Saturday, October 09, 2010

Healing the Lonely Heart!

Are you lonely?
Look at the flowers 
bathed  in morning dew…
Are you depressed?
Smell the flowers filled 
with  sweet fragrance…
Are you broken hearted?
Admire the flowers 
clothed in various hues…

Do the sweet soft petals
Smile at you as the flower enthralls?
A wondrous creation indeed
from nature's heaven
Ridding the mind of tiresome burden!

Fair and beautiful flowers
Some blooming in the morning grass
Some adorning the lovely bowers
And a few still in buds like a bashful lass
The humming bees hovering in rapturous glee
With chirping birds flying in a musical spree...

When you look at
the colorful, beautiful flowers
Do they fill you with boundless passion?
suffusing your heart with pure love?
caressing softly your empty soul?
filling it in plenty with joyous dreams?

Yes, God is omniscient 
He knows how to heal
the lonely, the depressed
the broken-hearted...
Let us thank Him for
these flowers galore! 


Posted for Today's Flowers

Prompt: Lonely


  1. Hello Vaish...

    Yes, you are right, they lighten up our mood and bring smile to our sullen face.. :-)

    Have a great week ahead... :-)

    And thanks for the gave me a sure win.. :-)

  2. Yes Jim, truly wonderful hence I want to share God's magnificent creations...:-) which surely will always make us happy! Thanks so much!

  3. Thanks Dances of Dreams...:-)

    Oh there are so many different shades you know.. :-)

  4. Hi Anthony, good to hear of that... :-)

  5. Thanks so much Weasel, glad you love the pictures... ;-)

  6. Thanks so much Weasel, glad you love the pictures... ;-)

  7. Thanks Teresa...:-) Yes, nature is like a balm to us especially when we are sad... ;-)

  8. yes, you are right, thanks Sandra... :-)

  9. Thanks so much KP, glad you like the poem as well as the flowers... :-)

  10. Hi Sweetest,

    I want to make my readers happy though the prompt is lonely...and glad I succeeded in you... :-) Thank you so much.. :-)

  11. Hi Julie,

    thank you so much.. :-) yes, so true... :-) Good morning, have a beautiful week ahead!

  12. nobody could stay untouched by those gifts of nature...!

  13. That is a very nice poem bringing out the mood of wonderful flowers in their full bloom.You have an adept way of expressing the spirit of the pictures in fine words

  14. Beautiful! Nature certainly does have a way of healing. Great pictures to go with the poem.

  15. What a beautiful and uplifting take on the lonely's true, flowers fill me with such a joy. Thank you for sharing your lovely poem!

  16. This is lovely Amity filled with thanskgiving and hope. Thanks for the inspiration.

  17. Nice take, nice turn from the depths of loneliness....

  18. Yeah Patti, you are right! ;-) and oen can't have enough of them.. ;) Thanks dear!

  19. Hi Geraldine,

    thanks you, glad you found it a good advice!