Monday, March 21, 2011

Time is running out....

You can’t push it underground,
You can’t stop it screaming out
How did we come to this?
You will suck the life out of me…
Muse, time is running out”

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Irene sobbed uncontrollably with tears flowing down her cheeks."How can you do this to me? With what face can I meet my parents? They will be shattered by this news.”

“They have always held you in high esteem and never hesitated to permitting me to date with you. I just cannot live with this shame. I would rather die."

Patrick patted her shoulders and said, "You are behaving like a child. Remember this is not a one man show. I am not saying the blame is on you. We should have been careful. Never mind. Let us solve the problem. Let us think of what we should do now. Crying doesn't solve problems," he said with a hint of his patience waning.

"It is easy for you to talk like this. The thing will show up anytime and I cannot hide it from my college mates. I will become a laughing stock. You have sucked the life out of me.” She wailed.

"Be calm. How many weeks now? Let us work a way out," he asked and suggested.

"It is the 6th week. I feel like throwing up I felt when my mom looked at me there was a streak of concern in her face. She didn't ask me. I told her some food at the canteen is not suiting me," she replied.

“Oh, oh. Let us go and meet an OB-Gyne tomorrow. She can find a way out easily. Let us own up the mistake and plead with her for her help," he assured.

“No, no! This is a small community and the word will get around. Let us go to the adjacent city. Let us act fast as time is running out,” she sobbed.

The OB-Gyne in the adjacent city looked matronly and stern. There was a look of consternation as they both blurted out their problem. "Aren't you both literate and college going? Are you not aware of the consequences of your actions? I am sure your parents have not been taken into confidence. I hope you two are above 18. I would need a signed letter before I do anything. Let me check her first," she said.

A few minutes later both of them came out with grim face. The OB-Gyne told calmly, "What do you expect me to do? The damage has been done."

Both the youngsters were devastated. Irene started crying. The doctor was looking at them with a poker face. Patrick said, "Don't be worried Irene I will not let you down, I will marry you within a fortnight come what may. He turned to the doctor and said, "can you please do something to help us out. I promise I will in no case let her down."

The doctor broke into a guffaw and said, “Don't be worried. She is not preggy. I will give her some medicine.  But promise to me that both of you will be careful in the future".

"Muse, time is running out!"


Written for Thursday Tales
Tale No. #51


  1. Amity you know how to turn a tale over its head.. I was wondering about the stern matron.. ended well...but then yes, time is running out..

  2. An apt story for the verse in the picture with a small twist at the end.

  3. very very good one... Loved the TWIST IN THE TALE :P

  4. Hey Amity! LOL LOL poor kids. I confess that as I read the post I was like "what is the fuss?" because, being pregnant and not married on my part of the world is not a problem any longer. Hell, it was not a problem 40 years ago in the country I was born in (Mozambique)...society can suck the life of a person. Cheers

  5. Lolz , the twist at the end is worth of cheers :P As i was thinking on what would happen the next , the doctor's words made me smile :) Lovely Amity :)