= ♥ Betsie >^.^<
    Anya :)

  6. Hello Amity, this is such a lovley piece. I took piano lessons for
    a short while and credit Miss Holland my piano teacher with
    helping me to fall in love with Chopin.

    Amity please email me -, I
    would love for you to contribute to my e.zine thank you