Tuesday, October 18, 2011


cute child with dog by e-zoneonline
Photo Courtesy: HERE

Brownie she was, but named her Zenki
Chasing her tail, she was pretty funny
Yelping and barking at every passing sound
Bringing much laughter to kids around

Pampered and cared, she loved to play
 Catching the ball with kids on a sunny day
Craving for attention on days that rained
Till the kids gave it endlessly she whined

Giving mirth to kids back from class
She loved to roll joyously on the grass
Dreaming of fun with meaty bone
And of the cookies often thrown

She was much loved by every kid
And treated like a baby splendid
Giving her bath that made her happy
And she in turn licked with tongue very slimy

Then on one fateful day, she ran into the woods
We don’t know in what varying moods
Till we found her lying in the rice plain
Almost breathless and blue, frothing with pain

 The culprit we knew was a venomous viper
As we saw it hurriedly into the bushes slither
Alas as the venom spread she breathed her last
With her soulful gaze on my kids held steadfast

She sadly left us all, after 10 years of playing with my kids. Whenever we see one like her on the streets, it reminds us of the loving and playful Zenki. My kids christened her  Zenki, a cartoon character very familiar to them, if I were not mistaken.


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  1. love this, how beautiful,

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a terrible way to lose a furry friend! I'm sorry, Amity.

  3. Pretty nice lines bringing the dog before our mind.A very apt picture too

  4. Hi Amity, awww poor Zenki! May the Light be with her: I am sure she led a good life :). 
    The poem told us about Zenki in a superb way: you have definitely a talent :D.

    Cheers, my darling!

  5. Oohh...RIP Zenki!  I can understand how difficult it is to lose the best furmate..And this is such a horrendous death!  I'm sure she's be missed by every kid that played with her: (

  6. You will all miss him very much
    poor poor Zenki ....

    we send you all hugs !!

  7. A loving, sweet and lyrically written tribute to a family friend.

  8. I so understand! I still miss my dog that passed 10 years ago! Beautifully written Amity, you have such talent! Love Di ♥

  9. A beautiful tribute, well written. Glad to meet you Amity. I am a new follower. :)

  10. I can relate well to ur pain..I too had had a dog, its been 5 yrs, he lest us..we miss it still...