Wednesday, October 05, 2011



That’s me!

But am I a writer? 

Well, not really, a published one I mean!

Just an amateur one or a green horn in the blogworld who’s trying to make a boring, melancholic and dull life a bit interesting by sharing some of my thoughts and feelings through my blog, “Dreams Are My Reality”!

But in spite of my insecurities, I am comfortable with the thought that there are a lot of my blogger-friends who regularly visit my blog when new posts are up and one of them is Alex J. Cavanaugh who always comes first to say an encouraging word or two urging me to continue writing and to never give up blogging…:D Cool…isn’t it?

By the way, Alex is hosting this Insecure Writer’s Support Group which happens every 1st Wednesday of every month…where I feel I belong but realized later that most of those who joined are published writers…Yayyy…I kinda felt more insecure than ever after such a realization. 

Thanks Alex for this wonderful initiative… :)

I wish to gain more blogger-friends and start my bloghop once I am back from a 3-day out-of-town seminar-workshop which is going to be held in one of the most luxurious resorts in our province.

Before I go, I would like to share with you an acrostic which is my signature as a blogger!

She only writes when

In the  right mood

Gladdening her supportive readers

Nicely exchanging happy comments

And inspiration she gets

To continue her blogging

Undoubtedly learns a lot

Reading others’ blogs too

Erasing all writing insecurities

Bye…bye…see everyone soon! :)


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  1. Hi Amity ~~ I cannot get your 'River' post to open for comments.  It goes into a 'Disqus_thread' (???) loop instead.  No place or visible way to leave you a comment.

    I did change my river poem to keep the flow better.  I've had it this way before but made a swith-the-lines choice for rhyme's and reading aloud's sakes.

    Thank your for your critique, I appreciate it very much.
    I will come back to leave a comment on your nice "River" poem.

    This 'Insecure Writer Support Group' sounds like something I might need.  If I remember I will check back on the first Wednesday of November to see what is going on.  Thank you for the heads up.

  2. Nice Signature. I have come in from KParthasathi's blog. Lovely initiative by your friend Alex. Hope to read more of your blog soon. 

    I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful comments you left at KP's post. I am not his daughter (Would have been an honor). We just happened to meet in the blogosphere. :) 

  3. Amity, I am not able to comment on you river post.. So Mom I came to comment here.. :-) Hope you are doing good.. :-)

    Someone is Special

  4. Haha! Love your "SIGNATURE" ( : 

    And technically, you ARE a "real" writer.... after all, anyone can write! Its authors who are published! The title of author distingueses the published from the have-nots. Fortunately, most NON writer people forget that distinction! That's why [even though I join you on the not-published side of the literary world] I can--in clear conscious--tell people that "Why yes, I AM a writer!"

    Hahaha! I love minute details that work in my favor! (:

    P.s. Great blog! New stalker alert!

  5. Wow...your words are encouraging Julie...:) I am grinning from ear to ear you there was someone who could appreciate me, like you....:)

    You're a supportive stalker anyway and I am liking it Julie!

    I just read your insecure entry and I was really smiling till the end...I am like you who talk endlessly...ha ha...the funny side of know!

  6. Sis, I tried to move your comment on the post River already...thanks for the visit...:) Being in UK makes you not so busy huh!

  7. I did enjoy Nanka...see our photos in FB...I uploaded two albums...:)

  8. Thank you Alex, you never fail in encouraging me to write...:)

  9. Thanks Prams...I missed you too...I visit you every time I am able...:) 

    Insecurities can never be erased dear!

  10. Hey Jim, I already have posted this comment in the river poem itself...:)

    You can just as well make another one as you promised...:)

    Join us on the Insecure Writer's Support Group, everybody is welcome Jim...come November, please write one...:)

  11. Hi Jyoti...

    I was told you met each other in see it's a big big blogworld where we meet people that is hardly not possible to meet in person..I am happy I met you through another's blog...will come read you and yes, I have started reading you already...that cake post of yours? I also bake and that post caught my attention...:)

    Thanks once again...see you again soon!

  12. Hi! I stopped by from Alex's Insecure Writing Group! :D 
    Hey! I'm not published either, but that doesn't mean we aren't all writers. We're doing what we love. That's worth so much more in the long run! 

    I'm excited to read your posts! 

  13. Hmmm...good to hear I have a non-published companion...:)

    And so true, we love what we are doing...:) Who knows later on, we will be one...lols!

    Thanks Ashley...:)

  14. I am a writer. Not published. Not represented. But, I write and therefore I am a writer. When I wanted to write a novel I started taking classes to make myself better. A Professor said to me ; Are you a writer? When I said yes. He said; "Then never call yourself, aspiring, hopeful or any other silly thing than a writer. I always listen to the teacher.

    This weekend when we traveled out of the country and I had to fill out immigration papers and it asked for my occupation I wrote WRITER. My husband looked over my shoulder and smiled. It made me feel good.

    You are a writer too!