Friday, May 15, 2009

A Circus of Thoughts

A  Brief Introduction

When I was teaching in high school way back in 1990-1993 in one of the private institutions in our town, one of my teaching loads is a Journalism subject for all sections of fourth year students. I enjoyed teaching the subject, especially on the topic "Layouting". In here, I would teach several types of layouts one may have in the printing of a school paper, one of which is a circus layout where the content of the page is thrown-out in all directions. As I lay in bed tonight (the time now i s 11:04 pm), my mind is in a circus. You don't mind if I share you a few of these circus thoughts? However if my thoughts runs to four or more paragraphs, it may qualify as one blog post.

Scene I – Desperate Housewives

I borrowed six CDs for these TV series. And I am already into the fourth CD watching it. It's like marathon reading, only, its marathon viewing. I was trying to encourage my hubby while he was sill around that we watch together the said series, but he was dead-set and preferred watching violent, dramatic, and comedy movies. But we have the same preference and we both like the Zorro series of Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones and the wacky and action movies of Jacky Chan like Rush Hour 1-3 and Around the World in 80 days.

 Now that he left for  work again, I am into what I've been dying to watch: Desperate Housewives. It's a story of four best-friends-desperate-housewives. There's Bree, the widowed friend; Gabrielle whose husband is in prison that until now I am not yet sure why; then there's a hard-working-bread-winner Mom and the fourth one, the most desperate from among them to be married wearing a wedding gown to who-cares-who-he-is. But I will not be sharing you about their stories. It's all about the setting of the intimidating stories of each one. Honestly, I like the place, the neighborhood, the houses, the big lawns, the gardens and the  various beautiful, colorful flowers that adorn the well-manicured yard and of course, the awesome ambiance, the cozy and beautifully decorated interior of their homes. It's a rich neighborhood judging from the kind of houses that was erected from corner to corner. 

I am not a hypocrite, I tell you, but I dream of living in that kind of neighborhood. Maybe someday, when I am not yet too old to enjoy such place. Who knows, but it will be a dream come true. I would love to decorate and tend a beautiful house and garden, someday.

Scene 2 – Homesickness

It's hard to cope with homesickness. But thank goodness, I learned how to cope with it. Thanks to my kids and yes, to blogging. They complete my existence in the every absence of my hubby. This is the second night that I will be alone for the next eight months. Sad isn't it? Let it be. I have work to pre-occupy me. My hubby is even encouraging me to 

continue being involved in school activities where my kids, yes my youngest kid is studying. Well, that would be as I am the President of the federation of PTCA. 

We must sacrifice for the sake of our kids, for our kids' better future. We want them to go to one of the best schools and finish their chosen vocation. But we have plans that when we're old enough, he will stay with us his family for good, after all our kids have finished studying. Isn't that great folks?

Scene 3 – Desperate Employee

If there are desperate housewives, then there are desperate employees. I am one. What about it, you may ask. And why? Well, I am dying to attend a seminar, for professional advancement if that's the right term, because career advancement doesn't sound right, in my case. Then what? The head of my head told me that my immediate head doesn't want me to go for reason that I could hardly fathom. 

Getting personal, isn't it? Definitely, he doesn't want me to learn better, to be updated of office procedure. Well, to H_ _ _ with him. Ouch…am I at liberty telling him that? Just wait and see till suddenly I would be instructed to pack my things up, and leave for good. Ha ha ha. What a mess. I'm just so mad, mad at this head! Am I the headache or the other way around? Think of it, my head, c'mon! You don't want to jeopardize my career, huh! If there exists any career, ha ha ha! A dead-end career, maybe!


Scene 4 – I Hate My ISP    

Though it would be an added expense on our family budget, I would have to sacrifice other things, if only to have an internet access at home. But mind you, it was just a couple of weeks while we're into using it, then after that, there's totally no signal from it. I just hate it! Why? As if I didn't learn any lesson. I had tapped the services of the same ISP a few years back then have it disconnected after three years because it's not giving us our money's worth. And again, I was enticed with their new promo and I grabbed the opportunity, but, hello? It's back to normal as usual, the normal of which is, it's not working most of the time. It's almost two weeks now that it's not working.

I called the Customer Service yesterday afternoon, but until now, it's still not working. Now honestly, I hate you, ISP! I am now contemplating of an early divorce from you. Your service is not worth my bucks. 

Did you fall asleep reading my circus of thoughts? Well, I am already sleepy, too. Good night folks, its 12:08 in the morning. I have to catch more hours of sleep so I will not be working like a robot in office tomorrow. (readers, I discovered that this is a 1000 words blog post)

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