Monday, March 14, 2011

Passionate Wings

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An angel, wish I
Winged with passion to fly high 
Find a solace there!



I was asked what I am most passionate about
What shall I say when I am passionate with many things
Love, life, arts, music, nature, you name it
But how could I measure the intensity of each

When it comes to love, I am most involved
I love to show my total endearment to my beloved
I love to show my unfailing love to my family and friends
Even the hapless little kids evoke in me the sentiment

I am passionate when it comes to my role in society
I get boundless rage at every injustice to the innocent
I wish to protect the children from exploitation
And I want the women to take their rightful place

I am passionate about all things that are aesthetic
I wish to sing to an enraptured audience
To be known as an accomplished soprano
I wish I could also in church play the piano
I am passionate about the unsullied beauty in nature
The verdant mountain ranges and the cool breeze sending me in rapture
The beautiful flowers across the gardens in striking colours
Make me passionate and aware of God's powers!


Prompt: Passionate 

Also for Haiku Heights
Prompt: Wings


  1. You are so enthusiastic and full of vibrant emotions Amity!! You do display and echo all your passions in your poems and posts!!

  2. only a passionate person of your caliber can write like this. simply amazing. :)

  3. I wish I had wings Amity :-)
    Than I could fly .................

    Love your lines
    you are a very passionate girl :-)

    Hugs :-)

  4. I liked the sense of longing in your haiku.

  5. Love your spirit, Amity!

  6. A beautiful presentation of all that you are passionate about! Nice. :)

  7. Passionate wings, haiku and the poem they are wonderful Amity, loved it to the core..

    Someone is Special

  8. fly..

    your imagination has wings...keep writing...

  9. Your Wings is beautiful I need an angel to follow me LOL! I loved your writing on passion, it is what makes us who we are... how passionately we tackle life and it's hurdles you have opened a window into your heart for all of us to see!

  10. Will that angel fly away, dear?

  11. such wonderful passions you have
    a life well lived~

  12. Oooohh.. loved the spirit in your poem,'s so full of life and ..well.. love!! Fly free.. and fly with passion...
    Stay thus, my friend...

    Lotsa hugs coming your way.. :)

  13. One who is 'Connected' can only be so lively & passionate about everything around the world.

    Loved it....

  14. Magical Mystical TeacherSaturday, March 19, 2011 11:08:00 AM

    I sometimes wonder if the only solace we have is to escape Earth. Or can we possibly find solace here, where things sometimes get downright gritty and nasty?

    Angels’ Wings

  15. I hope u do find ur solace when u get ur angel wings.. its nice to have some calm wings! :)